Florida & B/W Part 2 (MCO airport and orange)

Today I bring you to the Orlando airport for my B & W photo for Day 2 of the 5 day challenge.

A view from the window on the elevated tram system.

the tram at orlando airport

For part 2 of my Florida sharing — to keep things simple — I will just share some photos I grabbed as I walked around the Orlando airport

I was early for my straight through flight – so it was nice to not feel rushed.

orlando airport

working man
notice the worker in action…



When it comes to photographing people – I think there are three ways to take “people shots” -(please let me know if there are more)

1. You can ask permission and get a few poses with consent.

2.  You can NOT ask permission and then just take different shots at different angles — without consent.

3.  You can take some very fast photos – just click as you go along – and see what unfolds.

In today’s post, most of the pictures were taken with option #3 – I clicked along as I rode the tram and strolled to the gate.

orlando airport - watching


orlando airport - beats yo
Beats – (yo?)


The weekly photo challenge is the color orange this week – and so here are some pics that connect to orange:

orange hair
This poised lady had orange highlights in her hair.



orange lights
Orange lights to the right – and an aerial view of the MCO airport to the left. Side note –  I think the worker’s gloves should come OFF when leaving the kitchen area — just sayin’ –



pps-356-3-2015-ladies on phone
orange pants with a black tank and black heels….that’s how she rolls!
orange on the counter -
I feel kind of bad about this photo – but it is what it is….



orlando airport-man walking trio

Have you ever heard of Text Neck? Check out this article here for some info about how chiropractor Dean Fishman, from Plantation, Florida-  changed the name of his practice to the Text Neck Institute – and I guess two ways to prevent neck damage is to hold your phone at eye level or prop it up while viewing so you can view with better posture.

text neck at the orlnado airport


Yesterday we saw the wooden airport benches – and today we have metal ones.

orlando benches

Okay – that is all for “Florida part 2” and for Day #2 of the Black & White Challenge (thanks again to Jill here and Restless Jo here for linking me).

The blogger I invite to the B & W challenge is Mahesh (here) because his comment about the airport yesterday actually led to this post today.


Thanks for joining me in this post – and see you later in the week because I have 3 more B & W posts for this 5 day challenge. I also plan on combining those posts with more Florida pictures.

So…. I have 3 more Florida posts coming….

Not sure if you have ever heard of YBOR CITY in the Tampa area, but that is where I will bring you in my next post later this week – with cigars, umbrellas, and some of my favorite street photos to date!

Hope you have a nice hump day.

And if you are interested in the “art and history” of street photography – you might want to check out the cool series from from María y Bill here





116 thoughts on “Florida & B/W Part 2 (MCO airport and orange)

  1. Really like your advice on taking people pictures! I usually do the third though as I am usually too shy to ask..Nice photo series! Really like especially the series of people with their mobile phone! They did not realize at all that you took their pictures 😀 Thanks for Text Neck Tip! That’s brilliant one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for your feedback Indah – a few of the people did notice – and for the consent ones, I guess following RG’s blog is what helped – but before I ask I usually have to have the right vibe to begin with – but then it is also tricky taking pics without consent because you do not want to look like a creepy weirdo – hah!
      have a nice day


  2. Your first two photos..one B/W…one colored. I thought it was interesting that my eye focused on different things. The B/W I noticed the clouds. With the colored I was drawn to the road.
    I like the silhouettes of people, but I guess I wouldn’t want to be photoed and put in a blog in full color. I suppose nobody really cares anymore though. I will wear a disguise when I travel. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for your feedback Lady Sighs – ❤ — 🙂 regarding consent -well I had so much success on this trip – I had more than 50 people say "yes" to letting me take their photo for my blog – I have not counted the full number yet – (I had to finally stop taking pics and just enjoy my trip) but I was surprised at how many folks said "yes" – however, the folks in the silhouettes – well those are photos I grabbed on a slow stroll around the airport.


      1. ha – that’s funny – and you know – now that you say that – well I am not sure if I would say “yes” if someone walked up and asked me – but I guess it would depend on the person and how they approached and what it was for…. hm


  3. Got to love Esther! (Ladysighs 🙂 ) Thanks for the link again Yvette. You are the Queen of people shots and I like your benches too. Wouldn’t want to be that person stuffing the burger, but then I’m far more lady like (choke! snort!) 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another beautiful collection of pictures, P. Good job!

    Sometimes it’s hard when you want to take a picture but you can’t because the person you want to capture may not like it. They see the camera in your hand and no matter how discreet you are from thereon, the picture would come out blurred.

