Throwback Thursday – lost tape from 1969 Apollo 11 (and 3 comics)

Have you heard about the search for the missing footage of the 1969 Apollo 11 moonwalk?  Well I found the originals – yes, I did – they were at a five and dime art show last spring and here they are (kidding of course). 



lost tape



I had to laugh when I saw what was written on the cover of this old reel. It says, “July, 20, 1969, Man’s First Trip to the Moon. Apollo 11” 

The tape had some other things added to it, but this was a nice discussion topic because many people might not know that the lost tape issue has been resolved.  It is now believed (after a decade long search for the original and for all other recordings) that the original was recycled and taped over because at the time there was a shortage for tapes. 

You can read the story about the discovery and restoration of other Apollo 11 footage here.


Part 2: 

Throwback with this hand image, by Ann Monn, which was electric and exciting “back in the day” (which would maybe be 70’s or 80’s) when these kind of electric images were new and innovative. 

However, Nizer’s words are timeless: anytime you point your finger at someone, remember that 4 fingers point back at you.  And one of the takeaways from Nizer’s quote is to just make sure you do needed self-work before you point and constantly criticize. We need accountability and sometimes confront and speak up, but some (some people) are in the habit of only flaw finding in others.  


Part 3: Splash of Humor

Mark B (here) was just sharing about hearing the Beach Boys at the New York State Fair.

Here is the image of the Beach Boy’s from mark’s post –


I grew up going to the New York State fair each August – so fun.  And I also heard the Beach Boys one summer at Sherkston Beach in Canada.  Our family was there for our annual summer vacation, and this year we were close to the newly built outdoor stadium.  On the other side of the trees the Beach Boys played. I was not that much of a Beach Boys fan, but the music pounded our way – and I did like some of their hits.  

Anyhow, when Mark shared that the Beach Boys are still making the rounds to play – it was pretty amazing. 


Two more throwback comics:c-3

With Apple releasing the new iPhone this week – one that “might” not include a headphone porthole – and a phone that has new color options like “piano black” – (author update – turns out that the options are “jet black” and “matte black”) well it reminded me of when our household had the first version of the iPod (many years ago).  

In this comic, an early version of an iPod sits next to a cassette tape – and I guess all the iPhone 4’s would now be siting on this bench too – and maybe the iPhone 5. I recently heard that Apple received a patent for a chip to add to their phones that will allow them to disable the video function if you are at a concert or certain public place. Not sure how this tech would work…. but Big Brother is here my friend…. and the ability to take video any place you want might NOT be an option for you with upcoming models of the Apple iPhones. Just FYI 🙂

Do you remember those early iPods?  One of the early ones we had – this lady (Robin) received it free with the purchase of her Volkswagen New Beetle,  think it was 2003, and her Beetle looked exactly like this one (below), which is now for sale for just a couple thousand dollars.

Cars sure depreciate, but thankfully they are not always ousted like an old phone – because many times an older car can be dependable and quite enjoyable to drive (esp those that were well made). And nothing against the brand Chevy (did you notice the Chevy signs in Mark’s above photo of the Beach Boys?) – but I have never really liked this brand  (sorry Marcus) mostly because the folks that I know who have driven this brand were usually not pleased with the quality. Just sayin’




In closing, last week someone brought up the topic of “AIDS” and I had to explain some details about this to local teens. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s – people were dying from AIDS and it was very sad, but nowadays, with the “cocktail” available, which has antivirals and different meds, AIDS is not the death sentence it used to be. 

And guess what? Speaking of Apple and iPhones, did you know that some folks think Steve Jobs might have had AIDS?

I heard someone posit this once as they said Job’s  cancer might have been an opportunistic infection. They argued that it was maybe AIDS which suppressed his immune system so much to allow for liver issues and other ailments.

Hm, sounded plausible, especially when many AIDS’ victims usually die of a secondary illnesses, or opportunistic infection, like cancer.  

Anyhow, today’s teens do NOT know about AIDS as much as previous generations did – and here is one of the sheets I used to inform them about this. 

This snippet is to give a little information about AIDS, because many people know the viral component, but not everyone realizes there is a also a “fungal” component that causes malabsorption and suppressed immunity. I also want to take this time to remind you there might also be a fungal component to MANY other illness – and sometimes  fungi and molds change the way heavy metals act inside the body while the fungal matter  also clogs the mucosa lining – and so just keep this in mind if you are getting healthy – fungal infections are very subtle and very prevalent – and clearing out intestinal fungi might be something you need to consider.



Okay – that is all for this Throwback post –

Do you have any throwback memories related to the items here – the iPods that were once so edgy and now feel like a 
dinosaur?  The Beach Boys playing somewhere at a stadium near you? Or an old tape of something?  








29 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – lost tape from 1969 Apollo 11 (and 3 comics)

      1. oh god did i try! made the finest little bits of scotch tape to try to make it work but that kept me from hitting fast forward because it would spool! gah! worse yet is i used to record off the radio so i had to wait until the songs came on again lol!

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        1. yes – and someone recently noted how they had numerous songs that were already started (had to press record after it started) and so a few songs to this day they do not know the beginning of.
          This happened to me with one song in particular – it was “rock and roll Hooch coo” do you know it?


        2. I haven’t heard it unfortunately since back in Chile there weren’t many songs available at the time, Some random ones followed by julio iglesias & ABBA, As well as that one hit wonder Europe ‘The final countdown’ lol!

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        3. -I listened to that hoochie coo song so much in ’87 – it was “cut off” to where I still don’t know the first 35 seconds – hah-
          And Andy! Europe ?? Flashback 🎶🎶🎶🎶
          there used to be a really fun commercial with Europe -earlier this year – where they performed the final countdown in work breakroom – it was a Good commercial !

