Beautiful Waterfront- Buffalo, NY- (JMW)

For my walk with Jo this week I am taking you on a little stroll along the beautiful waterfront in Buffalo, New York.

priorhouse walk with jo - buffalo new york

These photos were taken in 2007, when my husband and I took a sunset stroll in downtown Buffalo.

walk with jo in buffalo - 2

Buffalo is famous for snow, steel and chicken wings…

but it is also noted for some other things!

like gorgeous sunsets with pink in the sky…

and a waterfront area that is warm in July

walk with jo in buffalo 3

walk with jo in buffalo

The origin of the name Buffalo is from the French words beau fleuve, meaning beautiful river.

And there really ARE days in this town when you do not shiver….

priorhouse walk with jo - buffalo ny - 3

There are other theories about the origin of the name, but I like beautiful river because it highlights the great water access, as well as the important role that Lake Erie played in the early development of this city; in fact, the major streets all radiate from the downtown waterfront area – see the maps below:

buffalo ny streets radiate from downtown

Buffalo’s waterfront is also home to several decommissioned US Naval vessels, which are part of The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park.

priorhouse walk with jo - buffalo ny - 1


And for the last part of the walk with Jo – in good ol’ Buffalo –

I have to share a story from this quick summer before I go-

One of the days we took a group of kids to this playground that was in a “decent” neighborhood.

We noticed there was some graffiti in a few spots, but overall things looked pretty good…

priorhouse walk with jo - buffalo ny - 4

Seven of the cousins were playing that day- while we were chatting with grandma in the shade.

Suddenly, we heard my nephew “sounding out” some inappropriate terms.  We did not realize that there was swear word graffiti up on the slide and once we realized it – we left!  It was time for lunch anyway, but this photo reminds me of how much we laughed that day – because my nephew was confused – he was a new reader at the time and he was completely bewildered as he was sounding out a few of the words… and we were shocked by what we heard….


In closing my walk with Jo this week –  HERE is a song by Buffalo’s Goo Goo Doll’s – called Broadway- and this street is one of those major arteries that radiates from downtown.  I also bought my first car from a used auto lot that was on the corner of Broadway and Bailey (that lot has gone for a long time and there is now Tim Horton’s coffee shop there)

For more walks with Jo – check out her blog HERE, where this week Jo takes us to visit Studley Royal.

Also, did you know there is another city with crazy weather that can also be quite beautiful too?  Well Jill takes us to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand – where I guess it rains horizontally and has the “sort of weather poets fill anthologies with…” more HERE

Have a great day!

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  1. So funny about your nephew sounding out the swear words!
    Great photos but my top pick is the riverfront one. The angle and perspective leave me feeling as though I have walked there.


    1. thanks for telling me your fav – and I actually found these pics while looking in the archives for something “dreamy” to use for the WPC this week – and I had forgotten all about this quick trip we took that summer – and I took very few pictures – less than 15! anyhow, thanks for the nice comment ❤


  2. Love a town (city?) that’s built on the water, and beautiful river sounds like a good name to me. Speaking of sounds, I’m waging music wars with the neighbours, Yvette. 🙂 Your taste in music is much better than theirs and I’m sitting in the garden mingling the music. Can’t believe that it’s warm enough this Autumn afternoon to sit outside! Not walking you will note (for once).
    Thank you very much for the walk. I enjoyed it 🙂 Happy weekend!


    1. Hi Jo – so glad you are enjoying some nice outdoor weather – and it is a city…
      and regarding the song, well I like that Broadway jam, but not a huge Goo Goo doll fan overall – like their music okay – but they will always remind us of my step-daughter as a pre-teen/teen – because this was one of her top five bands – when she’d visit we’d let her play her music in the car and well, we heard a lot of Goo Goo dolls for a while there- lol


  3. I have heard about the cold weather of Buffalo, I bet the rest of the year is beautiful there. This sunset of the waterfront is gorgeous! Enjoyed the walk with you, Y!


