Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word (watermelon pickers)

On my way down south earlier this month, I stopped at a rest area off of Interstate 95.  I accidentally pulled into the truck area instead of going where the cars were.  I was in a sport truck so I guess it was okay, but I prefer not to park where the 18 wheelers go (and as a courtesy I think they need their space).

 Anyhow, up and over a couple of spots, I noticed some watermelons packed on the truck and I went to talk with the folks who harvested them.  They were on their way to Columbia, SC and they had a lot of watermelons.  I asked if I could take some photos and they graciously obliged.  The young man who greeted me (and who later sold me a watermelon for a few dollars) had a very cool name, but told me to refer to him as Pedro.  Okay… “Thanks again, Pedro.  The watermelon was great.”

It was a quick interview and short photo shoot, but a lot of fun.

This was also when I realized that this unplanned trip to see my mother in SC – well – I realized it was going to be some refreshing fun (and it was).

Paula’s Thursday’s Special challenge this week (here) is “pick-a-word” or “use-every-word” and it just so happened that my photos of the watermelon folks aligned nicely with the September words. So to join in, I share this encounter with you via photos.  First in a gallery. 

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  • Populated

    Populated cargo
  • Time-sensitive

    Time-sensitive. This is Pedro’s arm and watch – I took this photo because at the time, one of the upcoming episodes of “The Profit” was advertised to be about watches and I want to eventually do a post about watches – (turns out the episode was about a very different kind of watch). Anyhow, this guy had the oversized Michael Kors Bradshaw gold-toned watch – sharp!  And fun to see it paired with the camo shirt.
  • Companionable

    Companionable! This couple has been together for 32 years. They anchor this harvesting business.


  • Burgeoning

  • burgeoning
    Burgeoning: I liked the fresh sprouts that were still on these fresh off the vine watermelons. Farm fresh!
  • Clandestine

    Clandestine. The two younger guys (one of them is Pedro, the dude with the cool watch and camo shirt)- quietly talk as we all get ready to hit the road again. The sun was setting and I like how the light gleamed in the back of the trees and under the flat-bed. I went on to enjoy this sunset for the next half hour…. so nice. 


  • Adios

    Adios. Time to hit the road again….


    And it has been a while since I have used this nice gif from Bytes – and so here it is – woo hoo – It’s Friday everyone…. let’s make it a good one.

Friday 1- thx bytes

PS – A little bit of watch talk….

The Michael Kors wristwatch “Pedro” was wearing (see photo above) just so happened to be similar to the “watch hunger stop” Bradshaw model (where one watch = 100 meals).


And then…. it turned out that The Profit’s Flex Watches episode (here) similarly had wristwatches with a mission, which was simplified to “ten different color watches and ten different charities” 🙂


However, we did not really care for the watches (even if with a good cause).  Also, the Flex watches episode was our least favorite of the season so far – but the good news is that this last week’s episode (Honest Foods) was our favorite of the season so far – and I have a couple of quotes to share this Fall.

okay, that is all for now – and up next I have (as promised) part 2 of the South Carolina Flea Market.






30 thoughts on “Lost in Translation’s Pick a Word (watermelon pickers)

  1. Interesting post. It makes me hungry for watermelon and I have none in the house. Hmm…going out later…will try and find some for sure. I liked the words…burgeoning is a good one, so is clandestine. I will have to click on the link and check out the challenge. Great photos!

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    1. Hi! And Iwas surprised to see so many September watermelons!
      – and a local burger place just stopped their “watermelon milkshakes” – ;(
      And I like the words that you like too!

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    1. Hi Bun!. You brought up an excellent point- the arduous labor here!
      That is what struck me at first.
      Seeing those watermelons stacked – I imagined the Fields’s – the carrying – the strength – – and I did a little math in my head – ha!
      But thx for brining that part up – so much respect for this kind of physical work.

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    1. Hi bf- and there were a lot of tires on that truck -I bet there. Are special trucks for heavy produce
      And I agree – glad someone does this for sll to enjoy

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  2. Hello, my friend! So glad you dropped by! And so glad I came by to catch your watermelons and watches! I do love a good watermelon! 🙂 Every day I tell myself I’ve got to get back to my blog and every day life interrupts. Sigh! Well, one of these days. So happy to hear from you! Love and hugs! 😀 ❤

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  3. I love watermelons. What a great photo opportunity and I like “Clandestine” for some reason – that word sounds so nice when it’s spoken 😀


  4. Lovely post and awesome shots, Y.!! Watermelons are just great – so refreshing and tasty, there´s nothing better on a hot summer´s day 🙂 And what a great couple – 32 years, that´s quite a lot of time… 😉 Have a beautiful day! xxxxxxx ❤

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    1. Thanks Miss G – and for some reason, watermelons have become a small theme for some of my blogging this year – I love when topics unfold – and last year when I was doing “street shots” more – I had a theme of red headed people unfold.
      anyhow, hope you have a great day too 🙂

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      1. And what a lovely theme it is! 😀 I love it too when topics unfold themselves over time, especially in photography. It’s a bit like muses whispering their ideas into our ears, isn’t it? 😉 You too have a happy day! Sarah xxxxx

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