pink petunia gift…

I have really enjoyed the colorful pictures going around for JNW’s fuchsia photo challenge this week.

As we were leaving the house to take my son to get his cast taken off of his arm today, I looked down at the front path and realized I had some garden flowers that would fit right into this pink challenge!  Here is a bit of the beauty:

priorhouse flowers

I like perennials because they come back every year and I have had the Sedum Autumn Joy since 2008. However, sometimes with Virginia’s mild winters – annuals will also come back each year – and the fuchsia Petunia (bottom photo) was a gift of a flower to me this year because this little ol’ annual showed up in a very barren area of the garden in early summer.


priorhouse flowers in pink - growth is not always visible

When this little pink petunia started growing in this bare spot, it reminded me that sometimes we just do not know what is going on beneath the surface.

Sometimes many great things are happening when things seem rather plain!

So remember… we should NOT be moved by what we see on the surface because many times growth – or change – is not always visible to the naked eye!


Have a nice day!

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45 thoughts on “pink petunia gift…

  1. … is not always visible to the naked eye– so very agree! Thank you for the beautiful flower photos and the reminder!


    1. thanks S ❤ – and I moved the petunia to the front area and the plant just spread and spread…
      😉 and here is another pic I took that morning…


        1. well it worked – and here is how I did it (just learned last month… 🙂 )

          upload the image to your media gallery – then click on edit image and get the URL for it – but it has to be the file URL… and cut and last that link to add the image…


    1. thanks so much Zee – and my son’s arm is healing well – aqnd for the next 3 weeks he has to wear plastic type of thing – that was custom fit for his arm, and the nice thing is it is removable! ❤


  2. Lovely post Y Plants are such survivors and they constantly amaze me how they pop up in unexpected places especially in concrete paths and other really inhospitable places. Pleased to hear your son’s arm is ok now.


    1. Thanks Pomme – and yes, I love ❤ how plants grow in concrete and roadways – softens those places too. And speaking of gardening… I still think of those circular beds from your house-sitting days last spring. so cool.
      yes, his arm is healing up well – he got a hairline fracture in his forearm while skateboarding last month – O_o


  3. Lovely flowers… and a great message too Yvette! Your garden is so cool! BTW , do you remember you encouraged me to grow herbs before you went of on your summer break? Well, I finally bought two herb pots. .. fine basil and lemon mint. Hope they grow well. Then I shall get some more! Have a great week.


    1. Now that made my day to hear! And I lost my mint this last winter – it was so cold this winter and it zapped many plants- but that’s okay, just have to grow some mas. Anyhow, yum to both of yours – and great two plants to start with. 🙂


      1. well when you do get more – get some tomatoes or a pepper plant. Here is one of my very favorite things to make and I call it garden delight.
        I lightly sauté tomato, peppers and basil in some butter (sometimes I also add meat and cheese) then serve it over toasted sourdough…
        mmm mmm good…


  4. Not only are your words to be taken to heart, your photos are beautiful! I have to admit I absolutely love this color! Wait, did you say Virginia has MILD winters?? Where?? 🙂


    1. well for some reason here in RVA (richmond) we really do have mild winters – it has to do with the way the mountains buffer the incoming air – and I was in a staff meeting once where the teachers were all mad because the snow missed for another year in a row – and one year – we were in DC taking shots of our boys on some snow piles because we had snow in RVA for years – however, the last few years has had plenty of snow and cold! frigid – and I lost a purple verbena that was round for years – my Rosemary shrub is deformed and I lost my peppermint and parsley – and both of those I miss the most – because they came back in these little potted areas and I enjoyed pinches of them for different things.
      but the plants in this post all endured and had babies – so that is cool.
      have a great day Linda

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    1. Thanks Indah – and you are so right – it doe shave that spring feel – and maybe that is why I have enjoyed the other blog posts with this color – it has balanced out all the orange and red of fall. 🙂 ❤


    1. yes – he hurt his arm skateboarding – and experienced his first bone break ever. It was actually kind of funny because he has snowboarded for years – played sports every single year of his life – including lax and football – and never broke anything. Then one day in September he went with my husband to his office – and was skating in the paring lot – and bam. hairline fracture in his arm…. thanks for asking and safe travels to you and the husb. ❤


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