    Of all the pics, I love the burger-orange — two ends of healthy something. Was that your orange?


    1. thanks M – and yes, it was my orange (a California orange I bought at trader Joe’s in winter park, FL -) – however, I had already had lunch or I might have also been in line with them for that overpriced, below average airport hamburger – ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Part 2 is even lovelier than Part 1:-) The B&W shot is my favourite, but I have to say, I found the contrasting notions in the leftover orange one really interesting – you have the healthy desert left behind on one hand, and the gentleman enjoying a not so healthy meal on the other 🙂


  6. Love those clouds, they look so atmospheric, as if a UFO or something is about to burst through them! I love your street shots, and that one with the ‘big guy’ and the orange is very… interesting…and ‘text neck’. Well, I never knew there was an actual term but I can see why! Love your posts..;bring ’em on mon amie and see you soon 🙂 ❤ ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha…yes, chem trails! Thanks Y, been a busy week, too busy, reading for my boys to be home this weekend, for Mother’s Day ( or Mothering Sunday as we call it here). The weekend already … time for tea and coolies and flies…catch up soon mon amie…have a super weekend and hope you are fully recovered from your travels 🙂 ❤ 3

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  7. I really like The photos you took at the airport! Great varieties. I don’t feel comfortable to take photos of people, maybe because I don’t like my pic to be taken. 🙂


    1. thanks amy, and I really think taking pics of folks is not for “everyone” and while I totally enjoy it – I have to be in the mood – and also I found that it helps to do a few or bunch at one time – but in a way it can like soliciting – and I do not like that – which is why I never got into sales and marketing – so I know what you mean… ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what thou mean – and for me, well I can do them – just do prefer n to to – ha! would rather advocate or something I guess – have a great weekend Aim ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for your feedback sue – and I am right now thinking of that photo you took with that lady who gave you the tomato – so I like how you get into your shots sometimes too – it adds so much – ❤
      and I ask at least 90% of the time – maybe more – but sometimes shots unfold – or having a little extra time allowed me to get "travelers at the airport in 2014" – like a little stamp in time.
      Hope you have a nice rest of the week –

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  8. Great photos, Yvette. And don’t feel bad. About ANY of them. They are pictures of the unaware, and some might be more unaware than others. There is a 4th option. Act like you’re taking a photo of what’s behind the person. Hopefully they won’t hold their hand in front of their face and ruin the candid-icity. 😉

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  9. Great shots, Yvette, and thanks for the link. I love the silhouettes and the 1st shots, with the curving vanishing lines.

    As far as people objecting to having their photo taken, I can think of maybe 10 people total in 40 years. Most people really just used to wonder if they’d show up in the paper. Now, they either don’t care, or are flattered. Still, I don’t think people even know I’m photographing them for the most part. I use a wide-angle, and the lens is never pointed at the people. Half the time, I don’t even notice them. 🙂

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  10. I am very much enjoying your Florida posts! The street shots are fabulous – my favorites are the woman in the orange pants and the one with the orange peel on the counter top leading your eye to the woman eating the sandwich. And in both cases (the tram and the benches) I like the BW versions better than the color. The BW adds an artistic quality.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. The b&w is a lovely sweeping composition Y and the clouds are stunning, the colour version could almost be a different picture, such a contrast. Lots to look at and love in this post. I automatically sat up straighter at the computer when I saw your “text neck” series of photos, we often do not think of our posture, a sign of age is the stoop and bent neck, looking at the ground all the time, that is now going to come earlier with the constant use of mobiles etc. The benches, people shots and oh dear, that man with the hamburger and the contrast with the orange… Well seen and caught…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for dropping by and I was just at your site and found a couple posts I am going to come and check out (you have quite extreme variety) see you later 🙂


  12. Great pic´s. And never ask permission to take photographs that way you capture people really being…well being them, not posing. To see poses I go and look at a fashion catalogue.
    All those people with their heads down staring at the cellphones….what has become of humanity.
    Orange pants, black tank and black heels…. you could have given me a call, yeeeehaaa! Florida girls…..
    About the one you feel bad about….. I feel bad about that I wasn´t there with the big dude eating that big hamburger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi CP4 – thx for the feedback – and regarding the buyer – well I bet that nine dollar – below average – burger was tasty and packed with protein – but hopefully it was not made with pink slime.. have you heard about the pink slime?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. come on! No wonder with all this publicity that MCd is going down the drain now, the sells are just not there.
        I want that pink slime, taste good, stop with MCd hatting. Taste good, we all know it´s the healthiest foods so if you don´t like it don´t go and eat it but stop with trashing my muse MCd.
        You´re just haters….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. well that is not the best video of the pink slime – that is the only one I could find – but other videos show the slime better – however, I did like that video because I think the Jamie Oliver guy might be pretty amazing.
        and I am not a McDonalds hater – my kid eats there weekly (gulp)

