Hobo Bread – JNW’s challenge

Have you ever had Hobo bread?

“What is Hobo Bread?
Hobo Bread is a moist, sweet nut bread inspired by the loaves that hobos baked in tin cans during the Great Depression.” (more here). We tried a loaf from Trader Joe’s and this bread is actually more like a dessert!  It is wayyyyy sweet – tasted like “toasted cake” – and it weighs like 20 lbs (not really, but very heavy).

hobo bread

Thanks for the visit – and now sending you on your way with a little BREAD humor from Jim Gaffigan

This is linked to JNW’s challenge, which is taupe this week.

bread joke

96 thoughts on “Hobo Bread – JNW’s challenge

  1. Is it yum? It sounds yum! Wonder if il can make it with coconut flour ( gluten free) off to google a recipe lol might be able to use it for my 2015 A new recipe a fortnight challenge!


    1. yes, it is yum, but I only had a small piece – because I am on an internal cleansing program and bread is on the NO list for a few more months – (and abstaining from bread was only hard at the start)

      well let me know if the coconut flour recipe comes out –

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      1. oh well best wishes – whew – and glad I can still have coffee and “some” dairy -anyhow, maybe later on we can compare strats. I have come to discover that once the gunk gets eliminated (which ranges from subtle metals to mucoid/microbes) well it all comes down to building a “healthy terrain” and so sometimes out is not necessarily constant abstaining – but adding in the right stuff to help the immune system be as strong as possible. Healthy terrain = healthy immune system = healthy person.


    2. Wow, it looks delicious. That’s the one thing that I haven’t been able to 100% cut out– bread. Doing away with bread from your diet can be tough but I think your body gets used to being without it and then you eventually stop craving it. Though, personally I don’t eat a ton of bread, but I do love Mimi’s Cafe muffins. 🙂

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      1. Well speaking of muffins, I think Jim G. also does a joke about how muffins are just “cake” and a morning muffin is just the way to eat cake for breakfast – something like that.

        And one thing I have learned here regarding our dear old wonderful bread – – and you may know most of it – but this is what I have been finding 🙂

        Bread is awesome and there is a reason it has been a staple of cultures for thousands of years – but it starts to become the problem when….

        1. Bread can a be problem when it is crab bread. refined flour with synthetic vitamins added – not thanks – rather eat a brown napkin (kidding) but different breads offer different things. Like RYE bread has the nutrition from the rye grain while it is less of a spike on insulin. Sour dough (one of my favs) and a good sour dough can be a source of energizing food – or compliment other foods – which is also easy to digest and in some cases okay for those with celiac (go sourdough!) – and then their is Ezekial bread – which is bread made from grains “after they have sprouted” so they have a lot more amino acids (and could have more protein that is absorbed).

        2. Bread can be a problem if someone has had years and years of missing inner oils and protein pep tides – which is what has happened in a culture that wrongly accepted that low fat mean healthy.
        but t is the eating enough of the right fat that leads to health! And so if someone has been eating low fat and then lots of bread and they also have the presence of certain viruses – eating bread for meals just keeps throwing off their imbalance and so it interferes with metabolism, immunity, and so forth.

        3. Bread can be a problem if the approximately 28 feet of intestines is slightly clogged (and most modern folks have some buildup in these here pipes because we eat food – ha! 🙂 so when the mucosa lining is already over taxed and not working right- then bread is not assimilated right….

        4. Bread can be a problem if the person does not EAT enough of GOOD protein regularly -( cos their body is depleted of essential amino acids from over the years). As great as bread is – it just cannot feed the muscles, the brain, the the blood with the nourishment it needs.

        5. Bread is a problem if someone has an imbalance in the gut flora – and many people do but they are not aware of this – cos they go to the doc for help but most docs are trained to treat symptoms and not find causes – and so with palliative care we often overlook systemic microbe imbalances (from various things) and that is something that bread does not necessarily help.

        But grain, not all breads are the same – and some bulky breads need to be put into the trash. and then some are just meant to help spicy dish be enjoyed more – while others – like this sweet Hobo bread, well they can be a dessert.

