Burger Bach and a walk

For my walk with Jo this week, I take you to Burger Bach (website here) and then for a stroll along Old Brick Road in Short Pump, Virginia.

here is the video:

which is synced to Robert Plant’s In the Mood:

burger bach
Burger Bach in Short Pump, VA – 10-31-2014
grass fed burger from burger bach
Fresh, grass fed Lamb Burgers

Burger Bach is nice  – from the customer service to the atmosphere to the food.  Two thumbs up!

All of their meat is from New Zealand and so another reason I wanted to check this place out was because one of my blogging friends, Jill, from Jillscene, is a New Zealand blogger and it made me think of her.  Burger Bach’s grass-fed meat was the freshest meat at any burger place we have been to here in VA. Also, grass-fed means a lot more nutrition and no GMO!  All burgers also come with a complimentary hearty green salad that was tasty and nutrient dense.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.08.24 PM

We did not order any soda, but another little thing worth noting is that they offer “real sugar” soda – and they offer the option of upgrading your house water to “glass bottled artisan water” (that is supposed to ph balanced so it is alkalizing) called Waiwera – info here.

Our waitress was Blake and here she is in action.

photo edit fun with Blake taking an order at burger bach in short pump rva, 10-13-2014
I discreetly had fun with some iPhone camera filters with this shot of Blake in action. I am linking to Sally’s editing challenge because of all the nature we felt in this fresh eater – more here.



Then we went for our walk…

old brick road


It was halloween and so folks were dressed in costume.

Earlier when we were pulling up, we noticed “Neil Armstrong” walking on moon air and we laughed pretty good, and that laugh reminded me of Kan’s “joy-is” challenge – because joy is truly laughing at the little things.

Later on during our walk, I had the chance to get some video footage of this fun moonwalking dude, and I think he added something special to the video I made and is above in this post.

The moonwalker guy was with Wonder Woman, which further confirmed that blogger Kimberley Thomas is not Wonder Woman (ha!- jk), and earlier we ran into Belle and Batman and Robin.

costumes for halloween 2014
The lady dressed as Belle, Elise, is also the community coordinator for Burger Bach and she make our visit just that much better.

Lastly, while walking around Old Brick Road, I thought this lone pumpkin looked kinda cool on this table:

lone pumpkin -2

If you want to read more about food, check out Delancey Place’s excerpt about The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food HERE.

For more walks with Jo, go here, and to see some more moments of JOY, go here.

Have a great day!


70 thoughts on “Burger Bach and a walk

    1. well thanks for walking with me amiga. and I do want to take a minute to just share my take on the “meat” topic…and just health in general.

      For me – I had the “low-fat” conditioning of the 80’s ingrained in my head for too long – and all that went with that (fat-free this and low fat that – and red meat is a bad guy- which are things that I think seriously pull from individual health in the long run)
      But you see, for my body, a small amount of red meat is crucial for my health. Also, that low-fat diet that was promoted way back when – well it was found to provide longevity ONLY in a small and very select group of individuals who had a very unique lifestyle and ancestry – but that same “low-fat” diet for most other people leaves them deficient in life-giving precious oils, needed acids, and dense nutrients, which then leaves them vulnerable to disease (and leaves them vulnerable to invasive – and silent – inner fungal or microbe infections)

      okay, back to red meat –
      I totally understand that we all have different views of meats…. for me, I will try to never eat pork for the rest of my life….

      But when it comes to red meat, I love how nutritionist “ann-louise” writes about this topic. She was ahead of her time in the 80’s and 90’s! She learned first hand how heavier meats (esp. quality red meats) had a calming and balancing effect on her body – and she shares some fun stories about experimenting with vegetarianism… and she also talks about the ignorance behind the studies that gave “red meat” a bad reputation.

      Anyhow, the most important thing she notes is that everyone has “genetically based nutritional requirements” and “one man’s food is another man’s poison”
      So we need to experiment.
      We listen to our body (as I know that you already do as an elite athlete)
      As we select “what” to eat – people really should “look at ancestral” connections because what our body needs is directly related to our genetic and ethnic history. Because what provides health and fitness for one body type, could “spell trouble” for someone with different “biochemical needs” – and some people – in my opinion – must have red meat for their blood type – and when they eat it they are more satisfied and “truly” fed. But then of course there are spiritual or personal reasons for not eating certain foods – but that is another topic… ☺

      Seriously though, so many people today are feeling like crap all the time – they have fibro, MS, depression, mood swings, panic attacks, and so much more that has a connection to diet.
      It gets tricky to pick the foods to eat because many folks also have a hodge-podge mix of ancestry – and so we really do need to listen to our bodies to discover the right diet for us.

      Sue, it sounds like you have already done that, and for me – red meat has been a key help. And to any readers out there who are ill or just feel like crap all the time, I strongly urge them to cleanse first -(because if you are not absorbing nutrients that's a problem)- then to alkalize the body – and then to find the foods (and meats) that make them thrive and just "feel" better. Recently I had that fun "cover art" post about how tough we are – but that toughness needs to be sustained and nurtured by what we do – like prayer, rest, healing – etc. – but also NUTRITION! If someone wants to endure – they have to find the foods that keeps them strong.
      And I love the term I heard this year – "all health is related to a healthy body TERRAIN” (thanks Mr. CS) and so we stay healthy from the inside out. But I digress here….

