Five Stories – One Post

This post is to participate in the 5 Story challenge.

Story #1 – Seeing Art.

I woke up a little after 5 a.m. – (went to bed early so I was ready to start the day). As I grabbed a glass to have my morning herbs (before my java) I noticed that there was a nice shadow on the counter.  The overhead cabinet lights mixed with the dawn to allow a soft light into the kitchen.  I took out a few more glasses and spent a couple of minutes experimenting – and then took a few photos (it reminded me of this old tea cup ballet photo here).   When I looked at these shadow photos later on – I realized that this is an artsy outlet for me right now – and it lifted some guilt I was feeling for not doing other art. You see, for the past three weeks I have been “meaning” to paint or do something with clay – but it has felt obligatory and forced – and it just was not happening!  Anyhow, I finally put away the brushes, paint, and misc. art bins – and felt contentment settle in.  –  Without sounding too cheesy – I felt contentment for just being in tune with me and with what I need (or don;t need right now) – and I also felt grateful for living in a day and age with so much art access.


playing with shadows at 4 a.m.- 2

emerson quote glasses


Story #2 – Having fun.

My son was home for a couple of weeks this month and we all played cards at different times (while he also rested up and did other things).  Sometimes just leaving the cards out (easy access) allows us to play more- which might not happen if everything was put away. Anyhow, my son’s first day back home – we actually sat down to play a board game – we went through the list – with “No, nope, nah, no….” and finally agreed to play some old-fashioned cards.  Then one son said, “Hold on a second,” and he came back with sunglasses for everyone to put on (as a joke).  We all wore the shades for an entire hand (and someone hummed a few lines from the Kenny Rogers’ song, “You gotta know when to hold’em, know when to foldem'”)  Anyhow, it was a fun time  – and another nice thing about “cards” is that you can play for ten minutes or two hours – it is very win-win.

sally D playing cards
Linked to Sally D’s mobile photo challenge.


emerson quote - moments

3 – Journaling. 

It seems like all my life I have liked to keep a paper journal.  I find it to be a valuable wellness tool for organizing thoughts, reflecting on life, and keeping a bit of a scrapbook about some of the ordinary, but important things, which are too easily forgotten.  I usually just write a page a day, but sometimes I do not write for a couple of months – it really depends on the season.  The other day, I was out in the yard to write a page or two – while getting some vitamin D from the sun, and I noticed another cool shadow.

Linked to Cee’s fun-foto.


I also was thinking about teenagers and how much they still have to learn – and here is what I jotted down for my son:

“I wish I could pump life lessons

inside of your head!

Like water from a hydrant

flood your brain with what I’ve learned.

I wish wisdom for you son –




Of course you have much of this already-

with times of sheer brilliance.

But I know some learning ONLY comes with age….

while living life

working through strife

problem solving issues

adapting to miscues

feeling pain


experiencing gain.

Soaking up the highs

appreciating blue skies

enhanced stability

with tough fragility.

Developing grit…

working through sh – um, I mean stuff.

Growing with God –

and feeling his presence…

learning more about yourself

your unique essence.

And so while I can’t flood your brain

I CAN frequently contribute-  like nourishing rain-

to help coach, guide, and share…

I love you so much and I’m really glad you’re here.


emerson quote

 Story #4  Conversation. 

The fourth little story just has to do with going out for dinner.  Last week, we sat around talking with full stomachs – and I realized what a smart investment dining out can be for us at times.  We do not spend a lot of money when we go out to eat (part of this is because we find the deals at the places we love) – but we sometimes really make it happen because when it is NOT overdone –  it can be so refreshing – and lead to some nice “conversating” – and on this night –  we talked about recent episodes of The Profit, how to take pano images, and summer stuff.

after dinner

emerson convo quote

Story #5 Rose of Sharon garden analogy. 

For my last story in the 5 story challenge – I had to end with a garden analogy – because the woodland gnome nominated me for this challenge, and this “dirty hands gardener slash former Educator” also has a really nice camera – and so this final story is to say thanks for the nom.

rose of sharon b & w bopaula link
Linked to P’s B & W


A few years ago, I bought two Rose of Sharon plants.  One I kept potted – and the other one I put in the ground.  Guess what?  The potted one never grew very much, whereas the one that went into the ground thrived and has given me at least a dozen baby plants to give away.  This is so different for hydrangea and hibiscus shrubs – because those plants seem to thrive in a pot and do better with having their roots bound. But not this Rose of Sharon, oh no!  This prolific bloomer and easy to grow sturdy beauty – well it prefers to be in the ground where the roots can reach out and expand.

My analogy?

Well people are like this too – now maybe it depends on the phase of our lives  – where we have seasons of feeling restricted and unable to grow if things are not exciting enough- but then other times we might prefer to live a simpler life and find comfort in feeling potted.