    1. Hi Amy – I wanted to highlight the beauty of this city, which as you know is noted for that snowy weather (lake effect!) and well, the economy is depressing there and also the Broadway Street that John Rzeznik sings about – is a street that has sections that look like a ghost town. The next time I go to that area I will take some pictures on Broadway to share – have a great day and thanks for dropping by…. 😉


      1. Thank you for sharing this historical city! I’d love to learn more about it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂


      2. well here is another buffalo tidbit – the term “shuffle off to buffalo” is famous!
        The song was made famous from the 1933 musical film 42nd Street.

        and John Fogerty made the “shuffle” line famous too:

        If I had my way, I’d shuffle off to buffalo


        If I had my way, I’d shuffle off to Buffalo

        Sit by the lake and watch the world go by

        Ladies in the sun, listenin’ to the radio

        Like flowers on the sand, a rainbow in my mind


  4. As you might already know I’m a sucker for sunsets, so that photographic view has to be my favorite ! Also in the first photograph the architecture of the houses are so clean and beautiful. What a symmetry ! Thanks for taking us on a stroll with you this week again ! ^_^


    1. Thanks you Zee – and believe it or not – those brick buildings to the front used to be a part of discount housing – not totally sure of the details, but that is what I heard in the 1980’s – thanks for flying by – 😉

      here is a waterfront shot I forgot to add to the original post – 🙂

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      1. Oh thank you for sharing the picture, too bad you forgot to add it in the post. It’s a stunning view..the sky, the water and the houses, perfect asymmetry! ^.^


  5. I’ve always wondered how Buffalo got its name. Now I have a theory.

    I’ve been there in the winter, and eaten wings there…delicious, and I’m now a little spoiled…

    Buffalo also has a nice little zoo, if I remember right, and a very nice science museum.
    I’ve been thinking about taking the kids cross-state (a sixish hour drive from here in Saratoga County) I’ll be postig some pictures, if I do,..


    1. thanks for noting the extras Buffalo has – because it also has the Albright–Knox Art Gallery and the artsy district on Elmwood Ave –

      anyhow, look forward to seeing your pics if you take the trip. I wish Buffalo was six hours from me because I would visit more – but from where we are it is a horrible (winding and hilly) 10 to 12 hour ride -but at least we are within driving distance because in CO we were not!

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      1. And thank you – because now, if we go, I have even more options for things we can do!

        We lived just outside of Yellowstone when we were expecting our oldest. The midwife was 80 miles away, in Bozeman. Our June appointment was canceled because there was a blizzard and the pass was closed. =)


    1. ha! – and yeah snow is like a synonym for Buffalo – and so many times when we see the national weather – there will be snow flake images over that region, or thunder bolts, wind icons, etc. – and we just shake our heads – it’s not fair!


        1. ha! you are funny – and shoveling icy snow is even harder than regular snow! side note – Kevin Costner is one of my least favorite actors ever – and I could not even watch all of dances with wolves = lol


    1. yeah, seems sunsets can be on a lake, pond or ocean – but they never get old when they have that “dusty” color – ha!


  6. I was there with Canadian friends a few years ago, in May… 🙂 une jolie petite ville, indeed! Have a relaxing Sunday and a serene week! ❤


  7. Gee, Yvette, you are stealing my thunder. Hehehehehehe I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened this post. Buffal of all places, and every one of your photos I know exactly where it is. Thank you for sharing Buffalo with the world of blogging. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Well I am excited to see any of your upcoming Buffalo series – because you sure do show your readers that WNY is also a great place to garden ❤


  8. Thanks for the lovely walk, Yvette. Those old naval vessels are really something, aren’t they? Your sweet little nephew was just practising his reading, but it gave you all a shock. 😀 Funny story.


    1. Thanks from dropping by S- and Norfolk VA also has some vessels that can be toured – 🙂 – but no tiled roofs in WNY of VA – not like what you have in that sunshine state!


