Pairs at the Beach (Street Shots for June)

Slideshow Two (click on the photos to see slideshows):

(linked to wpc- VIVID, Jude’s bench series, Narami’s texture,and Norm’s doors)

Slideshow Three:

(Beach dresses in window linked to Dawn’s LLAW , Nathan the traveling man linked to Cee’s FF, Beach water linked to JNW’s OWPC – wet)



Well I hope you have a great summer.

As I wrap up this post – I just want to reiterate one of the captions above – keep in mind that “some of the best things in life are free” – So as you make plans for this summer – no matter what your circumstances are this year – let us all be mindful to enjoy each day for what it has right now – in the midst of any ups and downs!  In the midst of any highs and lows – as we juggle any joys or woes – remember that we do not always need “stuff” or “lavish trips” to create some great memories.

Let us NOT miss out on the very ordinary and everyday things that are actually small gifts to enjoy!   Like water – nature – food – humor – connecting with others – and even just reading, writing, blogging, or viewing something enriching – – sometimes we miss all this simple and free stuff – and we have to stir up our thoughts to appreciate it!  Victor Hugo wrote that “laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face” – and if you do nothing else today – take some deep breaths and find something to laugh or smile about….

Thanks for checking out my photos from Virginia Beach and be sure to check in on my new blog .


This is so fun!

43 thoughts on “Pairs at the Beach (Street Shots for June)

    1. HI Andy! No – and actually I was taking a photo of the couple with their phone for them and when that girl bombed it – I asked if I could get a shot – and she came back – she was with her friends and I guess they do that often. ha!

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    1. well almost – I did not do a walk with Jp and had another one I had to miss – but this windows one made me think of you every time I walked by it – so I finally snapped a shot of it! ha!


  1. That’s quite the medical dictionary there! LOL>

    You really crammed alot into one post but I think you met all challenges spot on! Love that first shot and there are a few in each slideshow that I thought were uber cool! You are getting pretty good at this street photography by now!

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    1. thanks for your feedback ❤ – and it was actually a different comment of yours (from May) that got me thinking about the "takes a village" theme – but more on that later – hope you have a nice weekend and hope your son is enjoying his job as a lifeguard –


      1. Son definitely enjoying the more “Baywatch” aspects of actually working and not just learning….he’s also finding his voice which is very exciting to see unfold. Can’t wait to see what you mean about the takes-a-village theme……am now curious!

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    1. thanks Amy – and I tried not to force any links – but the main one I was looking for was “vivid” – anyhow, have a nice weekend 🙂


    1. thanks so much Lisa – and I complimented Nathan’s pink hair too – kind of a sign of the times I guess – all these fun colors – even though I have never tried any!

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  2. Lovely beach photos! Good that you and your family are out and about enjoying what summer has to offer and making the most of it. Fun in the sun with cool water and cool drinks and cool company, what’s not to like about summer 😀 It’s winter here in Australia, and it’s been cold! So I will keep Victor Hugo’s quote in mind, it really is very heartening with such a positive outlook on life. Looking forward to seeing more photos of summer from you each week too 😀

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  3. Well done and well thought out post, love how you have covered the weekly challenges, very clever. I had a good chuckle at the play on all those words, I admire people who can see outside the square and come up with those interpretations… 🙂

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    1. Hi P – and I enjoyed the play on words too – reminded me of these “Plugger” or redneck jokes – but it really gave me a much needed laugh when we saw it one day – love the benign one – ha!


    1. well there was a lo tot hair color at the beach that week CP4 – including a few with blue – but he was the only male I saw with pink…..
      and I guess it keeps life fun – thanks for dropping by and be over to see you soon Sir Spaniard!


  4. Oh I love Virginia Beach too! I wonder how next week would do, how you would cram all your challenges in one entry. Enjoy your summer Yvette.


  5. So pleased to know that you will not take a blogging break Yvette. I very much enjoy your colorful, lively, street images and always love seeing how many challenges you can link them to (is it possible you have set a record here with this post?????). I felt like I was walking right along side of you at the beach. Even tho I am enjoying summer in the winter here in the tropics, there is nothing like summer at the beach in the good ole’ US of A. Have a great summer and look forward to seeing more from you later this month.


    1. hi – and thx for dropping by – and this is a record for me (7 challenges in one post) but I think “jesh stg” has set the record – she used to do a weekly post that chimed in with wordpress and bloodspot challenges – and well, “sometimes” combining/cramming works – I guess it depends – eh?-
      well thanks for joining me at the beach – and I enjoyed snorkeling with you (under the sea colors still with me – whew) and hope you have a great week. 🙂

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