Easy like sunday morning…

While doing a little work on this Sunday morning,  I walked into the office to hear this old school song streaming –  Easy…..

and here is my favorite Lionel Richie song, SAIL ON,  which is done so well here with Mr.Tim McGraw

Part 2 – some easy going basketball shots….


basketball with gp

school signs
awesome “bullying assistance” sign at Henrico County School! “Are you being bullied – top to the Counselor”


Part 3..

Yeah – I’ll easily be tuning in tonight:

Better Call Saul

better call saul 2_8_ 2015

Happy Easy Sunday everyone!




52 thoughts on “Easy like sunday morning…

    1. Thanks Lia – and I have now listened to many LR songs – ha! funny how one song (easy) can have such rippling effect… and glad it this was shared with you as you enjoyed your Sunday….

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      1. Yes it certainly beats the blues. Being bullied at my school was a fact of life. When I became one of the oldest in the school I was getting into trouble for fighting, made sure the little kids got left alone. Bullies ain’t so tough when it’s 1 on 1. Can’t think why, lol.

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      2. well thanks for noting that – because I heard that getting students involved is another thing that has been working – like encouraging speaking up instead of passiveness or thinking there is noting to do – or worse – joining in – and Dave – I like how you said that about 1 on 1 because it brings up the fact that some bullying is a social entertainment or group thing – argh – I hate bullying…. and high five to your ✋ for what you did back in your day….

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      3. Thank you for the high five ✋ but the only thing that anyone can do with bullies is stand up to them and let them know you are willing to take them on. The same is true in Syria today, but I don’t want to go there today.

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      4. I see your point – and fully agree – and it really is a layered area – and is an area that needs lot s of help. In fact, the reason I was impressed by this hand made sign – that was placed in such a prominent place at the school – well it was because last fall I was really aching for a boy who had been bullied = and standing up is certainly the thing to do – but in reality the victim is often sometimes just trying to cope and is in defense mode which is hard to switch into offense – or impossible for numerous reasons – and I am not sure, but I know a lot of research has linked bully reduction to a “positive school climate” and actual programs that train and equip kids to not just observe or look the other way – but to also watch their own potential to bully – or get caught up into it. Sometimes in the school setting – (and not sure about Syria) but I personally think in the school setting with children that are often herded through halls and classes – well bullying occurs from years and years of unchecked sloppy behaviors –
        ~no accountability –
        ~lack of empathy development –
        ~lack of teaching interpersonal skills-
        ~maybe focussing too much on the periodic table of elements and not teaching about using “I” statements or learning how to deal with pain that is building…
        ~growing anger (hurt kids hurt other kids)
        ~ passive teachers (who are often crabby and in a way sometimes bullying the kids too- or just being mean – not all – but have seen some rough teachers in my days)

        and so bullying prevention reform includes standing up – yes! – but in the school setting it takes prevention – and repairing – which involves signs like this one – which start to assuage the problem while it is occurring right now – – it gives the victim a resource – which could be a spark of hope.
        It raises awareness to all who see the sign – and while not perfect or even that overtly potent – it is a signal that the school is working towards addressing it and trying to get involved – you know what I mean?


  1. My goodness, the music highlighted here sure took me back to a period I have forgotten. Nice nudge to reminisce!

    Grandpa sure looked like he’s game! So nice to see multi-generational activities like these.

    Don’t get me started with the whole issue of bullying. And it keeps going and going even through college and our adult lives. I have come to the conclusion even theft is a form of bullying. I heard on NPR a discussion about people who harass you on the street to give up your wallet and such. The researcher being interviewed said that if you analyzed the numbers, these robbers are not making much of a living off stealing from the average person on the street if you compare the number of times you have to do it to make a decent earning. Pile on top of that the risk, the weapon you have to carry, maintain, purchase supplies for (bullets), registrations and all. He concluded that hold-ups are really a way to exercise power over someone else. And the rush that comes with it is always short-lived but addicting and it fills a need to be powerful, to be in control. Isn’t it just like bullying?


    1. thanks so much P – and thought you might enjoy this (and I haver to say that I have come to think Lionel Richie might be a super cool guy in person – seems amazing – as in this video he works with the “Know when to hold ’em = when to fold ’em” Kenny Rogers!)


