2014 (Review in B & W)

I decided to reflect on the year 2014 using black & white photos.

For each month, I chose my top two images.

priorhouse 2014 year in review in black and white

I also made a quick slideshow (here) and synced it to an old Jami Smith song that was very special to me this year.

Video deleted (sorry), but here are the pics:


1-January-2014 priorhouse

2-feburary priorhouse 2014
Went to Florida to see family there…


3-march-priorhouse 2014
After an art show in March, I decided to make a video – and this would get me back into making some vids after not making them for quite a while. The silver party forks are from a special little party I threw together in March, and later I saw numerous significant things relating to that event.

4- april priorhouse 2014

5 may priorhouse 2014
Some may recall this patio picture -we were walking along and heard that old R & B jam (by Nellie).  The GRIT sign on this guard rail defines my year.


6-june priorhouse 2014

7- July 2014- priorhouse

8-august priorhouse 2014


9-september priorhouse 2014

10-october priorhouse 2014

11 november priorhouse 2014


12 december priorhouse 2014
In this last photo, it was an early December afternoon – a short winter’s day.  I just could not seem to get outside all week.   I really wanted some sun or at least just wanted some fresh air. On this day, it was after 4 when I finally got to sit down. I expected that I had missed all the sun for that day. I sat down, put in some earphones and set up tea- took a few deep breaths – and then – yup – looked up and noticed huge light beams coming through.  The sun was back for one more quick dose – and offered some warming rays… it made my day! Sometimes it is in these moments when I feel very connected to God’s omnipotence and I am reminded… that He is with us… always.



december sun 2014



paulas sunday black and white challenge
This is linked to Paula’s Sunday B & W

I still have one more post coming before 2014 officially ends – but I would like to say thank you for making time to visit my blog this year!

Have a nice Sunday – and I hope you all enjoy the few remaining days of 2014.


77 thoughts on “2014 (Review in B & W)

  1. Yvette, you have done a terrific job compiling this video! I love every single photo here, and it is difficult to choose the favourite – I thought about the palm trees and bird shot, then your last one with the sunrays breaking in, but so many interesting angles and perspectives made me post your compilation on my post. I hope that you are completely recovered now. Here is to the New Year .. may it be the year of good health, happy families and close friendships!


    1. Paula – THANKS for this comment 🙂 and for sharing the compilation – and yes, I am doing very week these days – but still trying to get that daily sun! And actually, thanks to your challenge this week because I needed a fresh idea for my review post, and the B & W Sunday challenge was right on time! 🙂 here is to the new year indeed… ❤ ❤ ahhh


      1. thanks -and without sounding too cliche – it is true that sometimes the worse experiences are also the best – and I am very grateful for this year (but still quite ready for 2015 – yea baby!)


    1. thanks so much dawn – even was feeling pretty typical cos I have seen at least a half dozen “year in review posts” just today (and still need to come back to yours by the way) – but thanks – cos I know what you mean! happy new year “lingering one….”

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      1. well your 2014 review post was not “too wordy” – not at all!! But I can see why as a photographer you would think that – but also the way you set it up is nice – kind of broken up so the non-readers can skim and soak up the photos – or come back like I did… 🙂

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    1. well have at it – and I have recycled the idea from somewhere – not sure where – but I did it last year too – and what I prefer to do is “not” pick the most technical of photos, but the personal ones…. ya know…

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      1. I understand what you’re saying – you wanted photos that showed how your year went, not show off “the best of”.

        my problem is since I’m not home with ALL of my photos I can only choose what I previously posted to my blog or facebook. The only issue with that is I might not have any for January or February.


      2. wellt hat makes it tough – even though maybe something form the start of March could maybe count for February… or can be tied back in… or just do verbal descriptions of ethos months and then later add a couple pics…

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      3. I’m not sure what I have, I haven’t looked yet. Actually, I know I have some winter shots… I always do a “Media Monday” were I post photos, art or music. I’ll try to dig through them by then. Maybe I could mix drawings and photos….


