Nuts on plate (wpc- minimalist)

nuts in photo minimal weekly photo challenge poriorhouse 2014
Nuts on a plate – mmmm mmmm good!

This is my minimalist photo –

it may just look like nuts on a plate

and actually – they ARE  just nuts on a plate,

which is nothing like snakes on a plane –

but sounds kinda the same

but these nuts on a plate

are a rich superfood

and seeing that I posted about tea

and coconut oil this week-

I am sticking with the superfood take

with nuts on a plate!

The potent nutrition…

of the raw, unsalted nuts on this plate

are minimally processed

meaning they have more deliciousness…

more fiber

more protein

more plant sterols

more vitamin e

more selenium

more omega 6 fat

more ellagic acid

more magnesium

and more crunch!


The nut plate is quite minimal:

gray plate minimal color

The nut container is minimal:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.00.18 AM

And the price was rather minimal:

Target sells this 30 oz. jar of raw nuts for under 15 dollars –

…meaning that the nuts on this plate

cost less than fifty cents an ounce…

nuts on a plate

and while on the topic – here are some more NUTS on a plate:

blogger nuts on a plate

In Denver, Colorado they also serve nuts on a plate,

which is kind of like junk in a box –

or not

but these nuts on a plate

are called rocky mountain oysters:

rocky mountain oysters on a plate -

Well that is my take on the minimalist challenge –

just some nuts on a plate

and for more takes on the wpc –

go HERE.

Have a great day!

and at your next party – do your guests a favor

and serve some up some nutritious

nuts on a plate! 

more nuts

more nuts on a plate….

nuts on a plate 7


And check out this wiseGEEK post about how the makers of Nutella use 25 percent of the world’s supple of hazelnuts (Here)


108 thoughts on “Nuts on plate (wpc- minimalist)

    1. yeah – I am sure you do – and I have not read a lot of your older posts, but I bet nuts and trail mixes are an important thing for your long cycling adventures – dense and easy to carry…. 🙂

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  1. Talking about nuts, you are nuts 😉

    Yes mam, they are very nutritious, and they do recommend that you eat about 10 a day. Not kidding, doctors told me that for my own health reasons. If you take more, then you get fat! and is not very healthy. Like everything really all in moderation.


    1. well said CP4!!! moderation 🙂

      – and someone just emailed me a nice document about nuts. with this:

      1. always chew your nuts really well – so the amalyse in saliva can help digestion right away.


      2. too much consumption of raw nuts can give a person too much “Phytic acid” in their body, and too much physic or oxalic acid from raw nuts and seeds can pull from your mineral levels. So he suggested if a person wants to eat nuts a lot – well soaking them overnight can reduce the physic acid – or light sautéing them can too. very interesting.

      oh – and this I already knew –

      3. As much as possible stay away from peanuts because all peanuts = whether roasted or raw = peanuts are contaminated with mold called aflatoxin – and this is why there are some severe allergies to it – but even if not allergic -peanuts can feed preexisting problems in a body – and trigger dormant viral infections. yuck – so “just say no” to peanuts…. and sorry to anybody who really loves them


      1. You´re quite the nutrition expert, I didn´t know the terminology but overall knew about not eating too many of them and that´s good for the digestive system, and also about the peanuts. Not because I like to learn those things like other people, more out of necessity. But I´m now hooked to nutrition, quite an interesting subject when you realise how each components in each food can help certain parts of your body. If your health isn´t good……then all the other things go right off the window.


      2. well same here – I really learned the majority of this stuff out of necessity – and you are right all the other “things go outside the window” if you are too sick (or dead) and cannot enjoy life…. and I really believe antibiotic use has left people vulnerable – combined with high sugar diets – and then sitting too much –
        anyhow, have a great day Sir Writer 🙂 ❤


        1. Hi Pomme – well I think so… I am truly not an expert here – but I have been learning so much 🙂 – and well, I’d say to choose another nut butter….even though I guess in small amounts it is fine – but again – as most things – it really depends on what a person has going on already. Because people with certain viruses that are dormant, well they may have side effects whereas someone else is fine (or at least they have no overt symptoms right away)

          I guess “the processing of peanuts into peanut butter does reduce some of the aflatoxins” but there will always be residual fungus – and I also heard there is “mold” in this nut… which is different from fungi – and there is a high amount of omega-6 – which sounds good – but it is not – (we want the high omega 3’s, which we get from better oil sources) and too much of the 6 throws off other things (and may cause inflammation).

          so I heard that small amounts of peanut butter are okay for the average healthy person – but if someone is healing or feeling malaise – this is something I would not have.

          and you should try Tahini – it is a little similar in taste – and you use less of it….


