33 Portrait Shots (and off to FL)

Priorhouse is taking a break from blogging while I travel to see family in Florida. I will be back to blogosphere on March 6th.

florida visit 2015

For a post that is going to sit here at the home page for a while, I thought I would share this video I made for Vass (his old blog is here).

On my trip to see family – one of my goals is to take some photos of people I meet – I am hoping to take 50 street portraits!

I look forward to sharing some of them when I return.

And finally, I thought I would leave you with 33 priorhouse portrait shots that I have not shared yet.

I have taken about 250 “people” shots since 2013 – very informal – but they are dear to me.

I am curious to know if you have a favorite.

Please let me know if you do….

The duality feel and the pops of yellow enrich this shot. The guy in the center (black t-shirt) adds a triangular shape and then the palm trees seem to flow with the hair. This is a photo I barely recall snapping – but later I found it to be a treasure.


one word: doggie!


This sweet hostess is poised. Her body seems to match the flow/shape of the number on the brick wall.
The photo of this friendly couple has good energy to me – and a culture feel – the drinks and shopping items.  I also like the lines. The verticals in the columns on the right and vertical  in their beings seem to work with the horizontals of the rail and boxes.


A mom and her babe = sweetness! I also like the #2 on the building – and the #23 on her shirt (Air Jordan still has a presence) and the stripes of the baby jacket seem to flow into the name Jordan and maybe up to the sign on the building. The gritty grain brings focus on to the cute baby a bit more…
Cake is serious business – as Lexi pinches a small piece to share…
love the contrast – and joy…. and the details in this shot are a fav… the rings, the trim of the shirt, the leis, and the softness of mom’s hair.


This couple had informal balance with their body placement, noses and posture. I also really liked their demeanor. I took 4 photos – and in this shot, I like the relaxed feel of young love – with his arm draped on the chair and their locked eyes.
also silly.


Colorful cultural feel with my nephew’s daughter and my niece’s daughter in Western New York.
pps-52 2-2014
This fun couple was cycling along the ocean in Florida – and we chatted it up. I suggested they go to St Augustine. They went and then later emailed me some amazing pictures of the lighthouse there.


I like how the pathway on the right is open vs. the busy feel of the art (and reflection) in the window to the left.   I feel a bit of harmony with the two flamingos in the main window – the two right above the blonde lady and the octopus above them. then the pink in the left window slightly coordinates with the door and awning…
360 pic at art show


“dude.” I like the lines in the snow that anchors the truck and the driver. The balance with lights on the truck and posts to the back right also add to the vibe.


April is Alive!
Mr. Dapper
pps-233 - 1- 2015
This artist told me all about alabaster vases. I really liked her hat, scarf, and smooth demeanor.
Running Man Mike!


joy is…. laughter
¿qué el…?
my niece Y and her precious boy
Lady on Left shared a free ticket….
This is a Master Scuba Diver I interviewed for a video project.
peace (note the peace sign on teen with striped shirt)


I feel mixed about this photo – but share it anyway. I did put a couple of bucks into this man’s bag as we left.


layovers…. and smart phones….


I love the green, the shadow, and also the gradation of verticals: far trees, two boys, and then large tree to the front right.
Elvis is alive – and here he is with his mum.


My step-daughter – I like the pink of her lips with the pink shirt. The one glass up and her expression gives a glimpse into her fun side. I also like the rich details of the store in the background (ceiling too) and with her in the center and some tripod directly in back- I like the vibe.



Have a great rest of February and be back to catch up in March…

If you have time, check out RG’s blog here – he has a unique take on street portraits.


39 thoughts on “33 Portrait Shots (and off to FL)

  1. Have a good time. Like all of the portraits. Your step daughter looks like she’s giving the biggest, most obvious wink of all time.


  2. I LOVE Street Portraiture and can’t wait to see what you come back with. Enjoy your travels. Can’t load your photos right now due to limited connectivity but will have a look when I’m back on WiFi

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  3. Have a wonderful time with family! I really enjoyed the happy spirits you captured in your street portraits and am glad to hear you left a few dollars for the poor gentleman sleeping on the bench. I’ve passed a few of these types of shots in the past and wish I’d stopped for a photo but felt too bad about their situation to press click. You’ve found a thoughtful way to handle it.

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  4. Have a great trip! I’m sure it’ll be an amazing one..
    I love all your photos but the one with Lexi and the chocolate cake and the guy sitting on the sofa in the parking lot are my favs!

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  5. Have great time away and travel safely. Love that feature beach photo. something about snow just really makes me yearn for sand. The grass is always greener. 🙂

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  6. Hope you are having a great time in Florida, Yvette… I’m really looking forward to your street portraits 🙂 It’s hard to pick a favourite amongst your portraits – I love what you’ve done with the “doggie” shot – the superimposition looks cool. Lexi is absolutely adorable! The one of your step daughter had me smiling… gives a glimpse into her personality. The artist shot has such an artistic composition – complements her photo so well 🙂 And that guy sitting on an armchair in the middle of the parking lot is funny!


  7. “Sup!” I like that one a lot. Kind of candid and playful. Energy comes right through. Safe travels to you! Enjoy Florida while we await Spring.


  8. LOVE the portraits! I could look at them everyday and you captured a variety of subjects with depth and openness. Can’t wait to see even more. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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  9. I am going to treasure this post for the month you are visiting your family, Y. The lines and form of them all are a treat. Great sensibility, you have in abundance. If I have to vote of one, then it shall be the PriorHouse group shot that closes the collecdtion, for it’s whole lot of love. ❤ Enjoy the trip, and thank you.

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  10. Lots to like here Y you have a way of catching peoples personalities. I think your step daughter picture is a classic such a lovely person and I think she would be great fun to be around. Have a lovely family time and stay safe. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

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  11. My favourite has to be little Lexi with the cake…how adorable and cute is she? Great photos of ‘the streets’ and all the wonderful people living there. Have a fantastic time mon amie, looking forward to hearing all about…not to mention admiring all your great photos 🙂 ❤ 🙂


  12. I am smiling looking at your photos – thank you for sharing your world with us! Have a wonderful trip and break to FL – must be nice weather there now – no snows I hope 🙂 hugs xoxo


  13. Hello there dear Y, I just returned from my unannounced break only to find out that you have gone on a break yourself, Have greatest of times while visiting your fam in Florida. I hope you enjoy to the fullest and come back with more amazing Street portraits to share with us 🙂

    As for the ones you have already shared here, All of them are amazing in their own way but if I’d to pick my fav’s I’d choose shot#22, 155 and 53, so beautiful, well contrasted and hold a bit of mystery to them 🙂 🙂

    Lots of love your way,
    Zee ❤


  14. we loved Florida in winter, But Hawaii rule(s) and rock(s)… enjoy quality time with your loved ones! 🙂 friendly thoughts and c u asap! cheers, Mélanie


  15. Hello my friend, hello! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Florida! Ohhh these photos are so wonderful that it is difficult to choose a favourite (and great video too, by the way). I like the one of the couple laughing at the table; she is doubled over forward laughing. It shows a lively mood and it’s always wonderful to see smiles 🙂 HUGS to you!!

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  16. Hey Y. Hope you are enjoying your time over in Florida. Thanks a bunch for those links to the trailers of Better Call Saul. Looks intriguing! A lot of friends have recommended Breaking Bad, which we shall get to as soon as we are done with the latest House of Cards and last year’s season of Game of Thrones… 🙂 xoxo

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