Simple Things at the Beach

For a walk with Restless Jo this week, I have some beach photos to share.  

This month (August 2016) I realized there is a simplicity about the beach that I have often overlooked.  

In my last beach post (here) I noted how some beach things are timeless – like the small foldable chairs we use today are similar to the ones we used in the 80’s and 90’s.  Flip flops never seem to change too much and beach towels seem constant.  Today’s post has a few more timeless things, with an emphasis on the simple.  

the sea - prior 2016
Simplicity of waves bringing a sea-foam splash to our feet.
The simplicity of an old lighthouse, tree, and blue sky. And maybe a basic and simple shelter allows for some social bonding.
simple things - bird - castle
Simple creations…..

Different Generations enjoy the beach in different ways….

A young child at play….passing time with simple toys and basic sand…
888-prior-2016guy with orange shoes
Middle-aged man chilling in the shade, absorbing the sea atmosphere, passing time on mobile device…
890-couple on bench - prior 2016
An older couple, on swing, soaking up the view… enjoying quiet companionship and a familiar sea…
kashi bars at beach
Here is something simple I enjoyed at the beach – a protein dense Kashi bar…. with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar – although it looks like a bird seed bar, it was very delicious and sustaining for all this beach walking and ocean swimming.


wave splash rocks
Splashing waves are simple and soothing….


Admiring a small bird peck at the sand is fun….
footprints in sand-prior-2016
The simple, diverse prints in the sand reminded me of cave scratchings….
fun at beach
Someone made this little note in the sand, and it reminded me that simple can be fun….

And why not add a splash of comic humor?

comic beach 1

comic beach 3

comic beach 2
This comic reminded me of Kenny Chesney’s “coastal” song – here – 🙂


If you had not had a chance to make it to the beach in a while – maybe this post – and Kenny’s Coastal song, can give you a bit of virtual beach – because hey – many times our virtual visits can bring simple beauty our way. 

I have enjoyed some nice beach posts recently – and here are a couple of snippets that enriched my week. 

Tish Farrell (HERE) described the beach this way:

“Of course a beach can be a dramatic place any time of the year – changing and unchanging all at once, figuratively and physically. How we treat with it reflects our current mood or emotion – heightening  or lowering it, depending on our inclinations.”

and Narami (here) said this:

“There’s this thing about the sea;  it washes almost everything away.  Dirt, sadness and uncertainty.  It will both rid you of all your filth – inside and out – and ground your thoughts, rooting them clearly up front as if they had never left you.”

and GC (here), the Nibbled News guy, shared this:

“For some folks island living is a must. For me it is a treat to be enjoyed — short term and not dwelt upon.”


All three of these quotes speak to me.

Tish’s comment reminds me of the year round beauty of the sea, which then interacts with our current life stance.

Narami’s words remind me of how the sea does wash things away – or can – literally and figuratively. The cleansing properties of the sea water – mineral rich and so nice on the skin. The sea atmosphere – so softening and soothing – for some of us – the beach can be mentally refreshing and grounding….

And then GC’s comment reminded me as to why we left Florida and walked away from beachside living. It was great, but was not our heart’s desire.  Sometimes we watch the show called House Hunters International (not sure why that show is so addicting…) and we see folks who REALLY want to live the beach life – they move far away to live in Costa Rica or some island somewhere – and I say, “Good for them.”  Many of them have worked for decades and are now celebrating the fruits of their labor with a second home or beach relocation.  So really – wonderful for them – but for us – we like a change of seasons and we really NEED sweater weather too. 

In closing, I wish I could remember the blog I read this on, but a blogger recently wrote that their garden had its “late summer going on…”

And that is how I feel as August winds down.  I have my late summer going on with a bit of a tan from a handful of easy beach trips, along with a fresh perspective for fall from the summer pauses and different books I was able to read.  I also have new focus regarding some arduous projects I have been tackling,

 I guess I feel that simple joy that allows me to be grateful….

I am grateful for access to the BEACH  (because we were in landlocked Colorado for many years) I am grateful for BLOGGING life… because it does enrich –  and of course, for time to read some BOOKs.