        2. Thanks again for the info Yvette. I personally do not like peanut butter or peanuts, but Jack loves it, so I will have to wean him off it.


        3. well i think if he likes it and he is doing well it might be fine to “leave week enough alone” but I found it interesting to learn that is why so many folks are allergic to the peanut….

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    1. thx Jill – and I had to crop a couple of you out – because at one time your gravatar was on there a few times – ha! and I know a couple others may be doubles – but once I got it to fit on the plate – I let the “mixed nuts” be… ha! O_o

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  2. (EN) Nuts are one of my daughter’s favorite snacks with raisins or dates :-)…really funny and rich “plate”(not “post”) yours, thanks 🙂
    (IT) Le noci sono uno delle merende preferite di mia figlia insieme a uvetta o datteri :-)…davvero un divertente e ricco”piatto”(non “post”) il tuo, grazie 🙂


    1. well thank you fothermo ❤ ❤ and it sounds like your daughter has a healthy taste bud – – oh and thx for the sweet comment… 🙂

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    1. well “timeless lady” – thanks for dropping by to check it out – and this led me to your blog, which I like too – and your gentle whispers photo was cool 🙂


  3. I love nuts and love this minimalist post, Yvette 🙂 I eat mixed nuts almost every day, especially when I’m taking a long walk. It is a superfood. Thank you for sharing the info! Love, love “more NUTS on a plate”, wonderful humor 🙂


  4. Hahaha, I’m so sorry but your title ‘NUTS’ on plate Haha sorry my comment might be inappropriate, you can remove it if you want lol But I just couldn’t stop myself… 😀

    On a serious note, I love your unique depiction of this week’s challenge, Never thought of representation in this way. Brilliant idea Y ! And that was such a thoughtful thing to put us all in a plate too 🙂

    Hope you had a glorious weekend ❤


    1. well thanks for the laugh Zee – and I am right there with you – and actually if you notice the “rocky mountain oysters really are “nuts on a plate” – lol

      but thanks – and you said something last week about there “pat on the back” – well thank you for that too – or slap – um, I mean pat ❤ ❤ and yes, decent weekend here – hope yours was great too…


  5. So happy to see that I was one of the ‘nuts’ on your plate, Yvette. Those mixed nuts look really yummy, especially the almonds and pistachios. They wouldn’t last very long if I was around. 🙂


    1. yes S- and actually – at first – your tree was actually on their a lot like Jill’s gravatar – but I had to take off some repeats in order to fit them on the plate – and your gorgeous swaying palm tree – with that Monet feel – well it was there like 10 times at first – and I think it is now down to three – lol


  6. OK Yvette, this is one of my favorite of many favorites among your posts. The final shot/caption pretty much had me LOL’ing for quite a while. VERY well done girl!!😀


    1. T H A N KS!!! ❤ ❤

      and did you mean the photo of this oysters – also known as….. "Montana tendergroins, cowboy caviar, swinging beef, or calf fries" lol


  7. So what are mountain oysters? I love nuts especially the one with caramel which is bad for a diabetic even if he/she is borderline.


    1. Hi Bes – well first – warning this could be yucky to some – but rocky mountain oysters are testicles of bull calves. as an organ meat they are considered a delicacy and have vitamin A and dense nutrition….

      “When the calves are branded, the testicles are cut off and thrown in a bucket of water. They are then peeled, washed, rolled in flour and pepper, and fried in a pan.”


      1. also Bebs – just wanted to share that rocky mountain oysters taste like chewy chicken (to me at least) – but I think alligator meat tastes very similar to RMO – 😉


  8. I LOVE this. This post overlaps into several different areas, as you know. Funny, words. The post, about minimalist … but you are not a minimalist … and you never do the minimum when it comes to your blog.


    1. Thanks Doc T – and man you know me – but I do have a minimalist side in a few areas – I think at least – but thanks for dropping by – TTYS 🙂


    1. 🙂 Monday already???? wow – another weekend has flown right on by – 🙂 well cheers to a new week – and hope yours is great


  9. Another great post Y and yes we are all nuts on that plate together. BTW I bought some coconut oil today and used it for the veg and prawn stir-fry tonight. Not got round to putting it in my tea yet I think I will sneak it into Jack’s cup first and see if I get any reaction…;)


    1. oh how cool. thanks for sharing….. and when you find time do some research on coconut oil because it is fascinating…

      for example: “Coconut Oil is More Successful than Drugs in Treating Alzheimer’s Disease” – (See more here)

      “Many people with Alzheimer’s Disease are already seeing a huge improvement, and in some cases a full reversal, of the disease after starting with coconut oil.”

