cold November morning…


I looked around the dark room

from under the flannel

cozy and warm

appreciating home

on this cold November morn!

priorhouse - 1

The coffee downstairs

called to me…

 tiptoeing down

on chilly floors

 greeted by wagging tails

waiting to go outdoors…

Into my coffee

Went a hint of cocoa

mmm and mmm

priorhouse - 2

Then I remembered my brother’s visit

family was visiting today!

I smiled…

because I realized

This cold November morn

was actually quite WARM.

Warm indeed.

priorhouse - 3

I have been trying to write at least once a day in my paper journal during 2014 – and this was written early this morning – as I sipped some Kona java.

This post is linked to Kan’s joy is… challenge – because joy is when family stops by for a short visit while on their road trip from Buffalo down to Florida.


Have a nice Tuesday – and I hope you find a few little joys throughout your day….

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Joy is… week 16



59 thoughts on “cold November morning…

    1. thanks CP4 – and coffee may just help you pump out that novel this month!! and we just got a complimentary bag of Kona – when you buy so many bags they give you a free one of your choice and chose that one – and it is smooth…. happy writing amigo


  1. There is nothing so heartwarming as sitting around with family with a cup of Joe on a cold morning (especially if you’ve been separated for a while.)

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  2. Hmmmmm… hot kona coffee on a cold day ,
    And a visit from family – perfect recipe for a joyful time, I say
    And what joy to have a post in rhyme
    Linked to this humble weekly event of mine 🙂

    (I’m pretty terrible, but this is fun 😉 Hope you have a great time with your brother’s family! xo)

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      1. Hahah, thanks 🙂 BTW, I have been meaning to ask you… how do you get that tiny thumbnail of my post? It’s pretty cool!


      2. well I hope it is okay, but I just dragged your photo off (it is not the best quality but works) and then uploaded it to my media – and then chose the thumbnail size….

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    1. well I also really enjoy black coffee too – but a teaspoon of cocoa powere with a splash of 1% milk – it becomes a tasty- all natural mocha! ❤

      Plus – the cocoa offers more than just taste – the cocoa powder (as I am sure you know) has those rich flavonoids, which are antioxidants and have many health benefits and can make one feel satisfied – but too much can wire one up too.. 🙂


    1. yeah – that arctic cold has moved in – but I heard a wave of warmer air from Mexico is going to follow this… ❤


  3. I shiver for you walking on those cold floors Y. Thank goodness for warming coffee and cocoa, I’ve never tried that one…
    I wish I could send you some of our heat, it is still only late spring but it is hot as Hades…
    Enjoy your family.

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    1. well Pomme – I would take some of that heat and snatch it up if I could – especially for the folks stranded on the new York State Thruway right now – which is North of where we are – but they got 5 feet of snow in some areas. … 🙂


  4. I watch the US-news every day, so I’ve seen the cold wave… shall I send you over some sunny degrees?… 🙂 bon courage & take care, young lady! ❤
    * * *
    I could smell it from here… 🙂 for decades, first thing in the morning before I "articulate" a single word: 1 mug of black(dark) coffee, no sugar, no milk, but 2-3 squares of dark(bitter) chocolate(at least 75% cocoa!)… my ONLY coffee/day! 🙂

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    1. oui – I would love a little soleil ❤ and your dark bitter chocolate sounds nice with that black java
      and here is a shot from our news about the big (record besting) storm up north in the States:


  5. I was smiling to myself as I started out with the beans, Yvette. In the week Gemma sent me a photo of coffee beans in an owl shape with two cups of coffee for eyes. Very cool! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the family visit.

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    1. oh the photo from Gemma sounds fun – is it in a comment section? I will have to check it out… and the visit is still going on – and so nice to have a dose of family – best warmth around… TTYL


    1. well island girl – I guess you can say that about the snow… 🙂 and you are right though – family time is good with or without snow…


  6. What a joy, with delicious warm drinks and family warmth in the cold November..nothing beats such warmth! Have a great day Yvette and may today weather is warmer…(as I wish to happen in the Netherlands as well ;))


    1. Thanks Indah – and looks like our little city will be having a 50 degree day today – but the Buffalo area is getting a round #2 of snow after they got 6 feet earlier this week – that’s a lot of snow! O_o

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      1. Ohhh snow in November..That’s early!! It is below 5 degree C (not F 😀 ) now in NL..I do hope to have white December – although that means lousy trip to work 😀 😀


  7. Lovely post Yvette! It’s 17 degrees here in NJ. Not looking forward to going outside to go to work! I hope your family is ok with all the snow in Buffalo. Have a great day!

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  8. This post is brimming with joy mon amie 🙂 Thank you for bringing a smile to my face, and I imagine you and your brother’s family smiling away enjoying your day together. Wonderful 🙂 ❤

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    1. thanks so much mon amie -<3 and we have had a few days 🙂 – my bother and his oldest son are taking a little trip to visit family in a few places along the east coast. and even though I miss Denver all the time, well, this is another example of why we need to be on the east coast… TTYS

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  9. reading this made me wish for a coffee – wait – I have already had two espressos this morning – I’ll have it after lunch – I love coffee … 🙂 have a nice weekend!


    1. mmm – espresso sounds great right now – I have not had any in a long while – up in Canada they serve espresso with a lemon twist and it is very tasty – thanks for the weekend wishes – and it is going too fast – hope yours is nice too – with a bit of coffee of course – and wait, jazz for you too!

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  10. Aaah where is my cup of coffee Y?? 😉 I guess I’m a little late to the party 😀

    Hope your family visit was full of love, fun and a memorable day 🙂


    1. oh no Zee – there is plenty left – 🙂 just come back a little later – Ha! and the visit was awesome – actually got a few days because they were waiting to see if they needed to turn back around and go up North to help with the storm – but they did not have to – they went on down to Florida – so that’s cool. 🙂 have a nice day ❤


  11. The morning wake up call and the aroma of coffee permeating the clean atmosphere and testing the nostril…the coffee beans and the touch of it builds the excitement for the hot sip…

    You have beautifully used the simple words , and have made the flow and the flavor of words very poetic and the magnified picture of the bean, the powder and final the coffee in the cup…is a story by itself.


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