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I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from Season #2 of The Profit, which is a business show (from CNBC and also aired on CBS last year) HERE.

It is jam packed with wisdom nuggets for the area of business – but also for life!

So here are some of my favorite quotes from season #2:

frozen food no bueno - marcus lemonis



get up and move quote - the profit
In episode 12, we have this quote about “when we fall down we need to get up, dust off, and move.” I love this quote for many reasons, because it is so true  However, another side to this quote is that sometimes AS we rise and dust off – it is also with injury!  Raw wounds are very real and it could result in some change in gait as we heal.  In the photo above – Marcus had set up a meeting for two former business owners. He was hoping to have a possible partnership and on paper it was a great idea.  However, the wounds were still very raw and what I really liked about this part — not only did Marcus dust off his feet to the idea of having these two former partners work together –  but he also acknowledged that this business lady was still legitimately hurt – and said she had a lot to “get off her chest” -and so he modeled caring and adaptability as he buried the idea of recrudescence; he was practicing what he preached.

what the issues are quote - marcus lemonis
This is my favorite quote of season #2 – because it applies to life. In order to move forward we have to understand what the issues are… Awareness is key! Similarly – in Richard Vague’s book last year (here)- my favorite quote of his was similar to this one from The Profit.  Vague noted that a popular refrain about crisis is that “nobody knows the cause” – but then Vague goes on to say…. “But we DO know” (p. 89).  And I love this – “we do know” – because anytime there is a break down – a problem or a flop – we CAN figure out the cause – and not only is it possible (which is why he even wrote his book) but understanding the cause (or issues) is key to improving and being able to successfully move forward! And in his show, this is what Lemonis “does” – he helps find the cause – the issues – and it’s awesome.
proft quote run your own first -
I like this quote for the way it was used for this business owner – but also for the social application – because I think many times in life it is just human nature to look outward – to want to note how others can improve – and while sometimes that is awesome – other times it is misplaced focus – especially if we are not doing the personal work we need to get done for ourselves. Or as the old proverb notes “we look at the speck of “sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.”





priorhouse_the profit humble quote_3
The photo above shows Marcus meeting in Season 2 with a business owner from a deal that did not go through in season 1 (E3) – it was an update – showing that he was giving this popcorn business a second chance… It also modeled more caring – truly! They also briefly noted the impact of “social media” and how being on his show rippled into her business world and everyday life. However, he was not just coming back with charity – this woman got her act together and really seemed humbled and changed.


a-big hit quote - marcus lemonis
I picked this quote (ref to E3) about responding to setback (or hits) by taking stock and begin making changes) because this idea comes up a lot in this show -(get back up again) – and in this quote see that we need to give a place to anger and then get busy making needed changes. Anger is a natural emotion and the Bible even notes that we are to “give a place to wrath” and can feel “angry, but don’t miss the mark with it” – And so here – Lemonis talks about how this business woman took a major “hit” – but instead of dwelling in the anger and pain, “she took stock and began making changes” And so if you know anybody that is struggling from a major hit and they are not sure how to proceed – well it starts by taking stock. Have them address and examine the anger – assess – and cope- find what the issues are – and begin making changes for improvement  and wellness.
priorhouse the profit big quote 2 -
tru dat! (E16)


fashion quote the profit
I liked E9 for a few reasons.  First – because fashion IS a feeling – and when you give people the feeling they want from an outfit or article – it is not just good for business – but it is a gift to that person. Good fashion is a gift to society/consumer. Also, sometimes upping the quality seems like an unneeded expense – but can payoff in big ways.  This episode also had the 3 P’s in place.  The Profit’s trademark strategy, which comes up in every episode as a model, is to consider the people, product, and process – and in this episode he noted, the business “had one person designing it and nobody is checking and balancing that process” – E9 also offered tips about developing a national brand, bouncing back, and pros of a planogram.


