Day 4 B & W – 10 Florida Street Shots



Hello – For Day 4 of the B & W Challenge, I bring you into this little store where I bought an old Kipling book for RV. Do you see it there? It was in bad shape, but for three dollars I took a chance.

kipling book for RV of DP

And now here are TEN more of my street shots from Florida.  These are all from February 2015.

The Thompsons sat across from me on the plane. And as Thanks for the photos, I gave her that little purple box (I had it for my niece, but I had tons of other things for my niece so it was meant to be shared)


I met Cheyne and Chris when I stopped in at a restaurant I used to work at in the early 1990s. I showed them where I was standing at 10:30 a.m. on a day in late July 1990 – when my niece was born. It was fun to tell them a little about the restaurant history.  These two guys were very cool.


My Aunt was walking by and asked Marisa and Kevin if I could take their photo. But she did NOT let me know she was asking and so I got a little grumpy at first, especially because I had already asked Ralph if I could take his photo. However, it ended up being a gift and later I thanked my Aunt and told her she is always welcome to help me out!!  Grabbing a few pictures of Marisa and Kevin was a highlight – they were so personable and we just had fun. They even had a fun photo bomb in one of their photos – see the lower right? Well thanks so much to M & K ❤


This is Ralph. When I asked to take his photo it was because he was so friendly and started talking to us. I also wanted to grab a photo of a snowbird – but it turns out – Ralph has lived in FL for 57 years. That is a long time to live in one place.


This is Chris, and when I saw the smoke from his vaping, I had to grab shot – and he has some nice body art. Sweet dude.


pps-306-2-2015-spca guys
I met these three guys because I walked over to take a photo of the pile of Bubble TV (below).. While there, I started talking to the two guys, Ethan and Brandon, and when they said I could take their photo, the middle guy, Orville, walked out. The timing was perfect. They look tough – but they are gentle bears. They invited me into the SPCA store to give me the address of where I could mail them a copy of their photo – and while in there – that was when I saw the old books for sale (first photo in this post).




bubble tvs
my, my, my how technology changes! And my mom and I have a joke about bubble TVs (share it later maybe) and so I had to grab a photo. This is linked to Cee’s Oddball pics week -11
A man and his car!



This awesome store clerk was also fun to photograph. I had some clearer shots, but these photos are the ones I like most. I am linking this photo to JNW’s OWPC, which is “Beaver” this week – because the brown tones in her jacket are beaver and shoes look like beaver hide.



THANK YOU Kyle – and a huge thanks to all who serve and protect freedom.




This is my niece – and her mom was the one who was born in July 1990… and last year when I was in Florida, Kaia and I decorated Vass’s box. This year we wrote words and doodled – and I taught her how to make spirals. Joy is…. time with Kaia… linked to Kan’s challenge.


I hope you have a nice Tuesday – and the blogger I link today for the B & W challenge is the muchacho Sir Spaniard Charly Priest from the Crazy Life blog. (warning – he sometimes swears and writes about adult content, and I skip those posts…)




77 thoughts on “Day 4 B & W – 10 Florida Street Shots

    1. Hi Amy – well I am a weird mic of extrovert and introverted – and so is my oldest son… and I do not talk to everyone – it really just depends on the chemistry – … thanks for dropping by…


    1. oh that is so funny that they have the same look….well these guys were just so cool – and we had the best congo about how easily today’s computer can become tomorrow’s dinosaur….

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Norma – it actually worked out so well – and I try and give people something for letting me take their photo – even if it just a signed print – which can actually be nice. And the two guys in the restaurant – I gave them these little packs of trader joe’s raw nuts and two ones each – rolled – nothing much at all – but just a gesture of thanks. and thanks for your comment❀✾✿✿✿✿✿


  1. What was that guy smoking? No wonder you went to talk with him, women….you can´t resist bad boys. And those three big guys, those guys should be in the Discovery Channel or some type of program. And nooo! You took the photo of an officer a second liutenant….I hate officers, specially young liutenants. They don´t know s..t most of them at least here in my country. Won´t judge the Americans.

    By the way how in the world do I get linked? And what does that mean?


    1. Hi CP4 – well this lieutenant you would have like d- he was way cool (but I did not know he was an officer)

      Oh, and they are e-cigareetes out that have flavors -and it is called vaping. I am still learning a little bit about it… and will be back later to share what I have heard about them – but I do know they make a lot of smoke – and a few folks were doing this at the airport…

      Lastly, the challenge – here is the scoop:

      There are only two rules for this challenge:

      1. On 5 days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
      2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

      I think you can do the 5 days consecutive posts, but there is some flexibility with it….


      1. I have no clue how to take a black & white photo, plus I don´t know what in the world happens that the buttong “add media” sometimes it works others doesn´t, most of the time it doesn´t . With the exception of the other day with that crazy post about “is suicide that difficult or who said suicide was that difficult” I think it was something more like the latter, anyways point being I have no idea how to make photos into black and white and the media library it screwed.
        If you have any ideas, welcome they are.

