Persimmon Pictures (and memory of David)

For JNW’s color challenge, I saw the persimmon color here and there all week, funny how that happens.

Here I will share a few….

First, some sweet winter peppers (a large 2 lb bag for $4.99- nice).
sweet winter peppers with persimmon colored ones - priorhouse


peppers with persimmon color

And… some fruit and nut bread from TJs – with some persimmon colored fruit (apricot maybe):

persimmon bread shot

trader joes bread - persimmon fruit or apricots - priorhouse

My husband made Irish Nachos: Potatoes, japs, nitrite free beef sausage, and “persimmon colored” cheddar cheese.  It is a recipe that bassist Billy Sheehan tweeted:

irish nacho recpie from billy sheehan


And this orange chicken from TJ’s also had a persimmon tone…. slightly:

persimmon orange chicken

now foods protein

But my favorite thing that was persimmon this week – was the Shutterfly box that arrived in the mail, with a memory book for our neighbors,

Sorry to end this post on a sad note, but last summer, one of our neighbor friends passed away.

His name was David, an 18 year-old athlete,  who was playing in a baseball tournament down in Florida.  I guess he had a preexisting heart problem that they did not know about, and that combined with the heat one day… and well – so tragic!

I have a handful of photos from many years ago  – and when Shutterfly had a special on memory books last week (free book – just pay shipping) I decide to make an 8 x 8 memory book for David’s family.

And when the persimmon color box arrived – here is what it looked like:

persimmon colored box from shutterfly

in memory of david- priorhouse


In closing, David’s story is just another reminder for us to ALL to “be in the now”

Let us all take a deep breathe and appreciate this day for what it has.

fire pit in yard




Let’s appreciate the very gift of life –

even with any gunk, junk, or funk –

We really don’t know what a day may bring forth….

so enjoy your day, enjoy this very hour.





64 thoughts on “Persimmon Pictures (and memory of David)

    1. thanks so much – and n hindsight I wish I would have spent a little more time on centering the pictures or choosing payout options, and even the title is in an extra small font, but it was such a blessing as to how it all unfolded – because I actually found an old photo of him when I was looking for a “shadow” photo last week – it was a shot I did not even remember taking/seeing (spooky cool). 🙂

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  1. Delicious post, Yvette 🙂 Beautiful sweet peppers, I have seen 1.99 for just one piece in the grocery store. Irish Nacho your husband made looks so yummmy! Thank you for sharing, and have a great day, Yvette! ❤


    1. Thanks Amy – and I know, peppers around here are also normally that price too – but since last November this warehouse store has had them in stock – for that price – ongoing. hm – oh and the nachos were a little extra tasty because he first scrimped the potatoes with a little baking them in olive oil…. “carb-o-licious”


        1. me too – and actually nobody is eating them anymore – the first few bags went quick and this bag has been sitting full to where I might freeze them (or toss them if I forgot and I hate wasting food)


        2. I like to roast it (cut in half first) to get the skin burned in black, then peel the skin off; make a sandwich with everything else…


    1. thanks rommel – how sweet of you – and honestly it did not take too long (and in hindsight I should have previewed it a bit more) but the joy was for me too, ya know? and I am seriously moved also because to have such unique pics of this boy that I know his mom will appreciate – well it validated some of the choices I made to stay home as much as I did over the last ten years (to be with my kids) – anyhow, have a great day and thanks for dropping by –


  2. I have never heard of those Nachos and they look SO GOOD!!! Persimmon is a great color. I am thinking about it….

    Very sad about David. The book will be treasured by his family forever you know? Very kind of you. ♥

    You summed it up very well “even with any gunk, junk, or funk”


    1. thanks K- ha! and the nachos were tasty cos he crisped the taters – but I still prefer those stone ground tortilla chips, ya know?
      have a great day and looking forward to see if you get an entry for the OWC… 💕👍


      1. oh man – yes, that was supposed to be wpc – not sure where those letters came from – I need to slow down with my typing because autocorrect moves fast too (or is someone going in and changing those letters – jk jk )
        but yes, wpc –


  3. Lovely peppers and those nachos look amazing! I’m so sorry to hear about David, stories like this terrify me and I can’t help but think of all the “what ifs” when Ryan is doing sports. I know the odds are slim and the exercise is so important but wow, so sad.


    1. yeah, I know what u mean Lisa – ♥ and what brings me some comfort is that I really feel the day of our passing is “appointed” – but it also makes me want to pause – and just appreciate those who are around – life truly is so precious and we do not know what a day may bring forth.

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  4. I’m eating a bowl of very tasty leftover pasta as I read this, Yvette, so deeply in the moment, but I had to stop eating to type this, cos you’re worth it! 🙂 What a special thing for them to receive. I remember seeing a similar offer and passing it by without a thought. But that’s not your way! Bless you- have a happy weekend.


    1. well first of all – thanks so much for nice comment (<3) – awe! and I hope the pause with the pasta aided digestion – 😉 a bit
      and regarding the use of these promo specials – well I actually pass them up all the time – like right now I have ten free cards sitting there that I know I will not use – and I had a 20 dollar coupon that expired in dec – and I do not think I ordered anything from SF in at least 4 years even with all the freebies (and I forgot about their slogan to "look for the orange box")
      and this one actually cost 9.20 – 7.99 for shipping and then I ordered one extra page – but it sure beat making a decoupage photo collage (not in the messy crafty kinda mood these days) 🙂
      hugs and looking forward to your monday walk this walk

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    1. Thanks G – and I am delivering the book tonight, I saw the mom leaving one morning earlier this week, but I know she is going to cry when she see it and so I waited for the weekend to deliver – 🙂

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  5. How sad to loose a son at such a young age, your neighbours would really appreciate your thoughtful gift. Yes Y it certainly does make you stop and appreciate the moment and living every moment with joy in your heart and extending the hand of friendship to those around you.


    1. Thanks so much Pomme, and I am not sure if I want to write a note in the cover or not. I am delivering it this evening so I have time to decide – I might just write on a card and include that in the book. and as I realized I had some precious photos of david – it really inspired me to keep clicking that camera at informal times (with balance of course…) 🙂 have a good day P 🙂


  6. A wonderful post with your festive, colorful handprint connected with the enigmatic redemptive sorrow, a sacred piece of remembering, and thankfulness for a young soul. I actually needed to hear your exhortation of living for the now, today. It was the furthest thing from my mind.


    1. Thx so much T – and I think I needed to hear it too – I felt it as I wrote it, ya know? just good to keep in mind, right? thanks for dropping by and cheers to enjoying the now ❤


  7. Very valuable lesson there – to be in the now, and to appreciate it with all the “gunk, junk and funk”… well said! How nice of you to do that for your neighbours. I must confess I did not know what colour persimmon was… you learn something new every day!


    1. yeah me too Kan – and I am not sure I have even tried a persimmon before- so that is on my list for 2015 – to try one…. (and go to Delhi to eat – maybe in 2016) ha

      thanks for peeking around the blog today – and the book for David – well I am actually honored that I had so many photos of him – it feels so meaningful – have a great day Kan –

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Here to both the resolutions coming true! I visited earlier this week but realised that I had to return with more time on my hands to go through your posts and comment in a meaningful way 🙂 wish you a great day too!


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