brown and night (photo challenges)

I know some folks do not like combining challenges, but sometimes we just have to – especially when themes connect so naturally. So in today’s post, I link up with Paula’s “of the night” challenge, JNW’s chocolate brown color, and Kan’s Joy is….


I have this chocolate brown lamp…

It is artsy and has some nice woven texture.

It serves as a night light at the base of the stairs.

warm glow - priorhouse - 2

Right above this lamp, is a metal art sculpture that I bought locally in 2009.

This metal art piece has 16 fish on three iron rods – and it has some faith symbolism to me, but that is for another time!

For now, I wanted to just show you how the uplight highlights this metal work of art.

warm glow priorhouse 3

As most know, light placement is so important when it comes to art and I used to have an oil painting above this light, but I wanted to have this fish piece in a more prominent place and so I moved it here just to see.  It worked.

Side note about light and art.

Did you know that the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. changes affect depending on the light source?

lincoln memorial in dc with different light sources
Source: Core Knowledge Foundation: Downlight on the Lincoln Memorial gives us a thoughtful contemplative look, whereas uplight exudes a surprised and softer feel. The artist (David Chester French) intended for the figure to be viewed with downlight.

Additional Lincoln Memorial info HERE and  HERE


I am not sure if you remember my bulls’ eye art target post, but the bridge in this next photo is just down the trail from the art wall in downtown RVA.

We were here the night the bridge reopened after some construction and the lights in this shot have a special “of the night” feel….

lights in rva - bridge in trail walk

This next of the night photo has a silhouette of one of RVA’s “dog art” figures.  Our city has these dog art statues that can be seen all around town.

lights in rva - at station 2 restaurant

Lastly, these night pics have some chocolate brown in the wooden booths and beverages, but they also remind me of what a joy family is….

joy is dinner with family - priorhouse 2014
Joy is… dining out with teens!

In closing, let’s end with some more Switchfoot!

I want to share this awesome Isak Dinesen quote from the Switchfoot Fading West movie:

“The cure for anything

         is salt water –




the sea”

Lastly, two people have told me that Slipping Away was their favorite song from Switchfoot’s Fading West album, so I thought I would include this song, just in case you have time to listen:

Also, the words fit into the feel of this post:

Remember coming home at four in the morning
Before the sun was up
Back when the east was a fire of gold
Just waiting for the rest of the sky to fall in love

Our hope is just a metaphor, of something better
For all of our dreams tonight
And fear is just a shadow of the things that matter the most
And I fear that I’m losing hope tonight

Oh oh
I feel like I’m dreaming
Oh oh
Staring up at the ceiling
Oh oh
It’s four in the morning
I can’t sleep and it feels like a warning…

Have a great day. 🙂

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68 thoughts on “brown and night (photo challenges)

  1. Thanks a bunch for the linkback, Yvette 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ the photos of your textural lamp and the metal art hanging above it. I love how the light casts a design-filled glow on the wall and softly highlights the sculpture. Dining with your family is a joy indeed! Are they your sons?


    1. thanks Kan – and it seems your “joy is…” challenge could connect to so many things so I hope you do not mind my combining challenges 🙂
      and yes, those are my two sons and the pics were taken one night this past summer.
      I also have a step-daughter, but she now lives in England and is newly married.
      Oh, and I liked your Diwali lights – and the Diwali festival seems really cool.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I absolutely don’t mind Yvette! We can each find joy anyhow, anywhere and in anything… which was the idea behind the series in any case 🙂 Yeah I remember you told me about your step-daughter going to England, when I wrote my London food posts 🙂 Your sons look like they are having a lot of fun together… I haven’t gone through all of your archives, but I don’t recall you sharing a picture of your family before. Twas nice to see them.


      2. that’s what I thought – 🙂
        and yeah, I am not the type that likes to share a lot of personal pics online – just not my thang…. but those grainy little night pics seemed to fit in so nicely….