If you have your “late summer on” and are in the mood for a special read – you HAVE to check out “A Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

In this classic book, now in its 50th anniversary print, Anne shares her reflections on age, love, solitude, and contentment as she pondered during a short vacation by the sea…. (and there are about 700 used copies for a penny on Amazon right now – so really – why not pay shipping and have this book delivered….). 


gift from the sea

Or maybe you have already read this book. My hubs said he read it as a required reading in high school.

Have you read it? If so, did you like it? Could you live beachside for the rest of your life and be content – or do you need some sweater weather too?


Okay – for more walks with restless Jo – go HERE, where Jo also happens to have a SEA/Nautical theme this week as she featured the massive and beautiful Tall Ships in Northeast England.


author update – I know that I cannot include links to the all of the Beach posts I have enjoyed this month of August, but had to share this poem (washed away sand) and photo from A bit of Wiggle Room (here):

yc and a bit of wiggle room





upcoming scheduled posts: Thursday’s Doors and Friday’s Visual Venturings ABF.   


30 thoughts on “Simple Things at the Beach

  1. You probably know which category I come in, Yvette 🙂 🙂 Not Florida maybe, but always happy to have somewhere to paddle my toes. I don’t think that ‘content’ is in my nature but I can manage blissful happiness now and then. I’ll settle for that 🙂 Thanks for the link, hon. I am fascinated by your wiggly photos. Always good to look at life through your eyes, Yvette. End of Summer hugs!

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  2. Lovely, thoughtful post. I’ve lived most of my life by the sea and probably don’t appreciate beaches as much as I should. I literally can’t go anywhere outside my immediate neighbourhood without encountering salt water and it’s the view I’d miss rather than the ability to visit the beach. Thanks for making me think about this Yvette 😃

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      1. I am. And as the weather improves, I appreciate it more. Until it gets really warm and all the beaches will be crowded with people and the car parks will be full and suddenly I’ll feel like retreating to the hills. 🙂

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        1. yes, the crowds come and go, huh? and where we go (in Virginia Beach) September is one of the nicest times because it is a time for locals “after” the big tourist season….

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  3. The “May be next time you’ll try a little sun screen” cracks me up. That is so funny. I love quotes from Tish, Nanami and GC. They are different but I think they are all true about beaches. Simple joy is great!

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    1. well thanks for the comment because I just realized that Narami’s name was spelled wrong (I fixed it – there is an r in the middle and not an M)
      and actually YC – I am now remembering your recent beach words…..

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  4. My connectivity ate this comment before;. This post is beautiful prior! Thanks for including my thoughts, all the quotes are wonderful 🙂

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    1. yeah -I know that not everyone finds the beach a source of refreshment – and I did not know olypmic had that love- hate with it—-/
      thanks for your comment

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  5. I’m glad you chose to emphasize the timeless simplicity and beauty of the beach. More and more, especially during high season, spending some time on the beach, soaking in the sun, has become a matter of seeing and being seen, going to the right place, choosing the right outfit, putting on your most alluring self, and being noticed and envied while doing so (maybe I will write that post, when I feel like a rant 😉 ). Great choice of quotes, they reflect various sides of the experience so well. And I like your photos, especially, the ones of the older couple and the guy chilling in the shade. I know I would miss the sea if I were to move away… especially since we get all four seasons over here and snow on the sand is not an uncommon sight 🙂 .

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    1. ooooo snow on the sand? how cool that must be (no pun intended) – and I enjoyed reading the description of how some experience the beach – it reminded me of some south Florida places – where there is a certain “thong” culture – or like u said – all about the “alluring” projection –
      but to live near the sea and have the seasons too – sounds win win – 😉

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      1. You said it, “cool” is the right word for it… and considering the wind that generally accompanies such fun times, “freezing” describes it well too 🙂 But it’s something worth seeing. You get used to it though, when reading your post I had to stop for a moment and go, “Oh, wait, not everybody living by the sea gets all the seasons.” One of those every day things we take for granted, I guess…
        I have to admit, I was thinking of some very elaborate hairdos when mentioning the alluring factor… and the heavy makeup to go with them. I always find that very amusing 🙂 I’m not too bothered by what people choose to wear or not wear on the beach… as long as they are aware where the beach ends and everyday public life begins 😉

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  6. I lived by the ocean as a teenager and I still miss not having it right outside my front door, Yvette. What a great post and a beautiful walk 😀


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