        and I think the guy in the picture is enjoying a Burger King product –
        but the truth is that I do not eat McD’s chicken sands or burgers because after I would eat their food – it felt like they used MSG (but now I think it may have been something else) but not a hater – I promise – and they do have good sliced apples – lol


      3. Sliced apples? man if I was a kid and went into a McD and somebody offered me a sliced apple I would probably go nuts and scream and through out punches. What has become of the world,so much political correctness…..have you really saw somebody eating an apple at McD´s, no! They just have to put that stupid crap up to keep the left normally, the great politicians who think they know better as to what we should eat and that each meal should have all the nutrition labels on it, the freaking lefties commies… 😉 Just pulling your leg, but is true. We all know it´s not the best food, taste damn good but is not healthy. Why do these politicians think they are doing us a favour telling us how bad it is and making the company really suffer by putting up the stupid nutrition things and all that, just to much PC. And if you think you can eat every day at McD´s and later on not have health issues, well then your an idiot and is your fault. Not the companies fault. I love how in the U.S people actually sue the company because the ate there 3 meals a day 7 times a week and then get a heart attack, really? Screw the you, be smarter and don´t blame others for your fault. Personal responsibility and don´t crucify McD, I worked there by the way, much better being a customer I´ll tell you that much.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Actually worked in Burger King but here in Spain. I even got fed up of burgers during that time. But at least it was my free lunch everyday.
        Pleading the 5th….you should watch Fox News!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I despise fox news – like seriously – they gripe and complain about the same ol’ stuff – and well, I know you watch it so I will just chill out – but their extreme bias and anger gives me a headache – what happened to good journalism – maybe we should ask Mark Barker about the days of real journalism on the news — not whatever F….. oh wait – but speaking of hatred – that is the mood over there…. ok….. back to the 5th


      6. Yeah, yeaah! what about CNN or CBS or MSNBC or NBC, those are not biased to the left right? right!!!!! 😉
        Me too, I´ll plead the 5th, since I can´t change your mind. Well maybe if we talked face to face I could, I´m a pretty good persuader, and if not I´ll just get drunk and have fun.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. well I bet your an excellent conversationalist – and actually I would agree that all the news has their bias and gunk these days – but seriously – just objectively assess Fox news – they are angry all the time and they miss out on educating or on informing us about things that matter because of their MO> When I was at my cousin’s house on a snowed in Buffalo trip in late 2013 – Larry had Fox news playing the whole time – so coming and going through ought the week I had exposure to different anchors at different times – and then other times I have seen it – well this has nothing to do with their heart or their mission – it has ro do with just an ugliness, and a griping spirit and well, of course I do not watch all the time and so I know my view is limited on it… but still…


      8. I´m objective, I do have two neurons left. Ofcourse if rightwing but they do shine I don´t see any anger quite the contrary part of the success of that news agency is the anchors, their personality which is likeable plus the women they are all blond and good looking, very smart I should add and very good at their profession. They do cover same topics as mainstream media over there in the U.S which is like here in Spain, they tend very much to the left and they do cover the ass of the administration. That´s a fact. They just don´t probe enough on certain topics, very important ones and I won´t go on to name them since it´s endless and this will become a thesis paper. They are number one, and that´s a fact for a reason. They do point out a lot what other media outlets don´t. So a combination of good journalism, charismatic anchors, a recipe for success.

        I know democrats hate the channel, but I don´t see any anger. To the contrary, and if there is anger well in my view is well disserved specially against the administration you have now.

