From my INBOX (update, comics, pink floyd jam)

I have some miscellaneous things to share from my inbox, which includes comics, Hannah update, and some old video footage of my husband and his daughter strumming a Pink Floyd song in summer 2013.

I put it into a slideshow to share:

Artwork by Victor Nunes (From Bytes):

Victor Nunes bytes daily

victor nunes - 3

victor nunes - 2

Nunes 10


From Terrierman:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.05.14 AM


From Delancey Place:

delancey place history snowball fight
Probably the most fun the soldiers (of the Civil War) had that winter were the snowball fights.                                            Many of them had never seen snow before –


From MDA we have another post about wonderful walking:

and if you need more inspiration to get out there and walk – why not join Restless Jo and her weekly walk challenge? (here)


dale terry said it was divine intervention
Dale Terry says they were about to leave when he just felt to go back and look again…

Update on Hannah Graham: As most know, the  remains found last week were confirmed to be hers, and so as we all pause to remember, I thought I would share a local news clip from Channel 8, which did not make international news:

Channel 8 News report about the Chesterfield County Sergeant who led up that team:

“He says that they were actually finishing up their assignment, about to head off to a different location when something told him to keep looking…

We were on our way back to our vehicle, and I just decided to keep going.

And so we sloped a different area and luckily, we um,

We just came upon what we came upon…

But again, Divine intervention, is the only thing I can of….

Lastly, cleaning up some “save folders” in my inbox, here is some footage from summer 2013:

c and his daughter
My husband strumming to some Pink Floyd with his daughter – 7-2013

Also, have been hearing from some Denver friends, and really missing the Mile High city this month:

missing denver

sempe comic man dreaming about girl dreaming about him - 1985
sempe’ 1985

Well that is it from me – and as you go into this day – or night – remember to not take your life for granted.

Every day is a gift to be enjoyed…

no matter what is going on…

make the most of it!

36 thoughts on “From my INBOX (update, comics, pink floyd jam)

    1. Thanks Christine – and for some reason I think of you whenever I see some of these grand porches here in VA. ❤ ❤


  1. A wonderful post! For some reason I couldn’t access the video but I love the photos. The cartoon about the prescriptions really hit home. I have a diabetic cat who is insulin resistant. Instead of being able to use the $10-$20 insulin on him, I have to use the expensive stuff. When he first started on the insulin a few years ago, it cost about $104 for a 30 unit vial. The last time I went to purchase it, it cost about $240. I learned their patent expires in 2015 so every time I go to refill it now, the price has gone up by about $20-$40 a vial. I can’t say anymore about that cause it starts to get real ugly! But I do love your post! 😀


    1. wow, wow and wow about the cat meds. And well, I sure hope that someone does something to address this gouging – because the rippling effect of ignoring it is horrible.
      and I actually got that cartoon from a “terrier man” and he his blog has lots of tips for pet owners, mostly dog centered info, but the information he puts out is varied and so spot on – so you may want to take a peek sometime.
      hugs ❤


      1. Came back and was able to see the video this time. LOVE it! I also checked out “terrierman” and it looks like a good website. Just lost my Boston Terrier and Maltese recently but still have my little Poodle (alone now with the seven cats!), so I call myself an animal person (as opposed to dog or cat)! Also, if you know anyone who would like some black or tuxedo kitties, put them in touch! They just keep showing up for food. I’ve got to catch Mama! I’ve gone off-track again. Have a wonderful week! Hugs! 😀 ❤


      2. well thanks for coming back – 🙂 I know it is not always easy to do – ❤
        you are definitely an animal person and I enjoy your pet photos – I will drop by your blog if I stumble on anyone interested in those cute cats you mention –

        oh – and speaking of terrier man – a topic he brings up now and again is how some people think they want a dog when actually their lifestyle is more suited to having a cat. This likely does not apply to you – but I know for us in the late 1990's – we were way too busy for the dogs we had at the time…. but we learned….


  2. Wonderful post, Y. I especially enjoyed the article from Delancey Place – very moving. And I loved the “graffiti” cartoon! 😀 Thanks for sharing your inbox!


    1. Hi Kimberley – thanks – and I am sure you know from your fb feed, the dp part is from the book Rebel Yell by S.C. Gwynne.
      thx for the feedback and have a great Monday ❤

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  3. (EN) You must have some flaws somewhere,where? 😉 ….your posts are great,thanks 🙂
    (IT) Devi avere qualche difetto da qualche parte, dove? 😉 i tuoi post sono favolosi, grazie 🙂


    1. Hi Indah, yeah I love the ol’ inbox… and I like sharing some of the hodge podge – ha! have a nice week…


  4. EXCELLENT, chère madame! 🙂 Sempé is very popular in France and in other French speaking “spots”… bonne-nuit chez vous et à bientôt! 🙂


    1. well I hope your grandson likes it – and it sure could spark a lot of ideas and fun… 🙂 ❤ thanks for the visit


  5. Great post Yvette – so frickin’ creative!!! Love the mix of topics – same way my mind works 😉
    I need to learn to make those slideshow videos . . . suggestions for tutelage?
    And you are so right – “Every day is a gift to be enjoyed…” and never to be taken for granted. And sometimes the smallest things make the most lasting memories ❤
    (May be stalking your blog tonight 🙂 – trying to catch up, wayyyyyyyy behind on my reading!!)


    1. well i am honored that you poked around Sadie – truly. and I will email you a couple of suggestions – but it is very easy to make them – well it becomes less time consuming once you get the swing of things, but I’ll email ya.
      thanks again ❤ ❤


  6. It’s always fun checking out our old “forwarded mails” with funny attachments.

    We had mailing groups of friends and another one for cousins, so anything funny is shared among all.

    Now, it’s really come down, as most of them got married and settled down in life and hardly got any time for all these funny part of life, feels sad …

    Here, I really enjoyed the art work of, “Victor Nunes”.

    Thank you so much for sharing, Yvette 🙂


    1. thx for your comment Sreejith 🙂 – and it seems like in the early 2000’s we had a lot of friends that did the forwarding of funny stuff (many pressed the forward button way too much – lol) and well, I know what you mean though – sad if we get to busy for some “funny parts of life” 🙂
      have a great weekend

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      1. Exactly, in the early 2000’s we completed our engineering and started working in IT companies and got unlimited access to internet and a lot of free time 🙂

        This is weekend is going to be really busy as my cousin’s a wedding is there on Saturday and it’s going to be fun too 🙂

        You too have a beautiful weekend 🙂


      2. yeah it feel alike life was different in the early 2000’s – similar but then agin not so similar – hmmm – anyhow, enjoy the wedding – ❤


  7. Awwh what a fabulous bunch of photographs to share with us Y ! So refreshing to look at all these unique things. 🙂

    So sorry to hear about Hannah Graham. My heart goes out to her family and friends. What an awful thing to happen. May her soul rest in peace 😦


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