  2. Bon jour mon amie 🙂 What a wonderful post the uplight effect of your beautiful lamp on the metal fish artwork above. Soft lighting makes a house a real home doesn’t it, apart from the love that fills it of course. And talking of which, love your dining with teens shots…they will brighten any day 🙂 Fascinating the way the Lincoln Memorial changes quite dramatically with the different direction of the lighting. You’ve brightened my day today mon amie…oh, and love the song too, great lyrics 🙂 ❤


    1. Hello Sherri, I mean bonjour jolie ecrivain!!!
      and thanks for your comment – and yeah, you are right about the soft lighting impact – 🙂
      and the the Lincoln Memorial is another great example of perspective and well, things really do change depending on “how” we see it…..


  3. An ambitious post covering all of these challenges. I do like the soft lighting of the map reflecting on the metal.
    Your photos of the dining out with teens leaves me with a big smile. Our oldest is turning 30 this week and we have been doing lots of reminiscing and putting a poster collage together of his life. Those teen years were so busy but full of so much action. Your photos of your own gang warm my heart.


    1. Well I look forward to seeing what you share about your son’s 3rd decade milestone – gulp – what a special one indeed. ❤

      and Sue, I totally forgot to tell you that I recently took a "cow bell" photo for you – and this post made me remember because when I went back to see the bull's eye target art – to link it to this post:

      well while there, I saw the old SNL cowbell video that tied into your fun post last spring –

      anyhow, I will come to your blog to share – but real quick – did you know Mississippi State fans use cowbells to cheer on their team.

      I think it sounds horrible – and I guess they have been wanted to use proper cowbell etiquette – lol
      here is a sample:


      1. Love the cowbells and the clip. You have a very good memory Y and I do recall you sharing the SNL clip. So funny.
        I likely won’t be sharing anything about his birthday. Although Dave and I are very open book here at Travel Tales we are pretty quiet about the rest of our family. Occasional family photos like our trip to Jamaica and a bit in the comments from time to time. 🙂


  4. Ooh Y, I love love love the whole artistic metal lamp piece ! It’s gorgeous to look at. The whole light effect and metal thing on top. You are so creative !

    And the joy one is so cute too, lively photos of the boys being boys ! Loved all your submissions for the challenges! Brilliantly put! 🙂

    And Thank you for sharing another Switchfoot song, I liked it too. Hope your weekend is going well, Love, Zee ❤


    1. T h a n k s for flying on by my neck of the woods Zee – and so glad you liked the song – this album sure is growing on me – and I only really heard about this new album on my nightmare drive to Buffalo last November, in the stormy weather and harsh road conditions – it was 11 degrees out and low visibility snowy on the single lanes of the 219! argh – – the “love alone is worth the fight” song was overplayed that month – but each time it came on during that trip- I took a deep breath.


  5. The chocolate brown lamp photo is exquisite. The lamp is artistically made, great buy, Yvette! Love this post, a beautiful collection!


    1. Thanks Amy – and I really feel in love with the lamp when i first saw it. They also had a tall cylinder lamp that was a cousin to this – but I only had a spot for one lamp like this – so unique. But thanks again for your nice comments 🙂


  6. I love the way your beautiful lamp lights up the fish sculpture. It must give you much pleasure every time you look at it. Your joyful family pics, as well as the bridge night shot, are so delightful. 🙂 I enjoyed the ‘Switchfoot’ track. It’s a very long time since i came home at 4 am. * wistful sigh* 😕


    1. Hi S – well you know, I actually think that I tune out this piece now – something about putting it in such an open place to where you see it all the time and it just blends in with the room – but I do love it there still and early on Saturday morning I was turning on the keurig – I looked over and noticed the warm uplight – and took those shots….

      and laughing about the 4 a.m. – and are you sure? because I seem to recall some posts with dinners and Moët – lol

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  7. Your night light is great! Subtle. Crazy. Swirly. Love it. Great quote and I agree. My pup is having some foot issues. Meds aren’t working. I’m ready to take him for an ocean wade. ” I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand. Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand. Life is good today. Life is good today. ” ( I never heard of Switchfoot. I’m a Za Brown fan myself.) 😉


