January gifts….

Well it is only a few days into the new year and I already have a few gifts to deliver this first week of January!  As I was prepping them at the table, I was reminded me of Narami’s texture challenge – because one of the goodies for my sis is a soft wine bottle carrier made out of Alpaca hair.

narami texture tuesday priorhouse - 2015-alpaca hair wine bag
This soft, fuzzy alpaca hair wine carrier is linked to Narami’s Texture challenge (here).

alpaca hair accessories from tappahannock va priorhouse 2015

wine bottle in alpaca wine carrier


I also have two bottles of wine to deliver to our State Farm agent.  This is just a special little thank you to him because last November he bought an ad in my son’s basketball team’s brochure. Our State Farm agent instantly bought a hundred dollar “ad”  – which turned out to get the momentum going for my son and it was just so awesome – so I wanted to send a little extra “thanks” with some wine and a couple of cigars.  Here is the wine bottle cover I bought for him – a smoking dog – lol – we were all laughing at this doggie wine bottle cover – and just had to get it! ha!

smoking dog win bag priorhouse 2015

dog with cigar wine topper

The last gift we are delivering in these first few days of January 2015 – are some goodies for my husband’s friend Rob and his wife – to welcome their new baby (the baby was actually born on the last day of 2014 and so they get the tex credit too).

gift for rob and his wife


Well, it is time for me to get back to my Binge watching of Breaking Bad – whew – I am not sure how many more episodes I can get in – but I might have a post about this show later this month….breaking bad binge



Oh — and I was driving my son’s friend home earlier today and this old cool song from Bon Jovi came on – (I’ll be there for you) and I had to share it here too!


Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and I will be back in a few days to check-in.

Peace out!

40 thoughts on “January gifts….

    1. thx for the feedback – and yes,- it is really soft – and durable too – I am shocked how durable it is – and my sister’s in-laws make their own wine and they have had so many wine toppers and wine holders over the years – so I was excited to find something so unique for them – they sit around and talk about this kind of stuff over meals – 🙂


  1. Alpaca hair. That’s what I made this event for, to find someone posting a shot of alpaca hair. Next time someone asks why I’m doing this, this post is gonna come up in the conversation.

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    1. well I think this area had a growing market – and the last time i sent my sis a bottle (was actually last xmas) I found a cool box that had wine charms dangling and an attached decorative cork stopper. cute set – and it makes a mere bottle of wine a little more special I guess… 🙂 let me know if you make any…


    1. thanks so much vw – and I am just waiting to get a small bottle of coconut oil to give to the mom -(to go with some green tea and a jumbo mug) here is a better shot – because we also used to love sandra boynton books – and had to include a couple of those….

      have a great week vw 🙂

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  2. What wonderful very thoughtful gifts you do give, Lady Blue-Ski. I broke out laughing when I saw the doggie bottle cover, and when I got to the baby gifts, an audible “ohhhh” came out of me. All your gifts just so touching, given from the Heart which is very evident. That is the way it should be. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. thanks lady roseski- and actually maybe another example of how small gifts can be so great – and the one for our insurance agent is really at the top of my list this weekend – because we have not given him anything in more than 5 years (and not like we always have to) but last November we were just going to “opt out” of the fundraiser (we usually pay the fee instead of soliciting ads because we hate hitting people up – but my son decided to just try it this year – cos it is win-win where the brochure gets filled and the company of business person can get some exposure – anyhow – our state farm guy was the first to say yes and it just edified and got the ball rolling for my son – and what a cool guy!!)
      also lady rose-ski – love your new rose gravatar – beauteous….
      hugs ~lady blueski….

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    1. Thanks – and my sister’s in laws actually make their own wine and it is really hard to gift them anything – so a nice red is something they value. Last year I sent a very unique port wine and I guess it was a good after dinner discussion thing – a zinfandel port… hm


  3. You are MY mama-joy!
    I absolutely admire people who are gracious gift givers like you. It’s obvious your joy is finding something that fits the something special you see in the person you are giving to. You have a knack for it!
    And, as for Breaking Bad…I’ve head so many great things about it but have yet to see a single episode. Hmmm…might have to fire up the Netflix!


    1. thx :0
      and regarding BB – it is such great acting – and the writing is so good…
      but must warn ya, it is addicting because of the way they end episodes – I finally had to just stop watching but now I keep wondering about it… ha!

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  4. Haha, that cigar-smoking dog cover is too funny! We have been binge-watching TV series this whole holiday season too – just finished two seasons of House of Cards. So addictive! Breaking Bad is on your to-watch list too 🙂


    1. have not seen house of cards – and I was just thinking how cool it is to have series that we can watch like this – kind of an immersion – and breaking bad is pretty artistic – whew – the filming angles and the themes of power and “coping” styles… but no spoilers from moi 🙂

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    1. Thanks CB – and I am so glad you could tell the bag was soft – because it really was – and I am not too familiar with alpaca hair so it was also nice to learn about it….

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