triple shot friday – wallace stevens poetry and pics

Happy Friday Everyone! For triple shot Friday – I have some poems to share – but first – I dedicate this song to a fellow blogger who is going through a rough patch – and so this song is for you amigo:


And for some reason, the poetry of Wallace Stevens keeps coming up this week – my son had to write about the Anecdote of the Jar, someone I admire said that Of Mere Being was one of their top five poems, and then when I read the Death of a Soldier (more here) it was just obvious of what I had to share – so I also picked 3 pictures form my digital library to go with each one.

Anecdote of the Jar by Wallace Stevens

I placed a jar in Tennessee, And round it was, upon a hill. It made the slovenly wilderness Surround that hill. The wilderness rose up to it, And sprawled around, no longer wild. The jar was round upon the ground And tall and of a port in air. It took dominion everywhere. The jar was gray and bare. It did not give of bird or bush, Like nothing else in Tennessee.

Do you see these jars of tomato sauce?  Well they are filled with “red gold” from my sister’s husband’s family who live in Niagara Falls, Canada.  They LOVE to share!


Of Mere Being by Wallace Stevens

The palm at the end of the mind, Beyond the last thought, rises In the bronze decor, A gold-feathered bird Sings in the palm, without human meaning, Without human feeling, a foreign song. You know then that it is not the reason That makes us happy or unhappy. The bird sings. Its feathers shine. The palm stands on the edge of space. The wind moves slowly in the branches. The bird’s fire-fangled feathers dangle down.

