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The wpc is FRESH this week, and here are some fresh baby chicks that were fun to observe at the tractor supply store last week.



baby chicks -2

Here is a short video I made of the chicks  –  synced to an old school song (Dick Van Dyke — Put On A Happy Face) to help us start our fresh week with a little cheer:

For those that like this song and want the whole version, here is the Bye Bye Birdie version


Over on Bytes (here), we have a nice reminder from Captain Jack Sparrow:

“The problem is not the problem.
The problem is your attitude about the problem.
Do you understand?”
so do get it?
do you understand …?
In closing, and for a bit more inspiration today, here is a fresh snippet from a library interview with Mark Barker (HERE)
(Mark is that TV pioneer I met down in Florida earlier this month)

Miss Nancy of Romper Room

“Romper Room was owned by a company up in Philadelphia and they had selected a woman who was the romper room teacher and she was doing fine, but her husband was transferred so she was going to leave the show….

Well, when I was doing that Marking Time program, I had said in one of them, “If you really want to do something, if you really, really, really, want to do something hard, write it out on a little piece of paper: I want to do this ____. And you take it with you every where you go and you keep reminding yourself this is what I want to do. In all probability you’ll wind up doing it.

Well, I’m interviewing people and Nancy Stillwell comes in to be interviewed and we’re chatting away. She reaches into her pocketbook and pulls out this ratty little piece of paper and it says, “I want to be the Romper Room teacher.” She was one of my people that I selected and she was the one that won the final thing and became Miss Nancy for Romper Room. And she was so perfect for that part. She was great! She’s a wonderful woman….” Mark Barker

more here
Hope you have a nice week.

40 thoughts on “wpc – FRESH

    1. thanks Indah – and I could not stand that “happy face” song in high school when we did BBB, but I heard it stream last night and thought of a few folks who might enjoy the little bounce it offers

      – hope you have a great week too –


  1. Awwh those small baby chicks! I so want to have one, as long as it stays that small ! lol

    And is it weird I read that Captain Jack Sparrow dialogue in his own voice in my head ?! 😀
    Awesome post Y, Have a great day ahead ❤


    1. my pleasure. and nice to see you today Amy – especially because when I first stumbled on all these chicks I thought of your wpc with the chicks at school a while back – 🙂


  2. Impossible not to smile when coming here, Yvette. 🙂 Aren’t those chicks tiny? 🙂 🙂
    For some bizarre reason, when I saw your title I thought ‘pint of milk’. Nothing so strange as folks!

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  3. Love the ‘fresh chicks’! We raised chickens from day old chicks and this gave me lots of happy memories of those days, so thank you for that mon amie 🙂 Mark Baker’s story is great and laughed out loud at good old Jack Sparrow. I made it over here today after all…and so glad I did as you’ve made me smile from ear to ear with this fab post lovely friend… LOVE it 😀 ❤ 🙂

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  4. Whenever I see Janet Leigh, I think of the movie Psycho.

    Interesting post. I love the “baby chicks” — nothing else in this world, in my view, is more cuteness personified. They make me happy.

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  5. Hi Yvette Dear!I twice posted a comment on your previous post,but disappeared;I don’t know what’s wrong.
    Maybe it was spammed ? If you read it please unspam me ; thank you, Doda 🙂
    PS: Thanks kindly for dropping by and for your rich comment !!!


  6. After watching the videos,I couldn’t help but put on a happy face,dear Yvette!
    Loved your very re-Freshing post … Thank you!Have a brilliant day! Doda, 🙂 (◠‿◠✿) ♡

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  7. Even with my glasses, I had to take a double take on the first pic, Yvette… I thought they were in a Cuisinart food processor! OMG! LOL (And don’t mention it to anybody but I remember Romper Room…)

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    1. oh that is super cool that you remember romper room – and I have seen reruns so I knew it – and it is always nice to get a back story.
      have a great day and thanks for dropping by Mustang koji….


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