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For a Flashback Friday post, I want to share the song called Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik.  When Christie shared the Indigo Girls song the other day, it reminded me of the 1990’s – and KBCO Studio C – (HERE) which was a local studio that had different music artists come in and record line (often unplugged).


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And for some Friday fun -let’s flashback with some old skool Jim Gaffigan, where he talks about bottled water (and side note, please stop buying and drinking bottled water – it adds to the landfill and it could have gunk in it from the cheap plastic).



 stop measuring success only by output

this can serve as another reminder to make sure we are breathing properly!



You see – most of us are breathing too shallow – and it is robbing the body of oxygen, which could impair nervous and lymph function.

And without realizing it – we are “barely breathing” for health!

 I know many of us have heard this before – but we need to be reminded of it again –  because sloppy breathing pulls from wellness! 

So this weekend – make it your goal to work at making sure you are breathing properly – deeply – through the nose – and with some relaxin’ –

yoga cartoon from cartoon stock

Breathe through the nose, make sure it goes down to your belly (70 to 80% of the breath should be done by the diaphragm – more here) and as you breathe — relax – find a rhythm – and focus (pray, meditate, or think about some things you are grateful for – like maybe that you are still here to take a breathe 🙂 )

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.29.20 AM

Have a nice Friday – 🙂

22 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. I don’t practice asanas every day (or every week ;)) but I do practice breathing at least a few times a day. I also use yoga breathing techniques when I exercise in other ways.


      1. I was using the generic term that they often use meaning poses. In other words, I don’t do all of the yoga poses as often as i should, but i do practice the breathing. (I’ve heard several people call that position in front of a computer as slump-asana;))


      2. I was just getting ready to logy off for the day when your comment came in thanks for the laugh – baha –
        slump-asana – I know that one!
        have a nice Friday


  2. Love the last cartoon 🙂 In, out, and relax — thanks for the reminder, Yvette!
    Have a nice weekend 🙂


    1. and I think you said a key word – “focus” – cos we need to focus on it sometimes – especially it we have to work at depth – which I am sure comes naturally for u guys while cycling all those miles –

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  3. Thanks for the reminder. I need to be reminded constantly. I am awful at breathing as I am a mouth breather. I hate it me for it. 😀 Ironically, again, that song is stuck in my head when I listened to Duncan Sheik’s CD three weeks ago.


    1. 3 weeks ago huh? what timing – and by the way – I have never hear dog Beck – so I enjoyed your flashback song too 🙂
      and bets wishes with your breathing – especially now that you have all that GREEK air to inhale – ahhhhhh


  4. Stellar post, my friend. Your imagery and video, are gifts. Thanks for the reminder about breathing. I truly forgot about the implications of not breathing deeply, affecting the nervous system. Wow. ‘Never heard of Duncan Sheik … really nice. Peace.

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  5. My husband and I try to do some breathing exercises/meditation/relaxing every morning. It’s amazing what a difference it’s made with his slight case of road rage 😫 and my frayed nerves!
    Namaste baby. 😊

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  6. nice mix of entertainment, humor and information , Yvette 🙂 i was LOLing at that Jim Gaffigan clip. I find it so irritating when at restaurants here you ask for water and they respond with “still or sparkling”? then you have to clarify that you just want “regular” water. uggghhh. all that just so they can charge a. hefty mark up for something they can offer for free.

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  7. A good reminder. I really should find time to relax and breathe more. That sounds like a good resolution for what is going to be a very busy February. I’ll let you know how I’ve done at the end of the month 🙂


    1. Cool – I will look forward to it – and hope your February is not too crazy!

      I did just remember a tip for getting air deep into the lungs – which also helps breathing – and it is what skin divers do before they go deep down into the water.

      you take a deep bear the – and before you exhale – add even more air- and then try and do it a third time – and then you hold it – gently of course – and well, it can also be done while traveling (as you are always on a plane, train or automobile debbie) and so true it – and then exhale in “triple slow motion”


  8. LOVE the Duncan Shiek song!! Quite a few on that list I like!! An thanks – some days it does seem the only thing I manage to get done is breathe LOL 😉 Needed that!!

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    1. 🙂 de nada – and those studio session CD’s were really fun back int he day – because it was exciting to see who would be strolling into town to set up and play…. but times sure have changed – and I heard the food fighters now release one song – with a show promo – and they said cd/albums really only work for certain art its (like Taylor Swift) and just found it interesting that he noted the “single” releases are the way to go for many these days…


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