      So in closing, when it comes to red meat or any other food item, folks need to make sure they listen to their body as they learn about their own “body type” and actually – maybe even read ann-louise’s classic 1997 book, “Your Body Knows Best” it is soooo good!

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      1. Y thank you for sharing this. I agree that each person needs to understand their physical and mental wellness and what their needs are. Wishing you good health and much happiness.


  1. Kia Ora, Kia Ora, Kia Ora, Y. Thanks so much for sharing this post. Those burger patties look just like the ones we have here at home : yum, yum! Intelligent indulgence – I like that. I was busy laughing at the astronaut moonwalking on you video clip, my husband leaning over my shoulder, laughing too and then Wow! What a huge thrill! And all on a big rugby weekend – our All Blacks played in Chicago, first time ever, I think. It all makes the world feel just that little bit smaller 🙂


    1. well Jill, I have to admit that when our blog paths first crossed – I knew Nothing of New Zealand -and now it keeps coming up everywhere! too many examples to even note – and then to find out about your grazing fields and all this agriculture – and I guess the founder of this restaurant had a liver problem and in his quest for nutrias meat – NZ was his first choice.
      oh and the astronaut – well it still makes me laugh and he was quite the ham for the video – I have other footage that I did not use – but I also wish I would have gotten his name. oh well… it sometimes happens fast. Also what cracks me up is that he and wonder woman were actually trick or treating – ha! I guess the businesses along old brick road were giving out coupons and gc’s for adults…
      okay, have a great day my kiwi friend…. “Haere ra” ❤ ❤

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  2. What a nice video! I really enjoyed it. It’s so nice to get to know other environments and it put a smile on my face. Thank you so much!


    1. thanks for saying that – and thanks for the smiles you have given me along the way too 🙂 ❤ ❤ have a nice day….


    1. Hi Colline – yes, it really did taste a bit different. Had a slight char taste – only slight – and let’s see – it is hard for me to find adjectives for meat – but it had more depth and was “meatier” than others – lol – but part of the meatier taste was likely also because they did not overcook the thing – and some restaurants only serve super well done hockey pucks.


  3. Hahaha… I was imagining a different “moon walk”, till I saw the video (Should have guessed with Neil Armstrong though), which made me laugh as well. Joy is surely laughing at the little things in life :-)… and thanks for the laugh, cos I need all the laughs I can get this week. Is that short pump mall? It was opened when I was living in Richmond, and I remember being so excited about the opening. It was very close to where I lived… spent many a weekend window shopping there. Good memories!


    1. Now you have me thinking of that other moonwalk too! 🙂
      well this is actually down from the mall about two blocks – and Elise told me they hate their location fro Burger bach, but they are doing the best they can with it. This particular area fizzled out after the 2008 crisis – and there are still abandoned buildings along this old brick road passageway. At one end is Trader Joe’s and the other end has Whole Foods and REI – and then all this stuff was built in the back of this area – I was told they were trying to recreate a D.C. type of complex – there are brand new row homes and another eateries – but I was told it was “supposed” to be better than it is….
      but the mall – on the other hand – is doing very well – and we moved here when they first opened too – but I hate going there in December – argh!


  4. Hmmmm, that looks so yummy! It looks like a fun place to visit indeed! Now I’m hungry! 😀

    Loved the video! That moonwalker was so cute. hahahahah!

    Stunning edits with the filters as well Yvette. Stunning post and share hon. The Lone Pumpkin was a great shot! Thanks for sharing! 😀 ❤


  5. Looks nyummy Yvette..your post makes me hungry and wanting burger for dinner now 😀 It’s so nice to the Halloween atmosphere in US, it seemed people really enjoy it and making an effort by dressing up! It must be fun to have one day when people on the street just dress up in funky customs 😀


    1. Hi Indah, well it is a very commercialized holiday here – and now that folks also decorate their homes, the money goes beyond candy and costumes. Also, many people have differing opinions about this particular holiday (and I know it has a sinister side that is just off) but it really can have a fun side (IMHO) – and here in Richmond, VA – the real place to be on Halloween is “The Fan” – because there is a street there – called Monument Avenue – where hundreds of homeowners go ALL OUT! For example, one house has a musical pirate ship out front, another a castle – or neighbors dress in different costumes as they give out candy – or just party on their porch…. it really is an experience.


  6. I shouldn’t be reading your post mon amie when it’s so close to lunchtime…that lamb burger looks so delicious! I loved taking this walk with you…so nice to share an evening out with you. Have a beautiful day…tres belle 🙂 ❤


    1. well thanks for joining in – and next time instead of lamb we can have some coolios and flies…. jk! have a great week mon amid ❤ ❤

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  7. What an absolutely delightful post. I loved every picture and the walk, how cool? Thank you for taking the time to teach the importance of right protein. You ROCK, Yvette!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  8. Enjoyed the evening stroll Y. As for that lamb burgher it just had to be the best with NZ lamb, the best in the world…. How did the place get the name Short Pump? I’m sure there must be a story there…
    It was interesting seeing the different effects you can get with the IPhone filters, the enhanced colour gave it a warm glow and I was interested in the HDR as I am just starting to play with that photomatrix soft ware.