    1. well I read your comment on my phone and thought you were comment rhyming again and I enjoyed it and thought darn, she is just a fun and crazy first and fabulous kinda crazy chick. but then I came back to reply and realized you quoted this country singer Brown…. and while I have heard one or two of his hits – I have to THANK YOU for a special music moment early this morning – because when I looked up (on Spotify) the one you quoted (Toes) I then found some other ones – 🙂


      1. I love having that effect on you! Your comments/replies are so full of fun and interest. Thanks, Yvette. Great start to a very gloomy day. 😉
        I appreciate it = truly. ❤️


    1. I thought you meant JAMES Brown – well just kidding, but seeing that you brought up Brown AND music, let’s not forget the Godfather of Soul…


  8. It is really smart to combine all three challenges in one post. You managed to blend them all as a nice continuous story, it feels flowing when reading your post! Love the photos too..especially the lamps and the dining part 😀 can’t help to smile when seeing the photos!


    1. Thanks Indah – and I think that is why I like to do challenges sometimes – they spark ideas and help us connect to other bloggers while participating, ya know…


  9. I have not come across these 3 challenges before Yvette. You have certainly captured the themes. The light and fish art are so perfect, the up lighting catching the form and shape of the fishes so well. The group of family photos are truly a statement of joy. After being away for 7 months it was pure joy for us to get together with family and grandkids at the beach this weekend just gone.


    1. oh time with the grandkids is great – but add the beach and I am not sure it gets much better than that – looking forward to pics…
      and thanks for the feedback – the shape of the fish is what caught my eye too – and I just told S – but I think I block out and take for granted some of the stuff I see and pass by everyday – and so sometimes to pause and soak it up is nice… and at 4 a.m. on a chilly morning with a hot cup of coffee – well it was fun to have a reason to snap a picture (#gotta-love-bloggin – ha!)


      1. I think just about every photo I take has a post connection at the back of my mind, even if I don’t get to use them all. Maybe as well I don’t use them all…. LOL


      2. I hear ya on not using them all – but I think we all know that it takes many photos to get a few really special ones. In fact, those shots with my boys have me a very unique photo (it is rather plain and just through the window- but it speaks to me) and I never would have got that without snapping away.


    1. I know, I was surprised to hear that too – and seeing the picture really allows to see the difference so I was glad I still had the book about it….
      have a nice day Christy….


  10. Where is the chocolate, where is the chocolate. I hear someone mention the chocolate here.
    Oh, poor me. Your chocolate is not chocolate. hehe…
    Have a nice day Yvette…


  11. No blog I know of that is like yours … Really something, the power of light …. Capturing so much, including the priceless & sacred joy of family / relationships, people coming together raising cowbells in solidarity. The view out the window, “when the bridge opened” is so warm.


    1. thanks T – and well I guess my blog “tagline” fits with this post… “photos, art and a little bit of lit” – and then the readers and comments give it a little bit of fun and wit
      have a great day on your side of the woods-


  12. I just love the light and what great combined challenge!

    I’m listening to Switchfoot now as I write this. Thanks for sharing the excellent music! 😀


  13. This beautiful lamp looks like a bird’s nest, right 🙂

    One thing I always make sure is to read the comment section in your posts, I can always find some really interesting music and entertainment here 🙂


  14. Really cool photo of Lincoln with the two different light sources. Haven’t seen that before, shows how the same thing can be perceived in very different forms depending on perspective. Thanks! Also, nice blog, I’m used to seeing your other one, there’s some great stuff here! 🙂


  15. Love your photos & loved listening to the music & reading some of the comments! Enjoyed the Switchfoot song – new to me 🙂


    1. Oh, about combining the posts, I’ve done it a few times, too 🙂 Love that non-conformist in you – girl after my own heart ❤


      1. Thanks so much, and I am trying not to combine more than three, unless it really fits naturally – and it does for some folks, like jsh stg. Anyhow, thanks for your awesome comment – ❤ ❤ – that rocks!
        oh – and best wishes writing your novel next month – one more day tip it starts – whew 🙂


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