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  2. Hmm, I’ll have to pick up a loaf of hobo bread next time I’m at Trader Joe’s. I love sweet bread, so it sound delicious. Would you buy it again? and that comic is too funny. Thank you so much for sharing your taupe. Looking forward to your posts 🙂


    1. thanks so much Jenn – 🙂 and I would only buy it again if we had guests staying here – like my Aunt who LOVES raisin bread – but please let me know what you think….


      1. I know Jen – and when we first moved here that was a huge displacement for us (to not have a Trader Joe’s to shop at) – coming from San Jose nobody here knew what we were grieving for – but when TJs finally came – well now they know! 🙂
        I like it less than I did in 2002- but my oldest son -he gets 75% of his stuff from there!

        have a great day and if you go to TJs soon – you have to try their fondue cheese – it is seasonal so it may not be there after December — but it is the real deal – they make it w Gruyere & Emmental cheeses and a touch of Kirsch!! and it is like 6 bucks – win-win

        here is a pic


  3. Yvette another mention of my longed for Canadian franchise of Trader Joe’s. Sigh! Wish we had a store and I wpuld head right over for some Hobo bread. Thanks for sharing the origins. Very interesting.
    I appreciate the laugh via pasta bread bowls. Good grief no wonder there is an obesity epidemic with food like that available.
    I will be around for the holidays so will look forward to your posts. One post I will ne doing features my top 6 commenters, as calculated by WP, and one of them is you. Are you ok with a little publicity? 🙂


  4. Oooh, Hobo Bread! Looks so delicious through your photo, now I’m hungry for breads and pasta bread bowl 🙂 I will be taking a break from posting the next two weeks, but will look for your posts. See ya, Yvette!


      1. well I used to have some of those tins from pampered chef – they were a gift from someone who was all in that stuff – I never used them – well maybe one of them – but they went out the door with other things that did not need to just take up cupboard space… ha!


    1. Hey Angie Mac – thanks for the link – it looks like the New England bread that Susan noted above 🙂

      however, it also reminds me of another thing to consider of health –
      “Canned Food is Bad food”
      znot to sound alarmist – because if we are not careful it may just seem like a long list of what we cannot have – but really there is like a dirty dozen on the “no” list – and canned food is one of them.

      When someone once told me (earthy Dawn, in the 90’s) that all canned food was toxic – I thought she was over the top a bit.
      The truth is that in healthy and strong people – they can ingest a lot of canned food and get away with it for a long time – which makes it ideal for WAR time provisions.
      but canned food is REALLY bad news – especially for those who already have a taxed system –
      so go for glass – or go fresh – but nutritionists say ban the can…

      “Less than 2% of canned food is inspected, all canned foods retain levels of heavy metals; canned food is exploded to the deadly BPA in the lining (BPA kills rats in labs even w/ small portions); and canned food has special preservatives that change as the food is stored and transported”


  5. Hobo bread looks and sounds a lot like the California Roll I just had (and shouldn’t have hads!) from Manhattan Bagel. Felt like a brick. Tasted like heaven. Love the cartoon. 👍😉


      1. wel HUNNY – now I am HUNGRY 🙂 ha!
        and I think the auto correct has a mind of its own and I had some left some pretty fun words behind –
        and it seems like “a nice” sometimes always comes out as “anise”


      2. I meant the auto correct that is featured inside the comment boxes – it seems to move really fast with our typing (like just now I had to go back and change “it” from the word “out” that it put in there) – 🙂


        1. Wishing I had the “bucks” to get Mac. Hubby says when his laptop dies, he will get mine and then I go Mac. Until then, I am grateful for what I do have! (((HUGS))) Amy


        2. well sadly as you know from the quality on your iPad – the Apple brand may not be the bad man pajama any longer…


        3. IPad and Mac two totally different “apples”. The retina screen on my iPad has spoiled me rotten. I do ALL my final editing with my iPad apps with my images before I publish them. The difference is amazing. Yep, even though I have had TONS of probs with my iPad, I am now willing to go Mac. How about that? LOL I’ve changed my mind. LOL xx Amy


        4. What Mac laptop do you have, Yvette? I will get one with a 15″, and my dream of course, is the new one … the puter with the 27″ screen. The price tag alone on that one made me gulp. Well, speaking of lottery tickets … hubby plays and we I do say, are about to win big! Yep, dreams do come true!!! LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


        5. I’ve seen autocorrect when I am replying right on the blog itself. I do know what you are talking about now. 🙂 It took a while ….. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


  6. Our nut loaf is always that shape – like it’s been made in a soup can. Delicious.
    I enjoyed the Domino’s skit, Yvette, and giggled at the taupe cartoon. Havea good Christmas.