    1. Hi Pomme – well I have been here for more than ten years and I have not really heard any discussion about the name Short Pump, but early on we met a handful of folks who were eager to share how much their property in that area was now worth – because it is the fastest growing area around RVA.

      Here is the story I found:

      In 1815, Robert Hyde Saunders, a Revolutionary War veteran, purchased hundreds of acres of land on Three Notch Road (now Three Chopt)
      and he constructed a large plantation house, kitchen, and other various smaller buildings. His tavern became very popular in a short period of time, and stagecoach travelers making the trip from Richmond to Charlottesville would stop in and stay the night, get a good meal, and water their weary horses.

      Over the years the tavern was continually expanded and a porch was eventually added onto the back of the structure. The pre-existing water pump for the horses was now covered by the porch above, and didn’t have enough clearance to get a full stroke of water when pumped. It was also very costly at the time to dig a new well. The solution?

      Shorten the pump shaft and handle!

      The tavern became known for this shortened pump and was dubbed the Short Pumped Tavern by its’ patrons.

      The surrounding plantation also earned rights to the name over the years and was officially named Short Pump Plantation. The access road to the tavern from the south was named Short Pump Road, but then was later shortened simply to Pump Road by usage, and the name remains today.

      Interestingly enough, it has even been said that Thomas Jefferson frequented the tavern on his travels from his home in Charlottesville, Monticello to Richmond.


      1. Thank you Y for solving the story behind the name for me. I knew it would have some historical significance. Is the pump still around some where?


      2. Hi Pomme – well I totally forgot that the I had a photo of my boys and I in front of the old pump at the Short Pump mall – I think this is from 07


  9. What a fabulous outing you’ve shared! Your pictures are great. It’s morning here and I’m just getting ready to start work (I work from home). All I’ve had is a green smoothie for breakfast and after watching this, my stomach is complaining! Yep, there’s another growl! It will just have to do without for now because we don’t have a nifty restaurant like that around here (yet!). Enjoy the rest of your week, Y, and we’ll see you soon! 😀


    1. Hi Linda – and the smoothie actually has me drilling right about now – 🙂 and I like how you say “yet” because I really think this type of place will take off around the country because there is a demand for quality food like this – and the prices are the same as TGIF’s and other eateries… 🙂

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  11. Hey there, those lamb burgers sure look good. And grass-fed even, better yet. You look like you had a great Halloween. I love the moonwalker guy. Did you dress up? And that article about the future of food was quite thought-provoking. I guess when you consider the extraordinary rise in world population, what does that mean then for food production. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe something kind of like The Jetsons?
    Hope you’ve had a great week.


    1. Hi Stac – and I found that article throughout provoking too – thanks for the feedback. And no, we did not dress up – and actually my son has a long basketball practice on Friday nights – and so we left in a hurry not really even thinking about Halloween. When the kids were younger, we decked out the front of the house a few times – one year we had a strobe light and music as we gave out candy – but then one day I decided I did not want to decorate or dress up for this “darker” holiday – just a personal preference – even though I do still have two bins of children and adult costumes – everything from two napoleon dynamite costumes to sharks to wigs galore…. thanks for dropping by….

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      1. Yea, I’m not really big into Halloween, and it’s not celebrated here in Brazil. However, my kiddies watch the Discovery Kids channel in English and the cartoons come from North America and other places. Plus they also watch some Youtube stuff in English and they wanted to dress up and have a bag of candy. Being the somewhat of a health freak, I didn’t give into the bag of candy, but I did rummage up some costumey type stuff of theirs for them to wear after school, and bought some wafer cookies and condensed milk (which is big here) for them to dip into as a special treat. They seemed to be happy with that.


      2. Hi – and my kids did get their candy at halloween – but not too much (even though now seeing how extra bad it is – well I would have limited it even more – with smoothness of course) and we also watched soda intake as well – which is really harder with teens – but at least my kids no the truth and I am glad they stay away from stuff like red bull and other “loaded” chemical crap.

        anyhow – it sounds like your gave them a nice experience – and that is just being a cool momma – ❤ ❤


  12. Yaeey another walk to take us with you! As always I enjoy walking and tasting the food as we walk along. That delicious looking burger made my stomach rumble a little, to show it’s appreciation for it ! 😀

    I had a great time going through this post. Thanks for sharing Y ❤


  13. I love it when bloggers get talking to bloggers, Yvette! You never know where it will end 🙂
    Almost missed this but I’ve scooped it up, just in time to appear on next Monday’s walk. Many thanks for the link. Have a happy week! 🙂


    1. Hi Jo – and I know what you mean about the conversing – and on your blog I try to skim some of the comments when I can because I often learn so much through the chit chat – just wish there was more time to read your posts and comments- lol ❤ 🙂
      have a great day and looking forward to your next walk.


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