From My Inbox (weather, dogs, street art)

Well it is time for the November inbox share…. I put the slideshow in a short video –

1. Delancey Place highlighted some good news about gloomy weather (here):

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 8.16.05 AM

drunk tank pink

2. Here is what the lake effect snow in Buffalo, NY looked like this month:

laek effect snow2
credit – The Weather Channel


Someone in Buffalo made an outdoor beverage holder:

outdoor fridge in buffalo

lab in snow at night

3. Terrierman shared that “one of the things that sets a dog’s heart aflutter is the smell of their owners.”

terrierman blog post
click image to read more at terrierman

Terrierman also provided a site for ZIP CODE data –  go  HERE to get some “adjectives” about your neighborhood.

4. Bytes daily delivered some art by Kenny Random (HERE) into my inbox (and go here for typewriter art by Paul Smith)

kenny random silhouette art from bytesdaily

Well that’s all from moi!  Have a great day everyone – and for those in the States – I hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

happy thanksgiving

and for those that are still working on their novel for this month – best wishes – and keep going…. keep going…. xyabc#!#abc!


#1: Blogger lady-pinkrose posted about her experience with the lake effect storm (that was on TWC in that video) – check out her post HERE, where she says “What all of us here in Lancaster, NY have witnessed, is a Miracle. The tons of snow that was dumped on us in 2 days, was predicted to cause massive flooding. It did not. Because we experienced a slow thaw, right before our very eyes, the snow just seemed to disappear.” Thank God 🙂

#2 Blogger Andrea posted some awesome photos about “Snowvember” in Western New York  (HERE) where she takes through seven days of enduring (and enjoying) the epic winter storm in that area.

andrea remembers snowvember pic

She also shared this cool video HERE – and go to the 32 second mark – to see the snow MOVE in….

58 thoughts on “From My Inbox (weather, dogs, street art)

    1. thanks restless one – and it is hard to keep track of “when it is” because it changes every year because it is on the fourth Thursday of November. A lot of folks were saying how “late” it felt this year…. have a great weekend

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  1. Amazing street art and I just love your video mon amie, you gave me a well needed smile this morning, thank you so much 🙂 Keep warm and safe in the snow and I wish you and your family a truly Happy Thanksgiving. See you soon…I’ll keep the kettle simmering…along with lots of hugs… 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Oh Sherri – the sound of the kettle simmering – it is just wonderful – and I will bring some fresh “dipping style” biscotti – unless it is a high tea, well then we will have to enjoy those layered sandwiches and coolios! ha! thanks and huge to your and yours this week too (((<3)))


      1. Haha…high tea, low tea, in between tea, whatever you want mon amie….biscotti and coolies and maybe even some flies if we are still hungry. Either way, keep listening to that simmering kettle (and btw, loved the amazing snow update…now that is a miracle 🙂 Huge, warm hugs on this cold, winter’s day…and see you soon…. 🙂 ❤


  2. OK, I can’t help to laughing about this one – “one of the things that sets a dog’s heart aflutter is the smell of their owners.” gosh…I had no idea!! Thanks for sharing Yvette and have a great celebration today!


    1. Ha – thanks Indah – and I still laugh at that -= but it makes sense when you think about it – with those power noses they have – and it reminds me of the old movie called “Shaggy Dog” – where the dog goes crazy when different smells come into the house – 🙂 ❤

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      1. LOL! I wonder about the old version of the movie..I have watched the movie by Tim Allen – I think, it is called Shaggy Dog as well..but I guess it must have been different story..


      2. well I am not sure – but I know the tim allen version is a modified copy of the first one – and so now I am curious too 🙂


  3. That outdoor beverage holder is very creative. Talk about embracing what life hands out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Yvette. It’s a work day here in Canada since we celebrated last month. 🙂


    1. Hi KT = thanks = hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I also had fun with the zip code – and our old house in Denver was in a neighborhood they called “pleasantville” – ha! and in a way it was- anyhow, thanks for noting that!!