In the photo below you can see the stunted potted shrub compared to the vibrant “in the ground” plant – can you see the difference?  I guess the message with this little garden note is a reminder to first, figure out what you need for your wiring at a certain life phase – and then make it happen – don’t apologize for it – celebrate it.


rose of sharon analogy

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you all have a nice day!

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Peace out.



71 thoughts on “Five Stories – One Post

  1. May I ask what herbs you are taking first thing in the morning? I like your perspectives Yvette, and I especially appreciate your black and white rose which is the photo I also like best here.


    1. thanks so much P 🙂 and the herbs I took that morning were “bitters” (here) – which help with digestion and systemic healing – and so if you take them 15 or 20 minutes before a meal they have all sorts of benefits for digestion.


  2. Beautifully done, Yvette! Love the 5 stories and photos. Keep a paper journal, that is a good thing. I hope to see your paintings. 🙂


  3. Wow, Yvette! So much wisdom packed into a single post! Just love your advice to your son. I feel like that about my relationship with my daughter, but have never expressed it so eloquently. With your permission, I’d like to send her your poem for your son. Also, your analogy with the Rose of Sharon is simply stunning. I’m in process of discarding potted Hydrangeas- some very nice ones- which didn’t make it through winter in their pots. They were potted and on a raised deck to protect them from hungry deer, but that ‘protection’ led to their demise. There is a rich lesson there….
    And your initial photos…. and observations on our artistic nature…. intriguing. Have you noticed that we need a certain level of energy to create? With a child around, even a grown one, our energy is diverted elsewhere. Thank you again for accepting the challenge, for your lovely link, and for all of the beauty and wisdom you’ve shared today ❤ ❤ ❤ WG

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    1. permission granted and I am completely honored to have the request – and guess what? I lost two potted hydrangea this winter too – but was waiting to see if they would come back – and as we share the same zone – well I guess if you are tossing yours it might be time to release mine to the great by and by of the compost pile – ha!

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      1. So hard to release when hope springs eternal…. but practicality demanded the pots for another use! They are rated to survive here; I believe mine died in the last hard frosts in February and March. An expensive mistake….. Thank you for allowing me to share your poem with my daughter. I think she has traveled far enough now on her own path to understand and appreciate its wisdom 😉 ❤

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        1. yes, I think those extra cold months got mine too – however, the two I had were both not too pricey – caught a sale on some endless summer ones, but I will miss those two.
          and it sounds like your daughter is at a nice phase – ❤

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        2. ❤ Well, Yvette, it is nearly time for Hydrangea to go on sale again. MacDonald Garden Center had them on sale last weekend- I hope you find a good deal to replace them. Our shrubs, planted in the ground, are finally covered in flowers, beginning to open. Our flowers were lost last year, so it is wonderful to see them blooming again 😉

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        3. McDonald Garden Center sent out an email this AM about a huge sale today through 6/2. All of their Proven Winner shrubs are on sale. 25% if memory is working. Road Trip? 🙂


        4. well first of all – how awesome to have a sale on proven winners -that is truly one of the best lines of shrubs/plants – whew – and well, I hope you find some gems – but I am actually not replacing the two hydrangea I lost – I do not love-love them – and I also plan on changing things up this year – in fact, I have about 5 rose of sharon “starters” to give away (hint)

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        5. Well, Yvette, I’m not replacing mine, either. I want to see what this winter looks like before making that investment again. There was one cultivar, with a white flower, that I found on sale mid-season last year. That was my favorite, and the only one I’d buy again this year. Its skeleton is still in its pot, but no green under the bark. I’m nearly ready to replant the pot….. We have so many R of S that I pull their little starts and toss them these days….. sorry to admit that; but it is the truth. We do love their flowers to carry us through the summer 😉 Happy weekend! I hear the Greek Festival is on this weekend 🙂

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        6. oh well now I will not feel so bad if I toss my starters for the R of S – so thanks for that. and guess what – was out back and one of the hydrangeas I thought was atoner – well it had a few rich green leaves – hm – not giving up on that one yet – but the other one is truly a goner –

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        7. I gave some of our seedling R of St to neighbors in years past , but there aren’t many takers . This year we are overrun with Redbud tree seedlings . Happy beyond words that you have leaves on your hydrangea 🙂

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  4. Wow, that journaling story was tops, Yvette! I love that shadow but that verse for your son? That was so well done! Also love how you worked in that quote about uncut diamonds and spare time in your second story. A wonderful post!

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    1. thanks for your feedback – esp. about the poem because I almost just mentioned it without adding it in – but then I decided to add in some of it – and I went all the way downstairs for the notebook (effort) – ha! and just put it in – so now I am really glad I did – and I am sure that you know with your son lifeguarding and doing his thing this summer – well their welfare is at the forefront of our mind ongoing – ahhhh

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      1. Oh, yes. I do know exactly what you mean. Parenting is not for sissies, huh?