  7. That bread looks like it’s chocolate coated, I wish! 😀

    Looking forward to your posts for the end of 2014. Wish you well, hope holidays are in full swing and so are the Christmas prep Y 🙂

    Much Love,
    Zee ❤


    1. well I highly suggest folks take a blog break every now and then –
      the times that I have taken mine have been so good for a few reasons – (like you get to miss it – it helps to just pull back and reflect – or not even think of it 😉 – or maybe to see if a new MO is in order). My sum me break was maybe too long, cos it was really hard to get a new blog flow going, so my next pause will be shorter – 🙂 TTYS

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      1. well glad you liked it – and I am making them as a way to celebrate my “blogger buddies” from 2014 – and I am going to keep them compiled on a page (here) and I made them using the funia site- with a few of my own touches added in of course 🙂 have a nice day….


  8. The story, here, about Hobo Bread, is vintage! Great imagery in your words, Professor Priorhouse. I look forward to your dispatches coming through your blog through the holidays. Oh, and the humor you have this time: STELLAR! Hey, have a great Christmas … even though I’ll get back over to your neck of the woods before Yuletide. Peace


  9. I fancy something sweet right now. Once I start I can’t stop 😦
    I’ll be around but not sure how many posts I’ll manage. I’m not disciplined like you (:) 🙂 ) Thanks for the offer of a walk though. Christmas hugs!

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  10. My approach is a little different. Instead of denying myself anything, I’ve been gradually adding weekly quotas of foods that make me feel healthier into my eating habits. I’ve lost a few pounds, and, overall I feel better than I did a few months ago. An added benefit is that I’m remembering to eat healthier foods that I enjoy, I’m making healthier choices away from home, and there’s just less room in my week for the other foods.

    That hobo bread looks very tasty!


    1. Hi Shan, thanks for sharing – sounds like you are finding what works for you.

      the note about bread really refers to people who have internal imbalances – because the yeast in bread just feeds any existing systemic infections – but people are so resistant to objectively “hearing” because they get defensive – (stubbornness has its consequences-) but really – if someone is sick – many times bread only feeds their bad flora while it fails to give their body nourishment to be strong –

      Also, there is much confusion generated today (supplement sales are huge business) and most physician care is palliative (which means that our well meaning, caring, and loving doctors ONLY treat symptoms – as best they are able to – and never really get to the ROOT cause because of their training). Also, we have an ignorant and blond eye to the dangers of sugar. And again, this is a message for sick people – but someone recently wrote about a cancer center that put out cheap cookies for their patients checking in. Cookies? really?? WTF! Because cancer has a fungal connection – also those who get cancer had a collapsed immune system – even before chemo – and so out of ignorance they put out items made with corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, refined flour, preservatives, etc.
      anyhow, regarding the bread – overall wellness goes beyond getting off gluten….

      We are what we absorb – and many times there is so much gunk and buildup in the gut – (it is very natural) and so a cleanse is just normal…. but out of defensiveness we fail to look objectively.
      It is not about robbing someone of anything – it is objectively looking at what you put into your 28 feet of digestive track and then connecting that to how you are feeling.

      And so my message is really for those are feeling like crap and don’t want to be sick anymore (even though some things are harder to heal when it gets into the tissue) – but my message is for those who have symptoms and maybe wonder if 800 dollars a month in prescriptions is NOT the only answer – or for those who know their might be an imbalance inside but aren’t sure what to do.
      I am going to post about this next month – (and share about how I rebuilt my body terrain) because it has been such a paradigm shift for me and if one person is benefitted – well then it will be worth my time – and I learned much from folks sharing truth!

