Odd ball photos (linked to COB)

back to school vino?

Okay – red zin is truly one of my favorite wines – peppery, fruity, layered, etc. However, we stopped at Trader Joe’s after the beach yesterday and I was super curious as to why Trader Joe’s featured this Reserve Red Zinfandel as a “Back to School” special.  seemed odd….

Also, these boots on the beach were a little oddball  –  no owner, no towel, no chair…. nada.

boots on beach


and lastly – here is art at a bike rack in Richmond, VA – a little odd – but also nice….

oddball art at bike rack

bike rack art

.go here for more COB





34 thoughts on “Odd ball photos (linked to COB)

    1. hey Andy – I hear you – hope they a TJ makes it your way! and actually the one we stopped at here on way back – was the one we drove over an hour to track (back in 20o7) until one finally opened near us in 08 – whew – we don’t go as much as we used to – but I hope you get yours soon!

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  1. A back to school special on wine at Trader Joe’s? It’s got to be for the teachers. I’ll stop by on my way home tonight. Hope I’m not too late.

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    1. well thanks so much YC…. you are right – it is a bit of still life – and I actually have one more angle of the boots, which might how the owner….
      and side note – heard an Eagles song and though too you my blog friend….

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      1. and I am not just saying this – but u have made me like the Rhett version more – and our house guest likes the country version
        how fun to share this connection

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    2. here is the other image of the boots. But you know, I do not think they belong to the guys wading in the water – I mean, i saw those guys walk up – and wouldn’t there be two pair of shoes?

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  2. I guess the Traders Joe wants parents to celebrate the days as the kids now back to school? 😀 I saw a picture of Back to school parents look happy and relieve..that’s so funny! Enjoy your Red Zinfandel 🙂

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    1. Thanks Indah….
      and I think you might be exactly right – the parents can celebrate a bit….
      or maybe the suggestion in that town is to grab a bottle as a starting gift for the teacher r- I mean, we need to start off on a good note – might as well make it a fruity note…. ha!


  3. Ah, Trader Joe’s wine. Please understand: That back to school special is for the teachers! They have a special pinot noir which is my fav at the moment. But I’ll also try the zin and think nice things about you ❤

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