takes time to fix things quote the profit
This quote is from E1 –  and the check image is from E9.  I love this quote because it applies to many life areas – from personal wellness – to relationships – to business stamina to other improvements.  Important changes often take time – trial and error to see what works – and it is not always fun.  When we keep this in mind – it can keep us mentally fueled and strong! When we expect and prepare for a bumpy road – well it helps us endure – as opposed to getting exasperated from changes not happening soon enough. I did not really love the progress report show (E18) – a couple of parts seemed a bit forced – but then again, I guess image is important and there is likely more behind the scenes I will never know.  However, just not sure about the handshake stuff or the way the ending of the E4 was depicted (Worldwide Trailers)- but we are still really looking forward to Season 3!  My husband said he enjoys the show because “it is interesting and he always learns something new.” I feel that way too – and I like the mix of personal and professional tips.




the profit gyro episode quote
Episode 17  was my favorite for a few reasons. First – because I love gyros. I had my first gyro in the 1980’s and they are so balanced with lamb meat, veggies, yogurt, etc. We have a little place in The Fan that makes a great gyro too. Also, the 3 P tidbits and principles in this episode were practical and I learned more about franchising. Not that we want to franchise (even though u never know what lies ahead), but my friend Nesa was involved with some franchise stuff years ago and I just enjoyed learning more about it. Also, last year we had some discussion about what nationality Marcus Lemonis was – and turns out his dad is Greek – and well, it was inspiring to see how he celebrated his heritage- and has that nice mix of personal and professional from The Profit.  Last little side note – I always thought gyro (γύρος) was pronounced “yee-ro” – but in the show they used the “gye-row” pronunciation.



What is your favorite Lemonis quote from this post on season #2?

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“We’re not going to fix this place in a week – it’s gong to take time…”



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  1. I always pronounce gyro as yee-ro but people always look at me funny, even in Greek restaurants. I don’t care, it’s yee-ro to me 😉


  2. I love this show too! I am not an entrepreneur but I feel like one when I watch it! Oh and thanks for the gyro pronunciation ! I’ve been saying it all wrong … But still delicious no matter:)!

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    1. thx Lia – and I have not had any gyros in New York – (but have had some amazing skewers and some very amazing sandwiches in NYC) – but I bet they have food trucks with gyros all around… I am going to have to stop at one of these pennsylvania locations on my next trip up north – just to try…


  3. All very good quotes and I really like how you formatted them with your own thoughts on why they are great quotes!

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    1. thanks 🙂 – and the quotes do stand alone- yet I took the time to add my take on them — to share a bit of “me” with readers – but also to really try and show people how sometimes we have more resources than we realize.

      So many people get stuck – or “stay stuck”- and for good/legit reasons – but wellness is an accumulation of little actions – and being exposed to strategy, ideas, suggestions, other people’s experiences, etc. – that adds up for a person and can end being helpful ammunition during a setback. And I know it is a bit long for some readers – but for some it is a quick read and so truly thanks for taking the time to read. ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks so much sue. and I just set up a poll so if you have time do you think you could vote – I am very curious to see the outcome of the favorite quote – fresh – fashion – or fall down advice… ha!

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        1. 🙂 – and we are getting ready to do the mexican food quiz tomorrow night – you said we could translate and so I did that= well I will come over to your blog to see if I am close…

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        2. well good quote there – keep them honest – in an episode of Monk (another favorite show) – well in the best episode of them all (Mr. Monk is best man) the lady in the flora shop says…
          “I’m a truth teller” and that came to mind right now because of what you said – and she says it in this way it is an ear worm. for me at least – ha!

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        3. well I tried to find it online – but could not – however, I do have it archived in my own vids – just from a garden project thing I put together a few years ago – and oh Sue – the whole scene is brilliant because the florist is an older hippie lady (they wrote the scene well) and she does’t like the word “owner” and well, then she says that everyone has a flower – and it unfolds from there…

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        4. well speaking of tossing pics (earlier) that is my goal in the next few weeks – to clean up and discard the misc. videos – somehow the digital clutter piled up and I started pressing delete delete but then thought I should give it more care –

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    1. Hi Kan – well I actually only like “good shows” – ha! and out of the plethora of these kind of bus/entr shows (from restaurant makeovers to bars being “on the rocks” to hotels being redone) I only watch two of them — but it is sure nice to have a variety of shows in the DVR que for while riding the stationary bike – really helps….

      oh for those who like this show, I guess the next season starts May 16th – and here is one of my favorite scenes from watching the reruns earlier this month:


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