Framing down view of shoppers

The weekly photo challenge is FRAME (here) and my contribution is a photo from Bass Pro Shops:

frame - bass pro shops - prior 2016
Look at this massive, stimulating (over the top) store with fishing, hunting, and camping supplies – framed with four posts and a nice down view. Not my kind of store, but truly fun to explore with someone who needed gear.

And while you are here – why not a few more photos from this store.

collage-bass pro shops - prior 2016
Texture everywhere – linked to Nanami’s Texture…. week 35
door on wheels - bass pro hsops - 2016
Door on wheels, linked to Norm’s doors….
thinkng of cody
This magnet display at the store made me smile… they had a doggie magnet (golden dog) that looked like our pet Cody (RIP April 2016) – and this is linked to T’s weekly smile…

In closing, here is a little comic that reminded me about how we “frame” things when we communicate – you know, the different “frame of mind” we often have as we communicate as a layered human being…. ahhhhhhh

comic - framing what we say
comic about framing what we say

Hope you have a great day.

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15 thoughts on “Framing down view of shoppers

    1. Hi – yes, a lot to see and they had hot dogs at the entrance, boats out front, a radio station was there jamming songs – employees everywhere – a bit over the top – but some might love it – 🙂


    1. Hi Jesh – thanks for the visit and I really need to come and peek at yours – and this is my old blog – I still have the other one – but I might combine them to have it all flow easier as one. still deciding – thanks again for dropping by!

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