  2. It’s a nice way to spend your Sunday – listening to music, good sport and watching tv series! How was Better Call Saul? I have heard it is pretty good but it is not available in on Dutch TV yet 😦


    1. Hey – well we really liked the first 2 episodes of Better Call Show – it felt like the start of a new book – to where you know they are building a foundation – but then it also had enjoyable “instant” or “in the moment scenes” – which are these little convos or action snippets that are just enjoyable even if you know nothing about the larger story (and do not know it as being a prequel) – I will share more later – even though there is enough already about it – lol…

      and here is a quick pic of one of those little “insta” or “in the moment” scenes that I liked –

      in the opening of episode 1 – Saul makes a “rusty nail” -and the whole angle of the camera is cool – the splashes of lemon that go all over – and well – this drink reminded me of bar tending days in early 1990’s – but artistically I thought it was one of those tasty in the moment kinda scenes – oh – and while he makes it – the television is airing some shopping channel sales pitch for a Renoir reproduction – and this whole culture jugular is tapped again! more later – and thanks for asking Indah!

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      1. Oooh..you made me so curious…I think I should have Netflix installed soon – just found out that Better Call Saul is exclusively aired in Netflix Netherlands…Cool snapshot of the scene!! Thanks so much for your review and looking forward to your complete review post about it 😉

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  3. (EN) I agree with others, great great post 🙂 and soft and easy 🙂
    (IT) Concordo con gli altri, stupendo stupendo post 🙂 e delicato e semplice 🙂


  4. Oh Y, you have given me some happening memories with The Commodores, two of my all time favourites right here! I’ve got that very album, just wish I had a turntable still! And I seriously can’t wait for Better Call Saul, hope it comes to the UK soon! Loved BB…didn’t finish it that long ago. Yay for anti-bullying sign too. I hope you had a great weekend mon amie, and here’s to a great week ahead too…although it’s almost half way through already, yikes 😉 Oh…and one more thing, in case you didn’t get a chance to see it yet…I’ve tagged you in a My Workspace Blog Hop…but no obligation, only if you want to. It’s entirely up to you. Happy Tuesday! http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2015/02/06/my-workspace-blog-hop-secrets-of-the-summerhouse-revealed/

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    1. Hi mon amie – well I have been meaning to ask you about BB – because I actually remember seeing a comment in a blog post of yours – from sometime last year (summer?) where a follower was talking w/ u about it – and thanks for the tag (I mean woo hoo thanks) and you are so right the week is flying – be over later (kettle on!)

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      1. Yes, I need to go over to that blogger and let him know what I thought about the ending of BB. It took me ages to get to it, due to endless interruptions and I just wanted to watch the whole darn thing at once, haha!! I was blown away by the ending and how the relationship between Jesse and Walt developed and exploded and how in the end Jesse managed to break free. Thanks to Walt. In a convoluted way to say the least. Oh I could talk all day about it…hold that thought, will have to make this an ongoing theme I think! You are so welcome mon amie, my pleasure…the kettle is on and we’ll talk later… 🙂 ❤


      2. yeah I know – and because I watched BB in a concentrated time it is hard to get one episode at a time now – but glad you were able to get to it even with distractions (um, like real life– lol) 🙂
        I know many people have a bad view of all TV shows – and whew, some are purdy good!

        and the writers w/ BB really play with one’s sense of ethics – when we start rooting for the bad guy(s) – and at one point when we love jesse so much -well he tries to sell to the rehab group – and we see the real side is there – but he still is human – loves kids – and can’t sit back and ignore what has unfolded (has a conscious) and well, you are right we could go back and forth – definitely need some tea now… 🙂 english style of course!


  5. Another fabulous post. I love those two songs and Lionel Richie and the Commodores! Looks like some fun high school stuff — the basketball part not the bullying part (of course). Guess I won’t be watching Better Call Saul since I have yet to see an episode of Breaking Bad. 😛 heehee Hope you’re week is going good!


    1. thanks Linda – and yeah… the high school days: 😭 😉😁😂😳
      the week is going well – thx – and I hope yours is too – and not sure if BB or better call saul is NOT “everyone’s cup of tea” – and normally I would not pick such a topic of a show – but…. the acting/writing/filming is top notch –

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  6. Oh man! I can listen to this music all night long. http://youtu.be/nqAvFx3NxUM

    Thanks for the memories. (Some good. Some not so good, but I was flooded with visions of my past and it was fun.)
    Saul? Hysterical! I was drawn in. The guy must have been a lawyer from birth. What a talker. To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin “he could talk a buzzard off a shit wagon.”
    Thanks again.

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    1. Yo G! and thanks for the song share – that one was never a fav – but i tis a piece of who I am because of the air play (along with “say you, say me” – which was on all the time and evokes good memories)
      and you nailed Saul pretty good and that Carlin quote is spot on!!! He sure swore a lot – but the dude had humor that was all his own and he left such a legacy, eh?
      and now I have all night long in my head….. thanks for that


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