        1. yes – and with these teen years – well it takes patience and sometimes a bit of strategy to cater to their wiring. 🙂


        2. “cater to their wiring….” now those are words I’m gonna hold tight to…….that’s EXACTLY what we have to do.

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        3. Yes, I constantly feel I’m on a treadmill trying to keep up yet never even coming close. There are moments and I hang on to those with all I have!

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        4. I hear ya my friend – and it takes a village for sure!! – and I am grateful to those who continue to share their tips along the way – like tips on talking with teens- how to be super involved without the restricting helicoptering – and how to empower their leader side while developing humility – such a fine line with cockiness and confidence – agh 🙂

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  5. oh what a lovely post, Yvette! love all stories; lots of wisdom and very inspirational. love your poem to your son and the rose of sharon analogy is ingenious! beautiful captures, too! thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. thanks so much Amy – and I started off with 4 photos from the week (using Lisa’s sunday series idea) – and then the Emerson quotes have been sitting in a folder – and so when I finally had the chance to sit down and chew on it – it really just unfolded easily – love when that happens – 🙂


        1. sorry – it was for you (Sally!!) but I had just finished writing amy a reply and it is a typo – sorry an d thanks for asking – but it was a reply to your nice comment about the creativity part . 🙂


  6. What a feast of tales, insights, inspiration, creativity, interesting visuals, common sense and Ralph Waldo Emerson. You have done us proud, to say nothing of the challenge.


  7. I loved your post. The Rose of Sharon was an especially nice touch for me. My grandparents in Hampton, VA, had a hedge of these between their house and their neighbors. Oh the fun we grandchildren had with this hedge. My sister and I picked Japanese beetles out of the flowers,, and my younger cousins and baby sister were really bold and captured bumblebees by holding the tops of the petals shut. Oh the joy of the memories. 😀


    1. did you say a hedge of these beauties? not that is such a good idea – and how fun that you explored with them – (those poor trapped bees) and did you notice the bee that was inside the bloom in the B & W photo – whew covered in that pollen – basking in it – ahhhhh

      Liked by 1 person

        1. 🙂 – well thanks for coming back! and have a nice day – be over to visit you a bit later xxoo


  8. As others have said your creativity amazes me. I find it challenging to come up with a single post let alone five in one! I smiled at your description of the sunglasses and the card game. I could sing the full tune of the Gambler. Must say something about my age.
    I was also taken with the use of glasses and cups throughout the post.
    Peace out….I like that very much.


    1. thanks so much Sue – and I shared in another comment that it really started with an idea from Lisa’s sunday posts – she does this sunday shake it up wrap up and so as you know – we glean from others as we go – and borrow ideas to create our own. anyhow, at first I wanted to do the 5 consecutive days but that just does not fit my schedule right now – last year it did when I was doing the “post-a-day” challenge – but as our blogs evolve – so does our pacing… but thanks for your nice comment ❤ ❤

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  9. Such a nice series! I’m glad you decided to feel happy about exploring your creative side with photos and didn’t try to force things with your other favorite avenues. Your commentary about each moment is the perfect touch to the 5 images.

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    1. thanks so much Lisa – and I did not “shake up” the photos as you do for the sunday posts – but it really was a nice idea starter – so again – much as gracias amiga ❤

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  10. Intense and enjoyable ride, Yvette! I especially love your thoughts on wanting to pour wisdom into teens ❤


  11. Great stories Yvette. I particularly like the one about the Rose of Sharon plants. We have several of those that are thriving in places you wouldn’t think they could grow. You took a nice message from that experience.

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    1. thanks so much Dan! and I bet your rose of sharon’s look nice – seems like they are non stop bloomers – well hope u have a nice friday and weekend

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  12. Writing to your son in your journal is a wonderfully sweet idea. He’ll feel so much closer to you when he finally gets to read those words.
    I remember having found my aunt’s diary when I was a teenager. Those yellow pages filled with heartbreaking poetry and hopes from a time she was my age shed a lot of light on how and why she had become the bitter woman we all knew her to be in her forties. Nothing had turned her way and she let everything that was beautiful, creative and artistic in her wither and die. It was a sad, but revealing reading, and altogether a great lesson.
    Oh, I almost forgot – beautiful, beautiful shadows 🙂


    1. how interesting about your aunt’s writing revealed (was it a yellow “legal pad” ?) -and this actually ties into a summer project we are working on – which I can share more about later – and while some people do have what seems like the worse “hand of cards” to work with in life – we can all actively cope, find wisdom, etc.
      and thanks for the comment ❤

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      1. I used yellow in the sense of old – I think something got spilled on that notebook at a point, it was in a really bad shape. You’re right, we generally find a way to cope with the hand we’re dealt… but it’s sometimes difficult not to lose ourselves in the process.
        Good luck with the new project, I’m sure it’s a great one 🙂
        Have a nice weekend ❤

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