Thoughts on… Giving! (and more Gaffigan)


Happy Friday Everyone.

Well in case you missed it, Jim Gaffigan hosted “The Late, Late Show” on CBS earlier this week.  I thought I would share two little video snippets with you – because he joked about “binge watching” – which I can relate to because over the holidays I watched a lot of Breaking Bad (now just need to see season 1)


Then, I wanted to share this little snippet of how the Gaffigan’s kids had Kiefer Sutherland babysit for them.


I like how Jim Gaffigan is always joking around about how “many” kids he has….. and in hindsight, if I could go back again, I would probably have a couple more kids.  But I am also content with the way things have unfolded.

jim gaffigan on CBS late late show 2015
Gaffigan Family on CBS – January 2015




Okay, so now for some thoughts on giving…

– I wanted to follow up with the posts of mine that referenced giving….

We have seen giving done right – we have seen giving not done at all- and we have seen giving done with wrong motives.

I thought about sharing some lessons I have learned – but then I was visiting CP4 and the thoughts just starting rhyming.

So here are my

Thoughts on… Giving


This person said to me…

You need to give more,

can’t you see?

And I asked,


How can that be?

You do NOT know what I do

or what I do “NOT” do

and everyone’s giving

takes on a different hue!

So why you are judging…

I wish I knew!

Your narrow thinking –

makes me wanna spew!

You see,

to me…

giving is a personal matter

we all have varied scatter

a diverse giving platter!

              Giving is…


    Sometimes typical

      Other times unusual

But it is always individual

Unique to roll

in your special role..


Some think you have to give big –

like move to Ecuador

Others insist

that adoption is classic lore!

Or argue the aim

should be the

disenfranchised or poor-

But I say

look out your front door

needs are evermore

Just crack open your cache-

and please –

Stop keeping score!

it’s not about less

not about  more….


There is a time to give

and a time to refrain…

A time to receive

a time to campaign.

A time to reach out

Or a time to pull back-

A time to give big

Or a time to retract


Stop assessing

remove the dressing

eliminate distressing

think of progressing!


We are to give freely

as we feel led…

Not with obligation

Not with dread

Not with competition

But with a simpler mission-

To just touch another person’s life

To diffuse a bit of strife!

Not with laws that were meant for Old Testament Jews

Where “firstfruit” giving is twisted to now mean obligatory dues!


Let’s engage in a higher form of living

Which is experienced through natural giving

and be very careful of pride

Because motives easily collide.


Watch legalism

Remove the shrine

Stop the bragging

And you’ll do fine!


Give from your heart

to do your part

sometimes Discreetly

always Sweetly

giving Completely!

You could give of your money-

of yourself

or your time

But do you know what is the biggest CRIME?

To only accumulate!

To amass and tumulate…

And like the rich fool who stored and hoarded –

who built bigger storehouses to keep stuff boarded

He died that very night

never took another bite!


So give


please do!

it is joy – it is love

and can be a safety net for you too!

But let God lead you in your living

with balance and natural giving- 

big, small, near or far

give in a way that matches who YOU are!


In closing, here are the Goo Goo Dolls (performing live in Buffalo in 2004) singing Supertramp’s song “Give a Little Bit”



Have a great FRIDAY!






55 thoughts on “Thoughts on… Giving! (and more Gaffigan)

  1. Fabulous message. And those Google dolls that was so fun! Thanks for cheering my day. And did you see that pile of french fries in the video. OMG! Have a great Friday yourself!!!


    1. well G – I missed the fries (now see at the 1:25 mark) HUGE plate of them! ha! good eye. – I like a couple other parts of the video too because that is filmed in my original hometown –
      They also made the best of a rainy 4th of July!

      and here is video of the goo good dolls in my husband’s original hometown in CO – at an outdoor amphitheater called Red Rocks near Denver, CO- and Red Rocks is truly one of the best places to perform – and to workout cos some people run up and down the steps there.

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    1. well I think u would enjoy it – and even with “out” watching it in Spanish – there is plenty of Spanish (with Gus)- and even one scene where Jesse is going to Mexico and says something about having to read things in “Mexican”- ha! the bits of humor are woven in so sweetly.


        1. here is a snippet to get u started (it is not all like this – as I am sure you know, but the humor in this scene is an example of the writing)

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    1. I have to finish the book still – it is on the iPad – and I agree – he is funny – and doe snot have to use foul language to get you rolling.
      we went to a comedy club a couple months ago oh my goodness – so much profanity is just not needed


  2. Interesting, really. How have you found Breaking Bad so far? It’s my top show, followed by Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Happy Friday, friend!


    1. Hi Mahesh – well I am floored by how much I have enjoyed breaking bad. I walked by 2 years ago when an episode was playing and then I saw Byran Cranston on The Colbert Report – and Stephen asked him if he was going to do another underwear scene. And in my ignorant, judgmental attitude that day I wrote the show off (I was thinking something totally different).
      Anyhow, over the holidays they had marathon – I was doing some stretching – and the rest is history. It started with season 2 (I was late to the marathon) I moved the recumbent bike – paced my watching of course – ha! and well, blown away by the character development, the acting, the story line – but moreso about the rationalizing and justifying of behavior – I feel they hit the jugular on why people end up doing what they do. The way they address ethical dilemmas, coping, society -and then the tasty/artsy camera shots, quirky music, culture rich scenes – okay, I will stop – but I know I missed some ending “wrap-up” connections by not seeing season 1 year – and so that is on my list.

