13 thoughts on “Little bit of humor #5 (the good kind of fat)

    1. mmmm – now I need some – early summer avacados were everywhere – but lately have not see too many or they have not been in good shape – you know – older and too soft

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      1. The ones we’ve been eating in the UK lately come from Peru. They have been mostly delicious, though in between the deliciousness one has passing qualms – at the sustainability of importing food from so very far away, though hopefully benefiting Peruvian farmers, and not some multinational.

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      2. yes, hopefully supporting the farmers – and not sure if you had any of those avocados with the stringy stuff inside – had to throw a few away – someone said it might be a parasite – but trader joe’s avocados had them a few times – so now I do not buy their avocados anymore. even though they had a great “kit” put together- three avocados, a lime, some garlic, and a tomato…. something like that – for 3.49 US (cheap)

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      3. Yes that stringy feature is not good. I think it definitely suggests an unhappy tree – whether due to a parasite or something else. So far the Peruvian ones have mostly not been stringy.

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      4. oh that is good – and I do hope those farmers from Peru benefit. and another side note – I have heard that a lot of produce from Hawaii has questionable stuff…. I have a friend who will not eat any Hawaii produce and was stating why – I forgot most of why (LOL) – but when i see her again I will get more of the scoop -anyhow, I will be over soon to catch up….

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      5. Hey Tish – while we were blog chatting ) i managed to post some beach shots and then went over to your Thursday Special post and man, loved the beach quote so much – I will leave a comment there when I log back in (!) – but wanted to let you know if you were still online right now…

        “Of course a beach can be a dramatic place any time of the year – changing and unchanging all at once, figuratively and physically. How we treat with it reflects our current mood or emotion – heightening or lowering it, depending on our inclinations.”

        so good…..

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