      The mainstream docs – they mean well – but they “treat symptoms” and consider it normal to have everyone on a script! Most docs know very little about restoring the immune system (some might, but most are trained to “treat” disease symptoms)

      also, Dr. Amin (http://www.parasitetesting.com/about.cfm) who I owe much to – notes that a very serious problem in the world is ignorance about parasites, dental toxins, and microbial infection.
      I will share more in January post later- but Shan, thanks again for your comment 🙂

      and for you (even though I know nothing of star trek still)…

      Q: Where do the Borg eat fast food? A: At their local Borger King!
      Q: Why was Star Trek so successful? A: It had good Genes.

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      1. this is one KEY thing that helped me restore my body terrain (and I get no perks from this and share for healing and educational purposes only 🙂

        Main Logos site HERE
        and this site (HERE) has a nice description, cut and pasted part of it:
        The Thymus Gland – Controller of Immunity

        It is said that over sixty five million Americans suffer from compromised immunity. Supporting your immune system is the most important step you can take in building resistance to illness and limiting the natural effects of aging. According to Dr. Michael T. Murray, nationally known lecturer and co-author of the best seller Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, “The most effective method for maintaining or attaining a healthy immune system is supporting the functions of the thymus gland…to a very large extent, the health of the thymus determines the health of the immune system.”


        Complete Thymic Formula uses an advanced absorption technology to maximize the absorption and assimilation of nutrients, which are selectively delivered at the right time and place along the digestive tract. In effect, this technology gives the formula an “innate intelligence”, recognizing that fat soluble nutrients are optimally absorbed along a certain section of the digestive tract and water soluble nutrients along another. The spray/freeze dried materials are hydrolysated (made water soluble) for optimum absorption. The food factors have a natural coating that protects them in the acidic environment of the stomach, making them available in the small intestine where most absorption takes place.


      2. Oh! I hadn’t heard the first joke! The second one might just be older than I am; I know it dates back at least to when I was in high school in the mid-80s, because that’s when I first heard it.

        I agree. We all have differing needs, and what works for you, or me, might not for someone else.

        In my case, I feel better and more energetic when I eat whole grains, among other things. I also come from a family dynamic that had some serious dysfunction where food was concerned, so it’s better, psychologically and emotionally, for me to focus on those additions rather than limitations.

        But, as in so many things, what works for me does because of the entirety of my life, and I’m the only one living this life. =)

        What I wish for everyone is to be comfortable with the state of their body, which is pretty danged vital to continued existence!

        Now, I happen to know there are some blackberries waiting for me in the fridge…think I’ll go introduce myself…


        1. I have one more funny thing to share with you in a few – but I am running out and oh my gosh Shan – I totally thought of when someone sent it to me – lmao 🙂 be back later with it!!

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  11. I do the same due to health, not making much change but lost of weight. Bread used to be my favourite… But once you give up it is OK. I always believed in moderate and everything. Thanks for popping over to say hello, have a good Christmas.


    1. thanks for commenting – and I hope to never give up BREAD for good – (mmmm) but plan to always keep it in balance and nourish first… 🙂 and also to eat good breads – not the crappy enriched stuff with caramel coloring…. ha!


  12. Really enjoyed this one, Yvette! One of my weaknesses is white yeasty bread! YES, I know it is really bad for me, too . . .
    Cracked up at the videos . . . especially the person who died that brought the bread bowl to the party 😉 I try and stay away from those bread bowls – though some chili in a sourdough bowl is awfully good!!
    Also, I am going to try & get a blog schedule established for next year. I have a blog post idea list, but need to start writing them – not just planning them!! Thanks for the continued inspiration!!


    1. well thanks for your comment – and I hear ya on the sourdough bowls with chili (or a chowder soup) but I also heard that sourdough is a very unique bread compared to other ones – also recently heard to try a “brown rice bread” from trader joe’s and I am going to get that this week.

      and best wishes with getting a blog schedule – even though for me I have to wing it – but I really like a few times a week ins tea do every day…. 🙂


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