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        4. Oh Andy – it was super fun! We saw two versions – and even tho we skip commercials most of the time – we do manage to see some – and the funniest pry (to me) was how the one lady starts to jam near the end – cracks a groove right at the end – so random – I will look it up too

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  1. Well, where do I start. Loved your throwback Thursday post. I remember those cassette tapes and missing the start of songs. Oh.. the memories. And the crappy tone the tape players spat out compared to the full rounded sounds of more modern counterparts! I never had an ipod but my kids did and I recently threw it out in a garage sale…. ( it didn’t sell, not surprisingly!)
    I had not heard about the missing Apollo 11 tapes. Is that why there was so much controversy surrounding them? Presumably, someone make a big mistake overtaping them ( due to financial cutbacks????) and I can imagine if this was the case, they would regret that action!
    And the Beach boys: my first ever concert as a 15 year old! Oh I feel old now!!

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    1. Where do I start in my response here Amanda? That was yo first concert ? How awesome (did u have the casette tape) –
      And loved the “crappy tone” – I think we (I) forget about the quality we’ve grown to take for granted – surround sound with TV and Bose comes standard in some cars!
      And too funny that the iPod did not sell!
      Someone once said to save some of these unsellsble gadgets because future generations might find the box in the closet – not the hot attic -but climate controlled closet – and they have some of those early cell phones that were gigantic (guess they are collectibles.
      And the Apollo missing tapes – not sure – but I know some conspiracy groups said the whole thing was staged and never happened – and that is why the tapes were missing – it was because they did not exist.
      Something like that!

      Lastly – your first name brings a most special throwback – Boston’s Amanda –
      Oh my goodness – my friend Kim and I loved that song in mid 80’s – and then I was able to see Boston in ’92 – but they were now a band called RTZ – and they had this hit song called “Til your love comes back around” or something –
      But crazy part was that they were waning in popularity – and we had second row with about 200 people at this place in Flroida – but they sounded just like Boston – and they played Amanda – do u know the song?

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      1. No, I don’t know the song. I do remember a Barry Manilow song, Mandy…. ugh… I wasn’t a fan of that one. But your concert sounds like so much fun, and I am pretty sure I remember the band called Boston!!

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  2. Well recently John Sapiro featured Mandy in a post – not a huge fan of it either -‘but it was familiar and reminded me of childhood –
    And here is the YouTube link to Amanda by Boston 💙💙💙💙💙

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  3. Nice throwback post. I remember hubby’s first ‘mobile phone’ which was the size of a brick. My son saw it recently when we were cleaning out the shed and laughed until he nearly choked 😀

    I love Nizer’s finger-pointing saying xxx


  4. Wisdom and giggles! That’s what I’ve come to expect from you 🙂 🙂 Takes me back a bit- I remember taping over stuff on a battered old tape recorder. That’s pretty much still state of the art around here, Y. I still don’t have an iPod 😦 Wishing you happiness!

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    1. Hi jo – we have a drawer full of old iPods – I would send a couple to you, but they are kind of useless – not many things are compatible with them – seems like the smart phones replaced them all – and I actually listened to cassette tapes a few years ago in an art room I taught in – they had the player and classical music – so hey – why not – I them used some digital songs – but grateful to be Beyond tapes –
      Thanks for your sweet comment and have a good weekend 💙🎶💙🎶


      1. You too, darlin 🙂 Sat with my foot up because I hopped into a ditch a little too eagerly down on the Moors this afternoon. Price of a couple of heather and sheep shots 🙂

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        1. Oh the things photographers do for some of those magical shots!
          Sending healing wishes 😊💙and see you next week to share a Monday walk with jo – highlighting some shots from the state of South Carolina – 🌺🌺

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  5. My favorite from Brian Wilson is his album Smile. I consider it one of the bests of the previous decade. And I do agree that some people just get into a habit, even being a master, of pointing fingers… but I’m not going to point fingers as to who. Ha! 🙂

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    1. Oh at was awesome R- not going to point fingers at who – bah!
      Your so witty
      And I am getting. Ready to take a shirt road trip to see my momma and so i am going to preload Spotify with the music mentioned – I look forward to letting you know what I think!


  6. The ‘back in my day’ comic amused me 🙂 Just today I pulled out my old phone and gave it to my mother to use while she’s visiting, hers having some issues. It works perfectly fine and I must admit, I felt a bit guilty for already thinking of replacing my current phone, when even the one before it is still ok. “New” has such a short life when it comes to technology… and if you factor in various trends as well, then you barely have time to get used to something and it’s already obsolete.

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    1. I know exactly what you mean “barely have time to get used to something” –
      And cool that your mom is able to use your phone – when we are in Kansas City – our nephew (5 years old) had his mom’s old phone (not even a smart smart phone – an older almost smart phone) and he sends texts and photos with it!
      Watching him in action was a reflective moment – about technology –
      And side note – did you her that Samsung’s latest phones released in August 2016 are causing fires (lithium batteries) and Samsung also has product ((appliances and TVs) stuck on the ocean because a shipping company (or something like that) went bankrupt – hm

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      1. Well, that my mother can use my old smart phone is a bit of an overstatement, she only manages to make and receive calls and she struggles to text. But she loves it, because it’s cuter than her phone, she’s hoping I let her keep it 🙂 .
        I heard about the Samsung battery issues, which really doesn’t motivate me to change my phone any time soon (I’ve been using Samsung smart phones for several years). All sorts of funny stuff going on in the technological world these days… 😉

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  7. I have some cassette tapes with my dad talking while he was taping songs from my record collection – probably just telling my kids to go out. I’ve never listened to them all right through to see how much talk there is, though. Had them for about 30 years now but dare not throw them out until I listen right through.

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