throwback songs – RTZ and Boston

For a throwback Thursday post, I wanted to share a song from a band called RTZ.

Most people have heard of Boston, but you might not have heard of RTZ, which is a band that was started in ’89 by two former Boston band members (Goudreau and Delp)

Here is a song (from 92) by RTZ called Until Your Love Comes Back Around:

rtz boston brad delp -throwback thrusday

I am not a big concert goer -but years ago I went to a bunch.

When we saw RTZ in 1992 it was at a small club and there were only around 200 people.

The small crowd felt crazy to me at the time because RTZ sounded just like Boston (same singer- Brad Delp…) and Boston was so popular – they would sell out large arenas in the early-mid 80’s – but now – less than a decade later – these same musicians were barely filling up small venues.

It reminded me of quickly fame can wane.

And it reminds me now about how music is woven tightly into the fabric of our memories.

In the 80’s – we used to sit on the porch steps late at night – with friends from down the street (Kim, Darren, Sean, etc.) – and we’d listen to triple shots of music.  Hearing some of those songs now can really “bring ya back” – which is just nice sometimes.

For those that want to take a listen – here is cool song from Boston too – called Amanda.


Have a nice day!


36 thoughts on “throwback songs – RTZ and Boston

  1. (EN) Nice pearl of your past that makes most precious the Y necklet of the present. Thanks 🙂
    (IT) Bella perla del tuo passato che rende più preziosa la collana Y del presente. Grazie 🙂


    1. yeah, I think Boston had their peak in the mid-80’s – and then made a one hit comeback with Amanda in 86 – and then gave a RTZ a go for a few years after that – 🙂


      1. Good morning Y, thanks for the virtual trip down memory lane. Cliff was a real clean-cut, squeaky clean sort of a guy in the music scene back in the 50’s and 60’s, even my mother approved of him… 🙂


      2. well he looks like mom approval stuff! 🙂 and I never knew his name, but I did know that song – and it seems to remind me of “Torn Between Two Lovers” by Peter Paul & Mary – ha!


  2. Never knew of RZT before Boston. But I can sure hear them there. I love Boston, especially their first album. Hearing them again here (it’s been a few weeks) brought back memories of happy times, fat doobies, cold beer and Kentucky moonshine!


  3. Both are very nice! Love the voice and love concerts! I have been wishing lately that I would have been able to attend one of the JT 20/20 concerts. Hear they are amazing…


    1. Hi Andrea! Well I have not heard of the 20/20 concert – but just looked it up and found a Germany 20/20 concert and looks like quite a moving show with the artsy feel. lights and performance!


  4. Oh my! Blast from the past. I grew up listening to Boston and remember slow dancing to Amanda many a time. I hadn’t heard of RTZ, so I enjoyed learning the back story. Loved the piano in the clip you provided. Beautiful, Yvette!


  5. Boston was the “first” concert I attended without adult supervision! 🙂 And Cheap Trick (do you remember them?) was their opening act! Funny how fame is so fleeting. Great music memories, thank you for sharing, Y!


    1. wow – well then Boston is extra special – and for me it was BOC (because I liked one song – ha) – and Cheap Trick is special to my husband because in 2003 he did “I want you to want me” with a local band here in VA and to this day it is still one of his all time favorite songs – because of the energy of the crowd that day – but also playing with those guys that day – and well – he also was able to see them that year and here are some of the guitars from Cheap Trick’s tour that year….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! That is an impressive collection of guitars! Does your husband play the guitar? I have to agree with him, “I want you to want me” is one of my favorite songs too. It’s one of those songs that simply invites the audience to sing along—loudly and with great enthusiasm! 😀 So much fun!


      2. yes, he does play – and so does my older son, but my youngest son is all about drums. My step-daughter used to take guitar lessons, but I she was very busy with volley ball. I can play a couple of songs on the guitar (and a few on the bass, which is easier) – and for me it comes down to knowing a few major chords – ha!
        anyhow, I know what you mean with the sing-ability with that song!! 🙂 ❤

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  6. You know I love music 🙂 Never heard of RTZ, seen Boston back in the day 🙂 and that Cliff Richards song – I vaguely remember, must have played on AM radio back then 😉
    Enjoyed the post, Yvette!! (Getting caught up, but fixing to call it a night . . .)


    1. well thanks Sadie – and someone emailed me saying that “the best Boston was long before Amanda or RTZ” – and well, kinda like Genesis before Phil Collins I guess. Have a great night and thanks for dropping by 🙂 ❤

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      1. you have the album still – nice! I wish I kept some of the ones my brother gave me – and kids nowadays may have their tech gadgets and things we did not have = but we had album art = quiet a special thing and my how times are changing. I guess the foo fighters are on to something trendy – they are only releasing one song at a time and then they highlight it with a video special about it. But they said albums are not really selling anymore – well maybe for a few like Taylor Swift – and so I guess they retrying to find new ways of releasing music… but the days of the album – ❤ ❤


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