Florida and B & W Day 3


For Day 3 of the B & W challenge, here is the view I saw every day:daily view

I still have my street portraits to share, but I am thinking about how to share them – and I also have not really had the time to go through them yet.  However, I promise to have them sometime this month.

In the meantime, because it is Monday, I thought we would join Restless Jo for a Monday walk around the Sunshine State – we will be driving for a few shots, but here are some misc. pictures I took on some of my walks in FL this year.


wall of surfbaords
A WALL of surfboards (from CORE’s surf shop)- linked to the wpc for wall this week.


light and reflection
I know some folks would crop off that small part of the retaining wall, but I like it there.


fisherman 2






This is some ground up Kava root my younger sister and I tried (also called kava-kava).  I have had Kava in Yogi tea and in some smoothies – so I thought I would give the powder a try.  It was supposed to be relaxing, but it made me wide awake and It is a bit slimy — so I did not care for it.  It  reminded me of slippery elm.  Anyhow, I found out that it is banned in some countries because it can be harmful to the liver (?) – I still have the bag of kava, but not sure if it is something I will ever consume again.  Kava root is front eh South Pacific and it is used in religious ceremony. The cool burlap bag it came in has a tribal feel to it -so this is linked to Tribe at Lost in Translation with guest Guilhem.



Can you guess what color this Hibiscus is? The original color is….( I will tell you next time)
Rollins College is considered the Harvard of the South…. well to some folks it is considered this – but not to all.  I did not get to visit their art musuem on this trip, but next year I will try and make it.
old tree-2
From 1990 to 1992, I worked at a building that sat right under this tree in Winter Park, FL. It was old back then…. and it is even older now!



train tarx
There is something about this photo I just really like – maybe the verticals – or the light/splashy feel – or maybe I like this photo because I took it after only being in Florida for a few hours.  I was happy to see my mom, the traveling was super easy, and it was fun to see revisit some old stomping ground.


swampy florida
Have you ever heard that Florida is one big swamp?


looking up at palm trees
Looking up at the Palm Trees -(linked to Debbie’s LULD- week 80)- and Bye to Florida….(for now)



paws in snow
Back at home I arrived to doggie paws in the snow!  -But as we all know, coming home after a trip is oh so sweet -even if you have to put boots back on the feet – coming home to family and to your own much loved bed – ahhhhh – maybe a bit tired, but all fresh in the head.



A special thanks to Jill here and Restless Jo here for linking me up with the B & W challenge.

The blogger I invite to the B & W challenge is Lisa (here) who is traveling the world “one ocean at a time” –

Have a great day – and thanks for dropping by.



60 thoughts on “Florida and B & W Day 3

      1. thanks for coming back – and it was yellow – and yellow seems to be the latest color for most Hibiscus over the last few years – at least in that part of FL
        have a nice day I


    1. thanks Norm – have a great week – and I took a photo of a door at the bank last week that I might be sharing with you on one of your Thursday Door challenges – it was such thick door!

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  1. I like that big old tree best. 🙂 There were big old trees in my childhood home. Years and years later I visited and one tree had been cut down. I cried. 😦
    For jo’s walk challenge, I posted about a swamp. lol

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    1. thanks so much – and I have a little bit of video of that man – casting and just waiting – only a few minutes – but that is what we pulled up to after dinner one night – I looked up to his silhouette and that sky…

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  2. Great B&W shot and the water reflection is beautiful. A WALL of surfboards Is such a cool entry. I love the fishing man photo, the sky is incredible! The Hibiscus is so beautiful, I really don’t care what color it is… Great post, Yvette! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks amy – and speaking of Hibiscus – your recent mac for Sally’s challenge is still fresh in mind (but there were not too many pink ones down where I was…)
      amy’s hibiscus form february:

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  4. Wonderful photos as always Yvette! My favorites were the Wall of Surf Boards and that street shot of a rainy day in Florida. There is something about railroads that always draw me in. I also love Sylvia’s amazing swamp painting. And the Vanuatu Bag of Kava made me hopeful that the people there can recover quickly from the recent PAM devistation.

    Thanks so much for inviting me to the Black and White Challenge. I am honored.


