CORE Surf Shop in FL (catching up post 1)

Hello everyone.  May has officially arrived and for the priorhouse blog, this means catching up on some old post ideas.  Today’s post is part 1 (of about 10) “catching up” posts that I hope to share this month.  Today I invite you to join me as we check out Core Surf Shop.

core surf collage priorhouse 2015
Core surf shop is a small surf shop in Cape Canaveral, FL, which is on the East Coast side of Florida. This is in an area called the Space Coast. This section of Florida has seen better days. It was much more “happening” forty years ago, but the town hangs on with miscellaneous launch activity and plenty of beach access. 


core surf shop 1
Parking if reserved for surfers only….


Thank you, Core, for letting me take your photo to add to my growing collection of people shots!  I really like this photo of Core because it shows his surfer side mixed with his entrepreneur success. It kind of reminds me about how we need to “do what we love” and if making a business out of it works out too – well that just sweetens the days.   


surfer figurine front
This hard to miss figure sits out front of Core Surf and a lot of people like to pose for a photo with this silver surfer  This year (2015) is the first time I have seen the silver surfer wear a tie.


surfer figurine behind
Here is the surfer from another angle. The time of the sun setting was a treat for me because I like the mood it added to some of the photos – even though I have to admit that I was in a hurry – it was the end of another long day and dinner was waiting for us back on the river. (and yes, I think I caught a selfie here too- lol)


large surf shop
Core Surf is located right down the road from some of the larger surf shops in Cocoa Beach. Here is a shot of one of the tourist stores, which is also where I had one of my celebrity encounters back in 2001. Now you need to know that I am NOT the kind of person who gets all gushy over meeting celebs or while encountering someone who has status or power.  Not to disrespect them or anything, but usually it just means nada to me. Also, working in the restaurant business for more than ten years meant that I encountered many celebs and high profile individuals. Too many to count!  And usually I just like to give them their privacy, but most of the time I just do NOT care about their fame.  Well I guess it depends, because if it is someone I admire I might be interested. For example, when I met the author Larry Crabb in 1996, I was pretty excited. Anyhow, a while ago, Sonel and I were chatting about how sometimes we encounter celebs while going about life – and many times we do not even realize it at the time. It is like you see them and you kind of think that they look like someone you know. Your curiosity races as the wheels in your mind turn and sometimes it is only later when you realize who it was (or who you think you encountered)!  That was how it was when I met Kevin Spacey at Ron Jon’s surf shop.  We had two teenage girls visiting us from Denver –  and I drove them down to the touristy Ron Jon’s.  I was waiting outside while they shopped and I was wondering the time.  I left my sweet “Qulacomm cell phone” in the car (do you remember those phones?) – and I noticed some folks were shaking out beach gear. The first guy I asked completely ignored me (think it was Spacey’s son).  Then this guy with a beard looked up and smiled, looked at his watch, and told me the time. Those eyes haunted me all afternoon, and finally I figured it out- I think it was a Spacey sighting. In 2001, Spacey was popular for his role in The Usual Suspects (1995) and The Negotiator (1998). 


kevin spacey
I took this photo earlier this year while in a FL Publix, because I wanted to show Kan and let her know that I did not really care for HOC. It has good acting and all, but just not my kind of show and so I stopped watching. Anyhow, this store is also right down the road from where Kevin Spacey “told me the time” back in 2001 – and I sometimes think of it when I visit this part of FL. He was a very nice guy – not “stuck up” and so that is worth noting. 


a1a beachfront avenue
My memories in Florida start as early as 1989 and somehow as a family we ended up living there in 2001 (long story). We then moved away from FL in 2002.  I did not go back to Florida after that until 2009. Life had gotten so busy with moving a couple of times and raising kids – also, FL was the last place on my list to visit. However, when spring break 2009 rolled around, the boys and I really wanted to visit the Sunshine State. My mom was all settled into her new place and we seriously needed a road trip. The boys were fast asleep and it was about 2 a.m. when I called my mom for the final directions. I had quickly printed the route from Mapquest before I left – but did not really pay attention to the exact address.  On the phone my mom said, “And then you will cross over A1A, just keep going towards the ocean…” What???? Well for those that don’t know – A1A is beachfront Avenue (original Vanilla Ice song here) and anything closer to the ocean than that is pretty much on the water!  We did not realize my mom’s new place was 109 steps from the sea.  Ahhhhh – and we have been visiting her almost every year since.  Last year she moved to a smaller place on the River, but whenever I see a sign that says “A1A” – I always smile and finish it by saying “beachfront avenue….” 


core surf shop 2
As the sun sets and the salty air lingers – Core wipes the surf report board clean and then closes up shop for another day.




