13 thoughts on “Little Bit of Humor #3

  1. That’s exactly it: stop wasting time on trends, rumors, scandals of people who you have never met, advise which is totally useless for you because there cannot be a universal advise which works for every single person, etc. Great post!

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    1. oh thanks for that point about advice not being universal – maybe a few things are applicable as human beings, but so often individual layers and unique details must be considered – anyhow – I am really glad to have crossed blog paths with you! 😌🌺🌸🌺🌸


  2. This is what happens everytime I look in a mirror, lately. Not that I look like a foofy little dog, well, not since I shaved. But I’m beginning to look more like my parents- a little bit of mom around the mouth and dad around the eyes. What happened to ME?


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