Throwback Thursday – request line song 1984

I know we all have little sayings from movies, books, shows, and songs – and at our house – certain lines come out at the most random times.  Sometimes we think nothing off it, but other times it can lead to a nice laugh or even discussion! For example, last week the “double dutch bus” song came up – and we started talking about how the artist made no money from his “one hit wonder” –   Just a fun little chat from one old skool line that came to our head.

well today…

I was over on Dawn’s lingering visions blog and she used the word FRESH in a short fiction piece, which instantly reminded me of a different usage of the word fresh – from the old school song that has a line I know well

“Here’s something freshhhhh…”

Growing up, we used to have a local version of that song play (recorded live at WBLK) – and the artist really had fun with that “fresh” part – but online I could only find the regular recording – even though it still has “here’s something fresh…” throughout it and at the end (4:23).


Another line I have embedded from this song is this random one, “Hi… My name is Champagne (with a twang in my voice) and I’m calling from the windy city… and I’d like to speak to one of the dynamic three….” (at 3 minute mark lol)…

I hope you all have a nice rest of your Thursday – 🙂

request line song 1984 rock master scott and the dynamic three - prirohouse 2015
Some snippets from this old skool “request Line” video – and in the same year this song was made, 1984, I had a red phone in my room just like the one in the upper left!

28 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – request line song 1984

    1. thanks Sue – and I have not hear fit in a long time, yet that “line” was just one that was with me – “here’s something fresh” –


  1. Quite an interesting post, Yvette 🙂

    Last day I heard a song after quite a long time and the feel was something special.

    I just closed my eyes and in an instant, I could feel the ambiance around me change and I was reliving in my school days, late 80’s.

    I had only good memories about that time and I was feeling heavenly.

    I really didn’t want the song to finish and come back to the REAL world.

    As the song got over, I was so reluctant to open my eyes, but we can’t close our eyes to reality, right?

    I think there is nothing like music, both audio and video, which we relate to our life and times, I feel.

    I am sure, you do share the same views 🙂

    Have a beautiful day, filled with great music 🙂

    Hope you had a great start to the new year 🙂


    1. oh Sreejth that rocks – and yes, I now exactly what you mean and we do share the same views. And coming back to that video this week – I never realized one of the guys is wearing a “michael jackson” jacket – and the pay phones are almost a complete thing of the past – and that technology – whoa…
      Also, someone sent me a “mona lisa” song by the second singer – “slick rick” – pretty funny

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    2. sreejith – here is an oldie I like even more – the request line song in this post was on the “B” list – but this one is an old fav….(A list)

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    1. oh cool – and did you know the lead actor in Breaking Bad was the jok telling dents in Seinfeld? oh – and I have a few “random” lines from the Bourne Identity and my hubs and his brother quote the movie “raising arizona” lol

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