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    1. Thanks so much James – I really appreciate it 🙂 ❤ – and we had a nice holiday – hope you have a great rest of November and I shall be dropping by to check in on the gallivanting on gallivant-blog! 🙂


  4. (EN) Unfortunately, these days I can’t follow you as I would because gloomy weather can help mind but not my sick body 😉 Nice your post and I have a question.Are you sure to be american? ;-)(I’m kidding)
    Modigliani,Tiziano,Leonardo and now Kenny Random,an italian artist too.
    Great Y,thanks for your….blog 🙂
    (IT) Sfortunatamente questi giorni non riesco a seguirti come vorrei perchè la brutta stagione può aiutare la mente ma non il mio corpo ammalato. Bello il tuo post e ho una domanda.Sei sicura di essere americana?;-) (sto scherzando)
    Modigliani,Tiziano,Leonardo e ora Kenny Random,un artista italiano anche lui.
    Grande Y,grazie per il tuo….blog 🙂


    1. Oh forthemo – I hope you heal up quickly!! and yeah, I guess I have featured some Italian awesomeness lately, even though I heard about Kenny Random from a Brit (Bytes) but you know us Americans – we’re a big melting pot mix – well maybe not all – but I like the mutt global feel ❤
      heal quickly and get that stroller moving 🙂

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  5. The street art is pure joy Yvette, definitely no graffiti on those walls. The music you choose for your delightful video had me swaying along with the melody, perfect choice. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving day and the weather is not too cold.


    1. Thanks so much Pomme – 🙂 _ and it was a bit frigid here, but not as bad as some places. and I am glad you liked the French Accordion music- I was hoping it would match the weather snippets, the doggies, and especially Kenny’s art! 🙂 ❤ ❤


    1. Jack – I am truly honored – thanks so much! And while I try not to spend too much time on videos – I know the music is a key part and so I do think about it – and for this one I knew I wanted “instrumental” and well, had this song from an old art lesson and was so glad that it fit rather easily…. thanks so much again and have a great weekend amigo

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  6. (late response from last week)- yes, Yvette, am thankful for meeting you this year too (in cyberspace) – you inspire me – also, I can’t talk (blog) with that many people about art -and I love it! Even though I can’t keep up with your pace, lol! That three tier train convergence is awesome!


  7. That art work looks spectacular !! What an innovative and unique talent. Thank you for sharing all this interesting stuff right from your inbox with us 🙂

    Hope you had a glorious thanksgiving with lots of love and happiness ❤


    1. Hey Zee – makes me want to start painting on some concrete – 🙂 lookout richmond – jk! and a few days ago someone emailed me that there is a book coming out with 1,000 images (from 1985 to 2014)- from this obscure street artist – so it looks like he has been a round for a long time….


  8. When I clicked “like” on this, a few days ago, I was still sick and hadn’t watched your video nor read anything. I love the things you shared from your inbox, what a wide array of interesting and fun things. I especially found the artwork from Kenny Random terrific! Loved this! 😀


    1. well thanks for coming back – I know it is really hard to read every post from every blogger we follow – so I appreciate you just dropping by when you can 🙂 – and the “inbox” posts have turned out to be some of my fav because they are varied – so I appreciate your feedback ❤ TTYL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well said Barbara -keep it fresh! 🙂
        and here is an update to this post – with some recent pictures about the epic storm just North of my city (well 10 hours both of us- lol)

        and in this video go to the one minute mark to see the snow creeping in…


  9. I sure am no fond of gloomy weather. It makes me down. Although I was very thankful that the sky finally, about darn time, to pay California the rains it owed. 😀


    1. so glad you are getting the needed rain rommel!! and regarding the gloomy weather, well I have heard that “SAD” seasonal affect disorder is becoming more prevalent because so many people are already low on vitamin D – and well, your comment also reminded me of an old song by Tony Toni Tone:


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