39 thoughts on “CORE Surf Shop in FL (catching up post 1)

  1. I would love to live by the Sea, just to listen to the sounds and wake up to ocean air, ah.. super love the mood of the setting sun 🙂


  2. 109 steps from the sea! I agree with Andy’s comment. I’ve always wanted to try surfing too. But the having to paddle out each time sounds so tiring! Can you surf? 🙂


    1. Hi C – 🙂 well I think you will love surfing – and you are so right – paddling back out IS tiring – but SO is pushing up to get up – and then just walking with the board. I can get up and catch parts of waves – which I am very proud of – but I prefer to use a boogie board – (and I also like to scuba dive, but I have not been diving since the 1990’s – one of my goals is to start diving again in a couple of years).


  3. I am so very glad that you counted those 109 steps, Y. A detail like that will win my heart every time.

    So, space coast and Spacey. Very nice juxtaposition here. To those of us a certain age, Cape Caniveral was a news report center, for sure. Up went America’s hopes and dreams from there. And I am very glad that the famous man was nice to you while his son snobbed out. It goes to show you that he made his way from regular beginnings, most likely, while the kid was born into the good life.

    Finally, I’d choose indie man Core’s over that big box surf shop every time. A self-made man that worked his way to his life’s calling has to know the ins and outs of the best of his craft, while the chain just sells what’s popular.

    I love hearing about your past lives, Y. Please keep these reports coming. How very, very well told in words and pictures. Thank you for a great Friday and May Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh Mark – it sound alike you know that space coast area more than me – and I love how you worded it with this “Up went America’s hopes and dreams from there.” – also – I missed that juxtaposition – ha! thanks for your fun comment and hope u have a nice Friday


  4. What an interesting part of Florida! I’ve never been, but yes, it was always so famous for the space industry — It’s cool about Core and his surf shop. He looks like a fun guy but is very much an entrepreneur, like you say.
    And the silver surfer? Wow, that’s some statue…
    And about Kevin Spacey? I love him! If I were to have seen him, I might have made a scene…
    Have a lovely weekend and thanks always for sharing your pics and stories!


    1. Hey Lia – thanks for the comment- and seriously, if I would have noticed him at the time I would have try to crack a joke – like mention a negotiation or say “hand me the keys…” of a kaiser size comment – I dunno –

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes, I agree about HOC – the political theme is not necessarily my cup of tea, and a few other things got to me – but he found a sweet spot with that show! but the kaiser soze role might be a fav

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Great shots this Surf shops. Ron Jon’s is crazy and fun, I remember! Love these photos you took, Yvette. 🙂


  6. There would probably be only a handful of very famous people that I would recognise and even then I wouldn’t remember their names, I’m clueless!


  7. This brings back a bit of long time memory of Cocoa Beach. I still remember the Ron Jon surf shop well. From reading this, it seems that they are still around.


    1. yes, they are still there and “bigger than ever” – and not sure if you recall in the early 1990’s when I -95 seemed to have hundreds of signs saying how many miles to ron jon’s

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now that you mentioned that, those signs just sprung up in my mind again. It is good to know that they are still doing well.


      2. Oopps. I saw your comment on the “Flights Over To Las Vegas” and I did not know what happend to it now. That was my second flight to Las Vegas too.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. It’s a couple of years since I was at Cocoa Beach. Your mom’s place sounds as close to the beach as we were in South Africa. I do miss my walks by the beach, and watching the surfers do their thing. That yellow building looks like Ron Jon’s. I can never resist going in there, and I always buy something. 🙂 I do love the Core Surf sculpture, but who put the tie around his neck? 😕


    1. well I guess that Core did – I am not sure- and thanks for your comment S – 🙂 I bet your beachside place in SA was nice – and actually I have been watching your place in Florida unfold and I might like that better than seaside – because you have all those birds come and visit

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thx for your comment Sue – and no – not really – even though I think that it always helps to first and foremost “do what you love” which is why I moved into the Education department and left the pre-med track in college back in 1994. It has served me well -and as you know – life is to short to do work that grates – no matter what the pay. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. …and salty sea air is supposed to be healing air too – we lived beachside in a rental for a few months while waiting on our house and there is another downside – corrosion and rust – and then the storms that come. But indeed something so wonderful ❤


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