        But let´s leave the topic since I´m not going to convince you nor you´re going to convince me…..I think, I hope! 😉


      9. oh just FYI – I was not at all trying to change your mind – I was just trying to share why I did not care for them.
        Just sharing my take – and I also would never try to change your mind on subject I know little about = so my view not hat channel is limited I know this
        and as you noted about their coverage of certain issues – well diversity in the news keeps a country healthier. (can…)
        – and all news reporting will have some bias and then infallibility is part of being human –
        but on a side note….
        I happened to be in the Charlottesville area when all the news teams were there last fall- they were filming the follow up on hannah graham – and I actually talked to two reporters – met the chief – and it was such a fun day for a little ol’ blogger from richmond.
        Anyhow, I walked by their news tent a half dozen times and seriously CP4 – there was just a bad energy there. And so with all due respect to their overall mission – and for the diversity they contribute I wish them the best, but from what I have seen – it felt like griping over the same darn issues and not offering solutions and maybe missing out on equipping and educating… but aging it is limited view amigo


      10. Having myself family in the journalism business I can say it´s a cutthroat business, one thing is the inside that people usually don´t see another thing is what people see on t.v. And nobody be it from the right or left wants to see angry all the time anchors and commentators. Sometimes yes, Fox is very good at mixing things up for an interesting view for the public.

        You´re talking about walking into the tent where producers, anchor guys, camera people, light people and the whole shabang are in the mix of getting the job done before going in the air. Those moments tend to be tense, trying to get the last news about whatever it is their covering setting the camera in the right place or whatnot. You´re talking about just humans in the midst of a stressed out high stakes job before the main character a.k.a the anchor shows up in view for the t.v audience. That´s different.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. I agree – but I passed other tents and had different vibes – and boy CP4 I like your lawyer side amigo – oh – and thanks for your comments and for sharing – it was fun – now some coffee?? Pike’s Place for tu — ☕ and some house blend for moi ☕

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Okay CP4 – I set the DVR to record a few Fox news shows – and even though the news coverage seemed okay and it was not hating like the times I heard it for days in Buffalo –
        But I like it even less.

        For a few reasons, but mainly because of the barbie look.

        you bragged that you like to get your news from the blonde hair babes?
        Well I see what you mean and found that to be a minus. NO offense towards any of those news anchors – and I saw one of them (MH) in some clips from when she was on The View and so I know she is smart and skilled, but really??? All three Fox shows I skimmed had News Anchors that looked like women were hired for a Tropicana ad…
        oh wait, even Tropicana does not use this stereotyped image of the Barbie doll look anymore, and they have enough class and diversity sense to represent all kinds of womanly beauty and appeal:

        and nothing against women who have this classic bleached blonde, spray tanned skin Barbie doll look, but seriously Fox? Is this the only kind of women you hire? I find it shallow and lacking much – especially for the year 2015!


  13. Hi Y!! Great to come along with you on your trip via these photos 🙂 Beats, yo!! It’s a great mix of your adventures and musings about people/objects you see. Thanks for the share, sweet friend! ❤


    1. Hi Shan!! thanks so much and that first silhouette is actually a personal fav- because that family was staring out the window for 15 minutes straight – or longer. I wondered what they were looking at – and it was just the bags being loaded -and then some workers – doing nada – and maybe they had gold bars in their suitcases – but they were so engrossed and this view of them – well i am glad I was able to capture it for a memory. And the second shot was one I took real quick like and juts liked it more when I was cleaning up and tossing scraps – I like the lighting…. anyhow, have a great day and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re a family like that…we like to know how things work. Maybe that’s what they were doing, too. =)

        I love looking at compelling images – and it’s even better when I can find out what the photographer was thinking in the moment, so thanks for your wonderful reply! =)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. thanks Shan – and I could see you giving a mini lesson about drag and lift! ha! here are the three that I took – along with the one of what they were staring at:

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lessons aren’t really a part of our world, but Physics Boy was very interested in why the wing had flaps (we were seated right over it on one of our flights). Drag and lift are absolutely his kind of thing! =)

        I don’t see the link to the images…phooey!

        Liked by 1 person

  14. Lady Blue-Ski, I am of the school I don’t like to take pics of people as a rule. If I do, I try not getting full face. The man eating the burger, oh, Yvette, how could you? I am giggling though. I agree about the worker’s gloves that need to come off when he is out of the kitchen. Now that is nasty. LOVE these posts and your photos are wonderful! Thank you! (((HUGS))) Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for the feedback lady rose-ski! ❤ ❤ ❤
      and your comment reminded me of our friend (Lucas) from Brazil – when he was here he was translating so many words. and he always laughed when we said "nasty" as an adjective for gross – and he would relate out loud – "Okay, nasty means bad… -and not naughty" lol

      Liked by 1 person

  15. My 1st favourite here is the B&W of the tram tracks, monochrome enhances the sweep of the curve – I think. And then my second favourite is the first silhouette. It captures the sense of anticipation in an airport.

    Liked by 1 person

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