Thursday Doors – Painted doors on siding (and some door comics)

Time for some Thursday Doors.

thursday doors
Painted doors on the siding
Vintage door (#2916) in RVA – the shut down door on the right is now a window at the old Byrd Theatre
Look at the reflection here – this is the window for the store with the door #2916 (above). Can you can see the reflection of the man walking by with a cigarette – I noticed it was right across from the window display lady’s cigarette – each from a different time.

For more doors this week – go here.

And here are a few door comics to add a bit of humor to the day:comic doors 3

comic doors 2

comic doors 4

comic doors 5

comic 1five doors -



And seeing that it is Thursday  – here are some THROWBACK photos of our dogs (when they were puppies) back in 2005.

doggies in 2005 - throwback
S and C





24 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Painted doors on siding (and some door comics)

  1. Brought a huge smile to my face this morning, Yvette. 🙂 🙂 There I am at the heavenly gates with the wrong key! And insecurity. Story of my life 🙂 And I very much love the vintage opener. Thursday hugs!

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    1. well this comment made my day because I actually goofed in the time I set to schedule this Jo – it was supposed to be scheduled for late at night on Thursday – but guess it worked out – my Friday one is a scheduled one too and so I am going to make sure that is at the right time – thanks again

      Liked by 1 person

    1. oh you are sweet G! and well it is not that kind of challenge – we all bring a slice of our world and then it matches our mood for that time! and I had some doors from Norfolk that did feel right this week…. so you know – it is a mood thing for me….


    1. thanks for the visit and I actually took that reflection photo the other night because there is a reflection challenge going around – I didn’t want to join in at this time – but the many posts for it sorta had me thinking of getting a shot- ☀️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks zee – and I considered adding about four or five more photos with the vintage door and window theme – but sometimes (as u know) less is more – 😉


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