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  2. I think you might hold some sort of record for most people met while on vacation. What a great collection of folks. I love that you were after a snowbird but got a permanent sun bird!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like how you call him a sun bird – and his wife (of 59 years) Mary did not want her picture taken.
      a record? well a record for me for sure- thanks for dropping by amiga

      Liked by 1 person

    1. different indeed -:) you are a pro and I am a hobbyist hah!
      – but as I am sure you know – this is what I love about photography and blogging – we all bring our own style and signature – there is room for everyone with our unique touch!

      and actually – one of my goals for my trip was to get at least 50 “with permission” people photos – (I got more than 60 – still need to count)
      and I thought about asking questions to people too – my husband was going to give me a mic to use, but it started to become too much of a project and I nixed the idea.
      B ut as you know from your creative experimenting, it takes tossing around ideas to get things moving.
      I did get some video footage and even tho I am almost tired of all this “post-Florida” posting – well I think I am going to make a video and use the video footage in there. not sure yet – anyhow, have a good day – et hola a maria!

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    1. yes G = and actually funny you should mention that because in hind sight I see how I could have been better prepared – like maybe even have a card to hand out with the info. But you know, the impromptu ways of exchanging info actually became fun – if that makes sense – but when I do this again – I am going to have priorhouse cards ready to give –

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  3. So many great street shots. Love the relationships that you build with the people you photograph. Great stories. My favorites are of the Thompsons, Ralph, and the boys at the SPCA. Can’t wait to see you do more of these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Lisa – ❤ ❤ – and when Mrs. Thompson gave me a few minutes (about 5) of her time like that – well guess what happened? The flight attendant came out with something she left behind in her seat – and well, she might have walked off and been long gone had it not been for us looking for a spot to take a few pics…. sop that was nice…
      oh and I love her daughter's boots – ha!

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  4. You have the people gift as much as the photography gift, Y. And the people gift, well, that’s way more important in life. People warm to you, and they open up to your world like a flower in spring. Not in Syracuse, yet, but you get my drift. Your picture capture the essence of how they welcome you into their life for that slice of time. I admire that, my friend. Bravo.


    1. I am honored to read that ❤ ❤ ❤ (thx dude….)
      and yeah, I get your drift on the syracuse weather – because did I hear correct – that syracuse get amore snow than Buffalo?


  5. Your street scenes are so modern and contemporary, the way you capture so many different personalities, ages, cultures, styles and fashions. I love too the very interesting snippets of information you provide for each shot, giving the back story on some – such as when you were at first a bit grumpy at your aunt! – but then agreed you liked having her help! But I can understand that. And I also think your neice is adorable…and a leftie like me, yay!! Great job on all your challenges mon amie, very enjoyable for this Brit 🙂 ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well thanks for dropping by and I learned a little bit with this project – so enriching and a nice part of the trip – but gleaned a few things I will have to share later… in the meantime, have a great rest of your week and EYS and TTYS

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  6. Little Kaia looks like an absolute joy! You really do get some wonderful people shots of total strangers. I’m thinking that you must have oodles of charm. 🙂 I love the photos of the 3 ‘drop off’ guys.That old Kipling book was a really nice find.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Linda – and not everyone is hip on getting their picture taken – and as I am sure you know – it is a very vulnerable thing on both ends – for me – and for them. And when I told folks it was a for a blog and just kind of a celebration of, um, “people” – well it seems cheesy but people sort of get it.
      And another thing I liKe – which I noticed with the TV’s being junked and with the used items in the case – well some photos capture the culture where it is right now – and that has value to me personally – the clothes we wear, the headphones we use, and the hairstyles…. we all capture it and then preserve a snippet. 🙂 ❤ TTYL

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  7. I am impressed by your people photography! Yvette, I should learn from you how to encounter my shyness! Really enjoy the story of each photos – images do tell story and reminds us of the moment..
    And those TVs…gosh, I am speechless! It reminds me of our laptops at home. We have five laptops at home now – with two of them that being used daily… 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  8. (EN) I agree with others and…1,2,3,4 keep going here and there! I think it ‘s impossible to meet you and don’t want to chat or pose for you 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂
    (IT) Concordo con gli altri e…1,2,3,4 continua ad andare qui e lá!Penso sia impossibile incontrarti e non voler chiaccherare o fare una foto per te :-)Grazie di condividere 🙂

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  9. Yay! So looks like you had quite the success with your photos of strangers endeavour. And thank you so much for sharing your joy! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately… Need to get back to the lovely bloggy land… I’m just catching up on my favourite blogs for now. Xo

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  10. P: Love this post, and I can’t take my eyes off the first picture. Your gifting of the little purple box shows your kindness. The mother and the daughter looked happy and comfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much P – and I think some folks trunk I gave her the unicorn box, but that was hers – this is the one I shared –

      also, it worked out well because when I got there I found a pink little lock box purse (similar) but with hello kitty on it – and then we also found some discounted goody bags in Orlando – with a tea set and playing cards – and so in addition to teaching my niece how to make spirals – my mom and I taught my niece the basics of “texas hold’ em” bah!

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