    1. thanks for noticing that – I tried to stay black and white – I did…. but that painting is very dear to my heart for some reason – and the red lights this xmas were fun – have a great week and happy new year!


  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts along with the photos! I hope the New Year sees you back to full health — and keep enjoying the sun for your 20 minutes a day! It not only helps one’s health but it lifts one’s spirits. At least it does for me.

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    1. thanks – and it is crazy how some of the thinking going around views the sun as only this cancer causing hazard – and while too much of it – combined with internal problems – well I can see that = and I used to get lots of sun in the summer over the years (with gardening and beach days) but during other seasons I avoided it – and I still have pretty decent skin because of this moderation – but now I try to get a daily dose – when possible – have a great week 🙂

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  3. Lovely way to review your year that was Y, the video and photos done in B&W give it a flow on effect. I hope by now you are feeling so much better, and I wish I could send you some of our sunshine, we certainly have plenty to share.

    Health and happiness to you my dear blogging buddie, here’s a toast to 2015 🍷

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  4. My goodness this took a LOT of work my dear Yvette. I have to say that the deep contrast and linear form in May is my favorite not to mention the GRIT analogy! . Love the videos too, and you! I am so happy you are feeling better. Happy New Year kind woman!


    1. thanks K! and that grit sticker is now gone, but I loved finding it that day. and actually – this review did not take that long – I had all the photos and processing them to b & w was easy – but a few times I got sidetracked looking at pics – esp. ones I forgot about…


      1. I loved it and it looked so complex . The videos made me smile! Turning a photo into black & white is very difficult for me so I respect the energy that it took but it sounds like it was fun !


      2. thanks again K – and actually, for moi – turning a digital photo into B & w is literally a matter of a few seconds and one click – I go under “edit” and then select “quick fixes” which has the option of selecting b & w – antique, sepia, and so many others. And actually, in this post – the September one has a little more adjuring – like to contrast and a post exposure lift, but iPhoto makes it really “easy peasy” – 🙂 ((Hugs)))


  5. Looking through all these photographs was like looking through an old album reminiscing over all the memorable times ! The black and white effect truly lifted the photographs and quiet perfect for the end of the year review. All the photographs were a treat to look at and I’m sure you had just as fun taking them. It was a very very interesting trip down the memory lane thanks for sharing your memories with us Y.
    Have a great week ahead. Lots of love,
    Zee ❤


  6. mille merci pour ce post & for your kind wishes dropped @ my playground… glad, honored and thankful for your time and generous comments… ❤ my very best for 2015: health, joy, peace and love to you & all your loved ones… friendly thoughts & respectful regards, Mélanie NB

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  7. What a remarkable idea! Ditto to Susan Sheldon’s remark…I’m inspired to try something too. It will have to be post New Year though. I’ll link back to your blog as my inspiration. I love this blog…it is always full of goodness. Blessings.


    1. well I am so excited to see what you come up with – and thx for a link back – even though you do not have to at all – but seriously – I look forward to seeing what you come up with. And with mine, I actually had the chance to talk about a couple of the images with my older son – and so that made it even more special as a way to reflect and remember…. 🙂

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  8. Really like your idea of a month by month picture record of the year, it does give a sense of how things went for you. Must say though I was briefly baffled by what happened to the weather between Jan and Feb until I noticed the Florida strapline 🙂
    Hope things are going well at college for the lad, and that you all have an enjoyable 2015!


  9. Beautiful review, love the B&W and always your videos. How wonderful that at year’s end as you looked back upon your son leaving for college (and oh I know the bittersweet emotions of such a time only too well) and the gradual improvement of your health came that beam of sunlight straight from heaven to send you joy, hope and the light for the promise of a blessed year to come. Happy 2015 to you mon amie ❤ xo


    1. well thanks for finding time to peek around after your break amiga

      and my spouse was more moved at the time of his departure – it really did not hit me until early November – lol – but when he left it was packing – hustling- and kinda like – “go – have fun – get.. and yes!”- but weeks later it hit me one day when I walked by his empty room and felt that emptiness/quietness – and then he was home for thanksgiving, which was right on time. ❤

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