Street Shots Norfolk beach (timeless)

Hello Readers – here are some street shots I grabbed in August 2016 at the beach in Norfolk, Virginia. I added a few comments below some photos.

I was actually taking a photo of the tourist trolly bus (and some old civil war battlefield sites) and these two girls walked by me for a third time. I paused when I saw them in the photo because it felt timeless.

The girls in the above photo had a “timeless” feel because as they stroll, it seems like it could have been from ANY of the past 4 or 5 decades – 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, or nowadays – the teens!

Sometimes we see people and they feel “so 2016” – with certain modern clothes, plastic surgery, a certain hair style with polished hair, etc. And other times we can see people and they carry a certain decade with them. We see this in movies a lot too.

For example, we saw a late 80’s movie this summer and noted how the lead actress had some natural flaws – and then we started talking and noted how that never would “fly” today – natural flaws would not be acceptable.  Because standards for “movie stars” have changed.

 This actress looked pretty good in the 80’s film  – but in today’s movies – her tiny bit of yellow teeth and average sized breasts would maybe not have landed her the same role.

Today’s actresses tend to have the seriously polished look – a lot more pristine or polished.  For example, many actresses have the Botox foreheads and nose jobs to where they do not even show certain facial expressions anymore. Have you ever seen a show called “The Good Wife” ??- we caught a couple of reruns this summer and that was the first thing I noticed – all the older woman had such tight, pulled back facial skin – (wrinkle free is in!! – even the natural crow’s-feet are gone) -And the hubs said a few of the older ladies just looked weird all skin tight like that – there was one older lady – partner in the firm who was going to maybe become a judge – and she looked like Joan Rivers…..

Now I am not saying all this plastic surgery nowadays is bad – some of it can be a good thing – a nice help.  And seriously, Tommy Lee Jones in the recent Jason Bourne movie would have had a better stage presence with a bit of plastic surgery – maybe one of those lifestyle lifts – NOT the Burt Reynolds plastic surgery “look” – but a mere lifestyle lift that cleans up and helps a bit. Tommy Lee Jones’ aged face was nice in The Fugitive, but two decades later in Jason Bourne, the overly wrinkled skin and overall lined face felt tired and was a distraction (make that another distraction to the Jason Bourne movie, which is a movie that had many problems – review coming  later).  

Anyhow, that above photo of the girls in t-shirts had a timeless feel (to me) – a natural, unadorned feel that also synced with the vibe of a casual day at the beach – because hours at the beach SHOULD be all about dropping our guard…. feeling the sand…. walking along the sea…. and being in beach mode. 

yorktown trolley

I like the sand in this shot – because isn’t the sand on our feet a special part of being at the beach? The water, the air, but oh the sand too. This photo also feels timeless in a way – You know, the Batman movies continue to pour out – and from the big Batman with Kim Basinger’s multi-colored blonde hair in late 80’s (with the late 80’s big hair semi-curly look) – to the 60’s TV show, to the many Batman Sequels that followed … the Batman bathing suit (Pow!) was a bit timeless.
873-a-boy with beach ball
A storm came in on this day – and sent many of us on our way. This boy was chasing his ball and I had to follow. is this type of plastic  low up ball timeless too? some kids play with drones these days – and here we have a classic air filled beach ball.

873-c-gif beach ball

871-ladies rained out norfolk beach
This group of friends came and went rather quickly – their time was cut short, and as I was taking some photos of other things – they made it into the frame a couple of times. This could be timeless too – girlfriends hanging out for a beach day…. never goes out of style.
smoker at beach -prior2016
Ok, so maybe this is not as timeless as the opening photo of girls walking. This lady’s tattoos sure signify the modern days – to where body ink and layered tattoos is in for some folks. Also, the smart phone in hand is modern, but the clothes – including the Nike sneakers, could be any of the recent 4 decades…. hmmm


three beach chairs
Timeless beach chairs – ready and waiting…. With all of our technology advances today  – small computer chips and cars with cameras built-in… we still have simple, lightweight foldable chairs and towels with stripes or with the peace sign. ahhhh…. some things are simple and timeless.


And now –  a timeless comic…. “I don’t sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing”

I am happy because I sing

Have a great day – thanks for dropping by.

oh and this is a photo I paired with a poem earlier this summer – image taken at the same Norfolk Beach:







17 thoughts on “Street Shots Norfolk beach (timeless)

  1. A nice post. The picture of the lady holding her phone is a modern time may not be timeless (now but could be in 20 years from now) but I really like the picture as she looks so relax under that cool shade of the myrtle. That was such a nice scene.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. yes – the phone and the tattoo legs are modern for sure… but other parts – like the Nike and clothes – even her hairstyle – could maybe be a little timeless – a little… ha! and thanks for noticing the crepe myrtle tree – this shot was actually taken from the SUV window as I was getting trees and beach shots – I wanted to grab one of her and I was shocked when it turned out – not the best = but the essence is there…. thanks for the visit YC 🙂

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  2. That ‘polished look’ of actresses and celebrities is so copied by young girls these days that they ae all starting to look the same. The eyebrow craze at the moment is horrendous and just another way for cosmetics companies to make money!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. you are soooooo right! it pulls from individuality !! good point
      and I did not know about the eyebrow craze – will check on it too (u have me curious) and I also hear ya on the money underpinning the trends – ahhhhh


  3. I like the sand shots too! Plus the one with white flowers/tree. It has such a calm feel to it considering the hustle bustle around. Nice collection of photos y !


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