all green lights



I was dropping my son off – and coming home through downtown, the streets were empty because it was a holiday – it was New year’s Day 2015!

priorhouse collage 2015 - downtown rva

I took a photo of an old pillared doorway to share on Adrian’s door blog, and then as I looked up – I saw something pretty cool.

I looked down the road and saw nothing but green lights….

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 2.03.49 PM

As I drove another few blocks, the stream of GREEN lights just continued…

nine green lights - priorhouse 2014

Seeing so many green lights on the first day of a brand new year – –  felt pretty darn good!

green lights baby

more green lights on drive home - priorhouse 2015


Because after some detours this last year –

after what felt like a few ” l o n  g  red lights in 2014″ –

l have a feeling that 2015 is going to be much less encumbered –

and I say let’s all keep cruising!


I am linking this to Kan’s joy is challenge because –  joy is… an open highway filled with green lights!

kans joy is challenge week 23


60 thoughts on “all green lights

    1. ha! and funny you should not the twilight zone, we have an episode sitting in the dvd que just waiting to be watched…. 🙂


  1. Doublewhirler stole my line – I wanted to say it looked like a good omen, but what the heck – they got here first. 😉


    1. well I agree – and I think it is cool that I was able to grab a photo – I never text and drive – but grabbing a quick photo while in the twilight zone seemed to work! ha!

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    1. well how cool to put it that way – and here’s to many green lights along your path too – even though I am sure many of us know that detours/delays have their timely value too….

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  2. I love this! Indeed it is a good way to usher in the New Year! Here’s to many more green lights!

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    1. thanks Pomme – and actually when I saw that while making the post – it added to the “go” feel – such a strange feeling was in the air cos it was raining lightly too
      – lol thanks for pointing that out


      1. It looked almost like a ghost town , a scene from one of those “end of the world” movies… Watch out for the aliens…


  3. Most unusual! But absolutely fantastic! My, but Richmond looks completely deserted in your photos. Is Richmond a big party town? You know — the day after and all that! 😆 That really has to be unusual! My specialty seems to be catching all the red lights so you did good! Let’s hope for nothing but green lights the rest of the year! 😀


    1. ha! had to laugh with your party comment – and actually they did start dropping a “new year’s eve” ball this year – on Brown’s Island (a place with lots of civil war history) and I guess thousands attended –
      but downtown is very quiet around here on sundays and holidays – Richmond is a cool city, but it has some traditional southern feels too – hard to explain but you feel it when you live here. When we first moved here we went to Northern Virginia quite a lot – to shop and eat – and now I see it was what helped us acclimate to the feel around here… 🙂


        1. never been to bedford in Virginia – I have been near it on the way to Roanoke for a wedding….
          but we spent an unexpected night in Bedford “Pennsylvania” back in 2004 – which is a very small town off of the turnpike there….!

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  4. Love it – let’s definitely all keep cruisin’ and the more green lights we make the better!!! Happy New Year Yvette!!


    1. oh I know – or a mix of the two – or even a yellow light here and there- but it was like the seas opened up – ha! thanks for dropping by this week ❤


  5. Oh, I hope your year is just full of green lights…..i can’t imagine seeing all those like that! Well done you on catching them on camera!


    1. thanks – and it was a nice catch – even though we know that some red lights, pauses, even detours and slower speeds– can be a good thing at times too – but a season of green light go can be pretty cool too – or even just an afternoon 🙂


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