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      1. Lovely note and it captures BB really well, Prior.

        Season 1 sets the stage and you’ll know why characters behaved the way they did. Characterization is beautifully conceived, and not only Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, but also others like Hank Schrader, Saul Goodman (of course!). Such a relief Saul’s presence was to the otherwise seriousness. The reason why it’s my top show is I rarely felt for characters the way I did for WW and JP, particularly on those last two episodes. The behind the scene writers did a commendable job filling the gaps in those episodes, leaving nothing for interpretation, which for serials like this work. No wonder Emmy has graced the show.

        Like you, I was not keen about BB. It kept appearing on Netflix when I browsed other movies and shows. I’m glad I took the risk to watch the first episode and soon became one of them.


        1. ooo that was nice to read Mehesh. and I agree with you on Saul as brining a lighter bit to the seriousness, but also Saul’s developed character is great – a mix of professionalism, self-preservation, excellent care for clients – in that industry!! – and then catering to all in that sketchy business – brilliant!

          one of the best acting scenes that stands out right now might be with Hank in recovery – trying to take a half of step – he is in pain – his gorin area is strapped into the belt thing – and whew – we grunted with him!
          and then Skylar’s coping (walking into the pool!) and then adapting – whew – but of course WW’s stellar acting – and in S4E4 – he and skylar are prepping to go and tell Hank about the car wash – and WW’s response about not necessarily being so aplogetic for his actions is deep.
          Another scene (gave me chills) was the time WW was giving his son shots of tequila – they touch upon on how some people become a totally different person when they consume alcohol – this fierce powerful side erupts from nowhere – “give me the bottle” and then after Flynn throws up – Flynn shows his own “teen” view of alcohol says something about “but I kept up, didn’t I?” – and then the car scenes – oh… a man and his ride.

          I agree – the awards were not overdone and even tho I have not seen season 1 – I have been filled in on a few things that helped me connect the story. but I look forward to the episodes

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        2. Yes, each of those scenes had an impact and took the show forward. You can’t miss out the scene between Hank and WW in the former’s garage when police confronts (and attacks) professor. Hank did wonderful there.


        3. my husband said he thinks breaking bad is the best – and while he has a few reasons – here are two:

          first, cos they had the “extra challenge” to deal with commercial advertising and other “regular cable regulations” – as opposed to having a more open platform like HBO or other channel with more freedom.
          2nd – the “cold openings” where the episode started random and oh so interesting…..

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        4. Yes he’s right. In fact there was a roundtable discussion of all lead actors (from the lead shows) like Hamm, Sutherland, Grammer, Cranston and one more actor, and they discussed at length how their shows struggled visavis cable and satellite. BB had a rough ride.

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  3. GREAT post Y !! Love the lyrics and especially Kieffer. He can be my babysitter anytime ! Hilarious !


    1. ha! u a berry funny woman – and I love how the Gaffigan kid scene with Kieffer opens up with him saying
      “and that’s how I saved the day that time…”


        1. I could never get into 24, but I know many folks that would agree with you.
          a few years ago I did watch a bunch of seinfeld episodes – and could see why folks loved it (I think i would have enjoyed it when it was on in the mid 90’s). I only started watching TV in 2008 (seriously) and still limit it – but I used to be so busy and also TV was just never my thing – and okay, maybe I also was bias and thought it was passive entertainment that was below average. and while some of it is – NOT all of it is! Much TV can be crap – (and slutty) but some shows are just so well done – they end up offering us enrichment and we are better for the viewing. But it does take balance, eh?


        2. Yes, I only watch Netflix if I need a TV fix mostly as I cannot stand the commercials! I do watch Antiques Road Show sometimes 🙂 Never much of a TV watcher either.Hugs on this chilly day!

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        3. Hey K – I used to watch the roadshow too- just so I could learn about older pieces.

          and do you recall when netflix was a CD mail back system? well now they make their own movies and what a small empire they have become. 🙂 whew


        4. Yes but that was too much trouble so I DROVE to the movie store? How much sense did that make. In this case technology is better ?


        5. Oh I agree – and what a gift “good” shows can truly be – what a gift! have a great day K – and crossing my fingers that the perfect job will come your way – (and of course pray) 🙂 ❤


  4. I know that my grown-up daughter would love to have Kiefer Sutherland babysit her. 😉 Love your rap on giving, Yvette. Yes, I agree, it is a personal thing, and we definitely shouldn’t brag about every good deed we do. Giving is between the giver and the recipient of the gift.


    1. yes – well said – but I also know that sometimes we have to share – or it is okay to model it because we are all still learning so much – just takes balance – a time for discretion, but a time to say here is how I paid it forward – and “it was hard as heck to do” – or “it felt so darn good”- or whatnot – ya know?

      and I wonder if kiefer sutherland dogs sits?


    1. well speaking of verbal – well bo to the p is who is maestro of translation” –
      so your platter is “rica and diversificada”


  5. Wow! I had no idea when I started watching that funny monologue on what was about to follow (should have paid more attention to the title, huh?) That was a lovely poem, Yvette. You know I love it when you rhyme!


    1. well I prefer to call it a rap – just kidding (but Sylvia called it a “rap on giving”) and I really appreciate you taking the time to read it – 🙂 value your input – and I have been wanting to write something about giving because it was coming up in a few posts and well, it really can be a weird area – I mean – it takes balance or it can be “weird” – I dunno – or questioned – well still chewing on some of my experience with it – thx again

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