cocoa beach country club
Some palms from Cocoa Beach, FL – Feb. 2014

~~~ #3

The Death of a Soldier by Wallace Stevens

Life contracts and death is expected, As in a season of autumn. The soldier falls. He does not become a three-days personage. Imposing his separation, Calling for pomp. Death is absolute and without memorial, As in a season of autumn, When the wind stops, When the wind stops and, over the heavens, The clouds go, nevertheless, In their direction.

one of my heroes
This is an old picture of one of my brothers – – I love you and thanks for your service my friend, thanks!

The solider poem is what led to this post – partly because the words match the feel of the week – with the autumn air blowing in and then Stevens’ human perspective on time – it just got me thinking about the brevity of life (again) and then I was filled with gratefulness to fallen soldiers, to active soldiers now, and to all the Vets that have served!

credit: G’s Pacific Paratrooper’s blog:

Wallace Stevens

photo credit -
photo credit -Russell Boyle
“Though he did not receive widespread recognition until late in his life, Wallace Stevens—whose work is known for its imagination, whimsy, and relation to both the English Romantics and French symbolists—Stevens is now considered one of the major American poets of the century.” Thanks to Russell Boyle for the poems.  Thanks for reading and Have a great Friday!

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  1. Brilliant post – uplifting song, beautiful poetry from a poet I didn’t know and your photos match perfectly. I’m off to look something triple – I’m sure I had something saved up.


    1. Thanks Passion dew – and did you notice how that photo sits on top of some other printed pics – well last summer my brother showed us this little stack of about 20 photos he keeps on a desk near some books. The photos have their own personality and as he set them down – I had to grab a quick shot – and so even though there is a glare on the pic – I got what I wanted – the essence of the small pile- anyhow,t hanks for the feedback ❤


  2. I like these poems, and your combinatorial creativity expressions, combing photos with poems. The red tomato paste in the jars looks beautiful, I’d almost want to just let them be decorative! Liked the song too. You followed me awhile back, and have been liking my posts for awhile, sorry it took me so long to be friendly back.

    I especially like Steven’s “The Death of a Soldier”, as it reminds me of my poem “Soldier” that was partially inspired by 2 Timothy 2:3-4 (ESV): “3 Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him. ” and MCR’s “Ghost of You”. My old MySpace blog actually used to be titled “Soldier of Christ”, a nickname an old dear friend used to call me, only in Spanish, “Soldado de Cristo”. I used to call her “Prayer Warrior”. It was so silly, but we were young and thought we were in love, and were cheesy like that. It was a happy time in my life though, 10 years ago, when I was still a new Christian.

    “Soldier [Autumn 2009]“
    by Ry Hakari

    I am a soldier of sorts.
    I am a floating ghost.
    I fight the good fight.
    I am a wry warrior.
    I am a war-drum
    in autumn for winter.


    1. Oh wow – I have a few things to reply to here my friend – and first – that video was chilling – and not only was it a perfect to that poem and your words – but I like the song a lot – but chilling and sad too –

      second, I respect that you do not automatically follow someone back – I also do this – it is nothing personal and so I do not take it personal – and when I took my blog break I actually went through my entire list of follows and deleted the ones that I did not want to follow anymore – I also try not to ever “press like” unless I really like a post.

      third – I do like your work dear Soldado 🙂 – and nice to hear the history of the names ❤
      and fourth, I agree with the jars having that feel too – but if you tasted this yummy red gold you would have to consume them too. And it is funny because they have been canning and giving them away for so long that they do not even use the bands on the jars – the thin lid pops right off and they keep it simple. They have three kitchens too – and one is just for canning stuff.

      well have a nice weekend Soldado 🙂

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    1. Hey G – well when I read your post it was after I had just watched the movie (Remember Me) which was filmed in NYC – and without spoiling it for anyone, the cartoon you placed at the end of your post matched the feel of that movie exactly!!
      here is the trailer (I give it a B)

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  3. Such a beautiful and wise poetry you shared Y. Also I never knew of ‘Red gold’ before. Heard about it for the first time. 🙂
    Have a great weekend 🙂


    1. Hey Z – yeah – red gold is also nutrient dense and versatile for many a meals. 🙂 ❤ thanks and have a nice weekend too


    1. I like so much about what you shared – hut the old chairs and that pattern in the fabric is what still lingers with me – cool angle too 🙂


    1. yeah – whimsey is a word I would put with you and the LHN blog ❤ – and I am going to link a post to your Saturday theme – be back later for that – have a nice day and I liked your Triple Shot Friday post – 🙄 🙄 🙄

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    2. I also just remember that I have a Monk clip that I want to share with you – from one of my favorite episodes I mentioned to you last Spring –

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    1. Well if I had more time – I would have linked you and Charly Preist to this post – but we were heading out to Charlottesville yesterday and I had to post real quick – and today I looked on your blog to try and find an old photo of you as a soldier but could not find one – but seriously John – you and Charly look like brothers from another mother – anyhow, I thank both of you guys (and your dad who died at 61) for your service too!

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    1. truly an honor – 🙂
      and when I was trying to find an old pic of you (I could;t find the one I wanted) but I did want to say that this Keith Douglas post from earlier this month fits in with this feel – and the moving video you gave us (HERE) who writes of a soldier –

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  4. What a beautiful post, Y. I love the music, the poetry and the photos. And a big hug and thank you to your handsome brother for his service and to all those who have served and serve now. Great job! 😀


  5. I love how you matched the poems with your beautiful captures Yvette. So powerful! I love it! 😀


    1. Thanks Sonel – and we have not had any red gold since 2013 – so I need to get on up to visit them! and we bring goodies from VA to share back…

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  6. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Yvette! Thank you for lovely poems by Wallace Stevens and lovely personal photos accompanied to his poems, giving it a personal touch and meaning. Love it, especially on the poem about the soldier with your brother’s photo attached to it. A sweet tribute! Best wishes 🙂 ❤


  7. An in law living near the Niagara Falls….and you go visit them? You know that of all the people that felt into the falls only one survived and the irony is that he died 7 years latter when he slipped on the street and hit his head on a curb. Bad omen if you ask me……

    Good reading you Mr.Prior, beautiful poems plus song, just the whole theme of the post fits perfectly and I see that your son has your creative genius.

    The last poem, about the soldier, that was a good touch to your friend, a good tribute. See? I knew you had a little heart deep down.

    Stay Frosty my friend.


    1. Hey Sir Spaniard- don’t you think you resemble my brother? I do! You are Anyhow, thanks for dropping by and sharing that story about the guy from the Falls- quite ironic way to go after that adventure. peace out – Mister Prior


  8. Oh wow, you have family in Niagara Falls? I’m Canadian. Never been to the Falls though, as I’m originally from the west coast.
    I like how Wallace Stevens relates the eve of death as being the autumn of life. And it’s so true. When all of the life that sprung in spring starts to decay and prepare for harsh winter season.


    1. I did not know you were Canadian!! And I have been to the Falls too many times to count – and I actually lived there for a few months when I was little – we moved in and then all of a sudden we were told not to walk on the grass at school and not to drink water at school – and then we moved. It was called Love Canal and Hooker Chemical Company had been polluting the ground – and thankfully we were not there long, but whew – crazy story.
      But when do make it there someday – the Canadian side is the better view of the falls 🙂
      And thanks for your comments on the poem – I like that part too.

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