    1. oh so it is a Vanuatu Bag- thanks for that – and yes, have been following Pam (a bit) through updates and my prayers are with the people… and thanks for participating in the challenge – I might be doing it wrong by not doing them in a row each day – and by combining – but I have to do what works for me and I say the same goes to you – but here are the “rules” :
      1. On 5 days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
      2. Each of the 5 days, invite another blogging friend to join in the fun, which keeps this interactive.

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      1. amen to that – because forced posts end up robbing the joy of it all – even though I am planning to the final two quicker rather than later…. just going through some photos now….

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  5. I think the hibiscus is pale apricot with a pink centre. Love your image of the palm trees. That is sooo Florida! The old tree in Winter park is really huge, and must have given excellent shade from the hot Florida sun. The wall of surf boards is a very cool take on the WPC. So funny to see my painting in your comments here. Thanks for the publicity. 🙂 xx


    1. well you are close- and I will reveal the color very soon… but good guess – and speaking of pictures being “so” Florida – none of my bird photos really came out this year – but that’s okay because when I need all things Florida birds I know where to go… to your blog! and thx for letting me share it – because your painting fit right in with this and Lady Sighs swamp feel -also I love your results.. 🙂

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    1. Bon jour Mel – ❤ we almost went to the keys this time (we want to visit the Key West Key Lime Pie co. – and group on had some sweet deals for that area for stuff to do– but we went to Tampa instead – but maybe next year) – anyhow u r reine de voyage!!!


      1. @”reine des voyages”… – funny lady! ❤ if I had another life, I'd spend it on reading in 5 languages I speak and on traveling… 🙂 my beloved hubby and I have been on the same wavelength for several decades and all our choices or decisions have always been mutual… as simple as that! 🙂

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  6. Yvette, the top photo of the palm trees against the sky, with the clouds might be B&W but it feels so warm, even humid. Had to laugh about the Kava – it’s used a lot in Fiji. I didn’t try it while we were there back in 2012. But it was everywhere, and is quite an intoxicant – in a relaxing way – so I’ve been told. Unfortunately, I think too much of it can be a bad thing – some people get addicted to it. I think the slimy effect would be off putting, for sure. BTW is the hibiscus pink?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for guessing Jill – and nope not pink – and seeing that it is the next day I will reveal the answer – it is yellow!
      and here iso the original

      I had no idea about Kava – but I was actually kind of mad because it kept me wide awake and I really needed sleep because we had so much to do – but I self on the ride to Tampa and that was a rescue – so it was not even close to relaxing – it was like caffeine – without being wired. But I journaled, watched the Florida channel – a good episode about privacy issues regarding online information when a person dies – especially regarding emails – and who knew this post humous digital access was such a big issue – it was actually quite interesting… lol


  7. What a mega, multi-challenge post! 🙂 The gorgeous sunset with the lone man is a standout for me Yvette. Still chuckling over the shot that made you feel bad 😀

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  8. Love this walk through Florida Y, love those skies against the palm trees. The wall of surfboards is very artsy. Also caught your cute little poem at the end, a really sweet, comforting ending to your post and to your travels. Nothing like being home in your own bed, no matter the wonderful time had whilst away. Lovely post mon amie 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks mon amie – and that surfboard photo actually goes with another street shot of the owner of this cool little shop – and I am going to share his photo later on this spring – wow – is it really almost spring 🙂 🌷🌷🌷

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    1. thanks Debbie – and last year it was your LULD challenge that was on my mind most – and it was this year too – along with “people shots”
      – good day to ya


  9. I love the silhouette of the guy fishing… so calming! Must not be easy returning from warm sunny weather to the snow… but you’re right… coming home after a trip is oh so sweet 🙂

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    1. thanks for the feedback – and I did get a little video footage of this casual guy casting our his line – looks like he was just passing time enjoying the sunset and not that worried about catching anything – and coming home to snow was not so bad – not sure if you know this, but I lived in FL a few times, and one of the reasons we did not want to move back there is because we want 4 seasons – but this could change when we are older – ha! in the meantime – like you – we really love mountain access too ❤ ❤

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  10. P: I loved all the pictures here. The different shades of Florida, if you will.

    You capture unseen moments; the unusualness about a place we might otherwise not see. Of all the pictures my favorite is the one you like too. There’s indeed a different feel to it — as though the world has become still in all its motion. Perhaps our interpretations rely on the mood we are in. You were happy that day and so the picture became dear to you – and to me now because I think I am happy.

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