  9. Pleasantly surprised, about Buffalo. I am one of those who have always thought Buffalo was an industrial city, not appealing. This was a great post. I don’t follow any other blogger that takes me to so many different places. Remember Dr. Seuss’ book? “Oh, the Places We Will Go!” Later.


    1. thanks so much T – 🙂 and Buffalo also has great people – and the story of Jim Kelly says it all – he hated being drafted by the Bills – finally conceded and signed to play = and he now still lives there to this day!


  10. Yvette, I’ve been away from my computer for a day or two so a little bit late getting here. |A very, very big thank-you for linking to my post, my friend 🙂 Totally thrilled that you did that. I like the idea that Buffalo means Beautiful River, too. Your photos certainly show it off. It looks very serene and peaceful compared to wild and windy Wellington. So funny about your nephew!


    1. Hi Jill – well hope you had a nice break – and Wellington looks gorgeous too – and someday we can exchange weather stories – you can tell me about the “Welly quake” and I will tell you about the Buffalo Blizzard of 1977 – when the national guard came in to help out – not knowing more snow was coming….


    1. Hi Pomme, well I grew up there and so I had chicken wings a lot – I grew up eating five cent chicken wings, SAHLEN hotdogs, genesee beer (yuck now) and the best sandwich ever = “roast beef on weck” – mmmm it is layers of fresh roast beef (a bit rare) on a salty kummelweck roll- served with au jus – and it is perfecto! The salt of the roll and the tender meat are a taste that is unique!

      I will need to do another post on Buffalo … maybe a post about the food there!

      and side note, one of my husband’s favorite thing to do when we visit Buffalo is to EAT. He thinks the food in Buffalo is so amazing because of all the snowed in days they have to work on food. ha!
      But he really loves chicken wings and they are everywhere there!

      Also, the food prices in Buffalo are pretty cheap and so that makes it extra fun. Like there will be plates all over the table and everyone just tries this and that –


      1. What unusual sounding food you have over there Yvette, whatever is weck??? and a salty kumelweck… (google doesn’t recognise them either!!!) You’ll have to do a post about them.

        I first tried buffalo wings in Buffalo, many years ago, now whenever we see them on the menu we always try them and compare them with the originals, quite often they do not come up to that unique taste. Ah great memories


  11. Really enjoyed your walk in Buffalo Y, and I never knew the meaning of the actual word, so thanks for that 🙂 Yikes about your nephew, bless him. I bet that was a shock. Such a shame that those kind of words are written where children play…makes me so sad that. But all in all you had a great day out and you got to share it here with us too, so even better. I feel I know this part of the world a little better now thanks to you. Great song too, love the Goo Goo Dolls but didn’t know they are from Buffalo 🙂 ❤


    1. bon jour Sherri! 🙂
      well when the band first made it big in 1998 – (with “Name”) well the radio always referred to them as “Buffalo’s Goo Goo Dolls and so for a while I thought that the city was in their name – lol – anyhow, here is another one I like – Big Machines – I tried to get the “Live in Buffalo” or “Live in Red Rocks” version, but only found this indoor one:


    1. well you’re welcome – and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment – and I also still have some very good chums in this area ❤

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  12. Beautiful Buffalo! I am wondering how the chicken wings taste in Buffalo.. Buffalo chicken wings are certainly very popular worldwide and delicious!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post Yvette! Have a great week!!


    1. well they are great! and at the end of summer they have a wing festival that serves 4 million wings – and one of the specialty sauces is Frank’s RedHot sauce, which is mixed with butter. 🙂


  13. Thanks for sharing your images of Buffalo. Beautiful river, eh? Somehow, “Beautiful River” Bills just doesn’t sing! 🙂

    But the colors were wonderful and I was unaware of the naval museum there. I see the USS Sullivan is there, named after the Sullivan Brothers of WWII.


    1. Hey Koji – of course you’d know about the Sullivan with your history head (ha!) and I agree that “Beautiful River Bills” does not sing – but many folks in that area are singing now because the Bills are going to be “officially staying” in Buffalo – so that’s cool. have a great day

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