Benches in NYC (and Les Mis excerpt)

Today, I would like to bring you back to NYC – to some benches at one of the lookout sites at the Rockefeller Center, which is linked to Hey Jude’s January Bench theme (here).

rockefeller center in nyc - benches to rest on priorhouse

benches in nyc priorhouse - 2

bench in nyc priorhouse 2015
The thing about NYC is that even though it is filled with people, there is still room for more! Here is the wrap around bench at The Rink at Rockefeller Center in NYC, waiting to be used! And looking up, we see people and flags… linked to Debbie’s LULD.


And for my new blog friend Kim H., here is a snippet from Les Mis (she just ordered a copy of the book) and today’s little excerpt has reference to a bench…a bench in the garden of Monseigneur Myriel!

M. Myriel….“...filled up each day of his life.

Filled up is exactly the phrase; and in fact,

the Bishop’s day was full to the brim with good thoughts, good words, and good actions.

Yet it was not complete if cold or rainy weather prevented him from passing an hour or two in the evening, when the two women had retired, in his garden before going to sleep.

It seemed as though it were a sort of rite with him, to prepare himself for sleep by meditating in the presence of the great spectacle of the starry firmament.

Sometimes late at night, if the two women were awake, they would hear him slowly walking the paths. He was out there alone with himself, composed, tranquil, adoring, comparing the serenity of his heart with the serenity of the skies, moved in the darkness by the visible splendors of the constellations, and the invisible splendor of God, opening his soul to the thoughts to the thoughts that fall from the Unknown. In such moments, offering up his heart at the hour when the flowers of night emit their perfume, lit like a lamp in the center of the starry night, expanding his soul in ecstasy in the midst of creation’s universal radiance, perhaps he could not have told what was happening in his own mind; he felt something depart from him, and something descend upon him; mysterious exchanges of the depths of the soul with the depths of the universe.

He contemplated the grandeur, and the presence of God; the eternity of the future, that strange mystery; the eternity of the past, a stranger mystery; all the infinities hidden deep in every direction; and, without trying to comprehend the incomprehensible, he saw it. He did not study God; he was dazzled by Him. He reflected upon the magnificent union of atoms, which give visible forms to Nature, revealing forces by recognizing them, creating individualities in unity, proportions in extension, the innumerable in the infinite, and through light producing beauty.

These unions are forming and dissolving continually; from which come life and death.

He would sit on a wooden bench leaning against a decrepit trellis and look at the stars through the irregular outlines of his fruit trees.

This quarter of an acre of ground, so sparingly planted, so cluttered with shed and ruins, was dear to him and satisfied him.”




Bishop Myriel or Monseigneur Bienvenu les mis victor hugo

I picked this section for the bench challenge this week – and because I like the way Hugo used this character in the story (nice chain reaction and reminds us how we make a difference in the lives we have the chance to encounter) but I also selected this because… Oh how rich of a life we can have when we find little things that really satisfy!   🙂

62 thoughts on “Benches in NYC (and Les Mis excerpt)

      1. well I have never been on top of the empire state building, which is at 1200 feet and even higher, but the top of the rock (at 850 feet) shows you way more of the city – with many platforms – and also gives a view of the iconic empire state building – more of central park – and smaller waiting lines – so that is our choice…
        🙂 – but when you go u will have to decide for yourself – or maybe do both… hmmm

        Liked by 1 person

      2. oh wow you really DO see everything then, Lower altitude does also offer more detail to everything too, I can appreciate that more 😀


  1. Oh, no way would you ever catch me up here! Heights definitely not my thing! Ugh! Rockefeller Center? Yes, maybe that one I could handle!


    1. yeah, then the TOR is for you – and they have lots of places to look out that “feel” stable behind glass and with plenty of patio space… 🙂


  2. It looks cold up there Yvette! I thank you for the benches and I enjoyed the story too – now that’s one reason why I want a garden (with a bench) so I can sit out there on a warm evening and look at the stars and smell the flowers. Thank you, excellent combination here 🙂


    1. thanks Jude – and me too – honestly, after seeing the post going around for your series (and seeing Jack’s fun set ups in Pomme’s garden) well I am adding bench this year – we have other seating options – but no bench… not yet at least!
      and I have been following you on and off for over a year and I still start humming the Beatles song when I see your name…
      Nah nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah, hey Jude


    1. THANKS Sherrie – that is so sweet of you to say, and I really just wing it when I post – part of what I like about blogging, even though I have three posts that I have been to do since December – but all in time, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh…you and me both my friend, you and me both. I wing it every time, and I have several I’ve been wanting to do since before Christmas…we’ll get there, one day at a time… 😉


  3. I love the photos and the Hugo extract. I’ve not been up the Rock and I’ve never read Hugo (not a good admission as a French graduate!) so I’ll have to put both right soon 🙂


  4. What a lovely excerpt… I could imagine myself sitting on the bench, looking at the stars and feeling the presence of God. No wonder you love Les Mis, Yvette!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thx so much Kan… and if you have not read the book yet, put it on your list to enjoy sometime – it is really better than any movie or musical that has been made of it – 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yvette, i assure you its on my 2015 list! You sent me a link to the e book some time back as well…so I promise you I will get to it! 🙂


      1. Lol. I do that a lot of time. People watching is a wonderful pastime, esp on NYC benches. I’m sure you’ve been to Bryant Park. Even on the most crowded days you’ll see empty chairs. Emptiness in crowds is a rarity.

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  5. Great post with pictures to make me miss NYC so much!! I could sit on a bench near the water all day to dream the hours away. Love Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building together with all of NYC’s glory!!!

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  6. Such fun around the challenges today! I’m hopping here and there and it’s great to have a bench or two to sit on while I croon Hey Jude 🙂 Thanks for your own unique take on them, Yvette!


  7. Your beautiful pictures of NYC are making me homesick Yvette! I loved skating at Rockefeller Center (especially after the holidays were over and the crowds thin out) and the Top of The Rock is one of my favorite places to see the city.


      1. thx Lisa – and actually we will have a little bit of NYC time before beach time – planning a quick visit in next few weeks….


  8. Beautiful pictures of benches! That is such a wonderful way to see New York. A different perspective that most people don’t think of. Yet, we see benches every day no matter where we are. And every bench is different and unique to where they are located! Is this the same Les Mis as the movie that was made in 2012? Because I don’t recognizing that name and I have seen the movie many, many times. Its probably my favorite movie. But then again, sometimes I hear the name wrong but think I am correct…


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