      Here is a partial list of testimonials that published at Health Impact News:

      Coconut Oil Lifts Brain Fog and Stops Memory Loss for 65 Year Old Women

      Film to be Made of Father’s Recovery from Alzheimer’s with Coconut Oil

      Canadian Man Swears by Coconut Oil as Alzheimer’s Remedy

      Woman with End-stage Alzheimer’s Sees Improvement in One Week after Starting Coconut Oil

      Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in 100 Year Old Woman

      Coconut Oil Reverses the Effects of Alzheimer’s in 50 Year Old Woman

      Alzheimer’s and Coconut Oil: How coconut oil gave me back my brain

      Woman with Dementia Sees Improved Memory and Better Conversation Skills after Starting

      Coconut Oil Coconut Oil Gave my Grandma Back to Us! –


      1. Those testimonials are amazing Y. I guess the big money hungry drug barons are trying very hard to keep all that information under wraps. I firmly believe that it is our diets that dictate how healthy or other wise we are, and of course exercise or lack of it.


    2. well keep me posted on the tea – I know it took me a while to get used to the taste – but now I love it. and taste buds can be trained and changed – it just takes time….. ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. yes, a handful a day – thanks for the reminder – which is hard with that big ol’ tub from Target ! ❤ thanks for dropping by fabulous-outdoors!


  10. Love your nuts on a plate, Yvette. So true – they are packed full of nutrition and really ARE superfoods! But my favourite was all the other NUTS on a plate. Hahahaha… LOVED that one! 🙂


      1. Thanks for that Yvette… it brought a huge smile to my face. I must confess I tried searching for my profile pic in the previous “NUTS” on a plate :-p


    1. well it is there now dear Noe – because you are such “beach nut” fo who! you and our restless Jo – you know what what I mean Noe? but now time to go…. but you have a good week in your chateau! LOL


      1. Haha… frankly when talk about or see nuts, it remind me to funny scene in ice age films. The scrath and nut. So if I am a nut beach, who will grab me? 😀


      2. haha thanks for the laugh – and I have not seen the Ice Age films – my children were getting a little older at the time they came out and so that was right when I stopped watching those kid’s movies with them – lol – but I will have to check it out –


  11. You’ve convinced me! 🙂 I love nuts too, and a healthy dose of minimalism. Am I allowed to fish out the walnuts please, Yvette? Their waxy flavour doesn’t appeal much.


    1. yes ma’am – you can fish out the waxy walnuts – and put them right on my plate because I LOVE walnuts – well raw walnuts that is… and you can have my pecans as a trade 🙂


  12. well, I gues I’m “nuts” about your awesome post and pix… 🙂 btw, what’s your next PRIORity, babe?… 😉 ❤
    * * *
    océans d'inspiration, bonne-nuit et amicales pensées, Mélanie


  13. hahahah Yvette! Seems you’ve gone ‘nutty’ indeed! I love nuts and ‘nutty’ folks. Awesome post and shots and so very creative. Love it! 😀 ♥


  14. OMG! … Oh …. my …. gravy! This is ridiculous… ridiculous but funny in a cute way, sweet, unique posting, and creative. That snake on a plane rhyming is absurd. But the absurdity is so alluring. And then you end it with those nuts on a plate … HILARITY!!! 😆 -ing on the floor. I’m happy to be one of the nutheads. 😀


    1. well thanks for your super fun comment – and for the mention on your site my friend! that was extra cool ❤ -and seriously – I am still enjoying what you wrote – have a great day and TTYS amigo –


  15. Ok, nuts on a plate, snakes on a plane, you revved up my funny bone, but you took it over the top when you talked about mountain oysters! You are a riot!! Hahahhahaaaa!! 😀


  16. Cute take on a wide variety of ‘nuts’ on a plate. Enjoy those Rocky Mountain Oysters … I must say, you are braver than I am. 🙂


  17. Beautiful, informative post. I am famous for my lightly roasted and dehydrated nuts. I soak 12 hrs, toss the phytic bath water, sweeten with a bit of sorghum syrup, cacao powder and vanilla, sea salt before lightly roasting (as high heat turns nuts rancid) and then dehydrating. It’s a labor of love that takes 24 hrs. =)


    1. Thanks you so much for this tip Holistic Wayfarer!! (and with details!)- I really appreciate it and plan to try making this sometime. sounds nutritious and savory. ❤


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