Oddball Fun Photos- and a jam

Yesterday I was looking for an old photo (from 2004) of a different neighbor, a boy named Chase, who had dropped by to see us while my father-n-law was here last week.

I will have to share more about Chase’s stopping by later (because it was very cool), but here is the picture I was looking for:

Chase (L) 2004 -at C’s b-day party

And since it has been a while since I joined in Cee’s Oddball challenge –  here are some oddball (or funny) pictures to share:

top oddball photo priorhouse
1. I have posted this one before, but for those who have not seen it – this is the number one oddball photo in my library!


oddball photo 7
2. Look inside the mouth to see the guy’s eyes – kinda creepy and odd- (NYC – 2010)





oddball photo priorhouse -3
5. This photo has an odd feel to me – empty streets of NYC and the biker seems like he is leading the traffic…
oddball photo 6
6. just joking around


oddball photo priorhouse - 5
7. fun and mmm
oddball photo priorhouse -2
8. that’s odd!
oddball photo priorhouse --4
9. what’s the matter?



oddball photo priorhouse -
10. – Not really odd – just fun- But it is kinda  odd that I would include this shot when it really fits the serenity theme this week…


oddball pic - 2006
11. Really?



drive by the cars - oddball photo
12. These Jamaican bananas are quite oddball – (my son still has a smaller one of these bananas from summer 2011)


Lastly, a quick story as I wrap up this post.

We were leaving this theme park one day, with that tired feeling, especially because I think we went a few times that week (they have really good rates on season passes).

So…. we were leaving one evening and the park was playing the song Drive by the Cars.

I liked other songs from The Cars way more, but I knew this one from the airplay it received (it was a big hit in 1984).

Also, my old sweetheart, headache boyfriend, Ron, used to love The Cars, so I knew their songs.

We were walking and walking to reach the gate that day – and Drive was playing –

and it sounded SO good!

There was something about the acoustics (I think they had some Bose in the fountain section)

but there was something about the melody –

something about Rick Ocasek’s voice —

it was beautiful and just a pure joy that day.

Funny how a single song can do this at the most random time.

I walked a little slower – in my own little music world – as our mini group now headed towards the rows and rows of cars –

and whenever I see those Jamaican bananas, I think of Drive, and here it is now:


have a great day and if you have off for the MLK holiday –

I hope you have a great day of R & R

and if you are back to work – hop sit is a great day as well.



53 thoughts on “Oddball Fun Photos- and a jam

  1. Wow. That is quite a collection of oddball photos! Jamaican bananas? Gotta wonder who comes up with these things.

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    1. thanks Deb – and a lady from TX sent me the orange picture many years ago – with a lemon one and a few more – but I only have that one left –


  2. Yvette, I get lost in your posts! (in a good way 🙂 ) There is so much happening! I loved the Pooh bear, waving hopefully in the background, the drummer bear (does he need a date?) and that crazy orange skin! I’m smiled out! Have a happy MLK day 🙂

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    1. oh thanks Jo – laughing pretty hard about your bear comment – need a date? – needs a life! ha! and we used to have a “Chia head” that used to get posed in pictures too (not my doing either) but fun….
      speaking of bears – I guess those characters make some money out there with pics = and we gave a few bucks for that pose – and it was only later when I saw the eyes. (I ❤ NYC)

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  3. Love that song so much. You did a great job describing that perfect moment. I’ve always wondered about those jamaican bananas. They scream summer vacation.

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    1. thanks K – and maybe I was feeling in the illustrative mood after reading about your descriptive narrative of that 100 year celebration gig. but I guess I have a handful of songs that I recall really enjoying, like recently the matt reedman’s “your grace finds me” came on at a restaurant
      and then classic ones are U2’s New year’s day – Tom Petty’s woman in love – a pink floyd jam I first heard at the creek one day (young teen) and I was like “who is this band…” – oh and I remember hearing a heart song – at a basement party and the hearing chicks rock like that – well enough of memory lane for moi – and thanks for your comment ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. So many great shots here! Totally entertaining. My favorites were:

    #2 The Cookie Monster (I’ve seen those characters in New York and they are SCARY)
    #1 The toilet (we both seem to have toilets in our posts this week 🙂
    #7 Food as art
    #8 Playing with food.

    Thanks for the fun!

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    1. thanks so much Christy – and our MLK day was nice – R & R and enjoyed a few blog posts about MLK – including his speech – hope you have a nice week on your side of the world ❤

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  5. (EN) Nothing that I don’t like in your post ;-)Love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    (IT) Niente che non mi piaccia nel tuo post 😉 Mi piace molto. Grazie per la condivisione 🙂


    1. well Paula- #7 was sent to me from a lady in TX (and we tried making our own and well, hers were better – lol) and #9 – the birdie? caught that while on outside – checking on some mums on the side of the house I never really go to – and think she had some babies nearby….

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  6. Y – love your pics, especially the teddy ones – cracked me up! I haven’t heard The Cars in so long – loved this song & have the album 🙂 Thanks for the memories, my friend!! Hope you have a great week 🙂


    1. Thanks Sadie – and I would love to peruse your album collection someday – all the art – and memories!! whew ❤


    1. thx for dropping by S – and honestly, I have no idea what happened to the bird – but that photo was taken with my well loved “Motorola Razr” in 2006… ha!


    1. haha – thanks Kan – and when we got rid of a bunch of stuff a few years ago (games and stuffed animals – like Webkinz and other ones they collected over the years) well that bear is one we kept in an attic box just for the memories – even though I wonder what he is doing up there now!


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