Walk with Jo: Food and  cast iron iron (SC Flea Market Part 2)



I wanted to share some more photos from South Carolina and decided to combine it with my Monday walk with Jo.

Here is the slide show (and then the pics).

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Now some details….

First, let me share a few little things I brought home.  Now please keep in mind that it is that phase in life where I do not want much more stuff.  I have enough of the things I want and eh, you know how it is – getting rid of stuff is more my focus.


However, sometimes a few little goodies make life fun!  They also sometimes bring back some trip essence. I am not a collector of things, but I have a couple of old cast iron irons and iron rests.   The last time I was at this particular market (about 6 or 7 years ago) I bought an antique iron rest with an E (I gave it to my son’s algebra II teacher earlier this year as a little way to say thanks for being such a great teacher). Anyhow, we needed a little door stop for the guest room and so the little iron that I bought is perfect for that. I also have been needing a small little flower vase (one that I liked) – and I found one of those from Mr. Hysner.  Did you cath that name?  Mr. Hysner – he said he has never met another person with the same last name and somehow with some rabbit trails – I mentioned Heisenberg from Breaking Bad and he knew the show! Anyhow, I wanted a very small vase for times when I had just a couple of flowers -instead of using a wine glass or drinking glass.  You know, when a fresh bouquet dwindles down – there are usually a few decent flowers left – and a small vase is a great way to showcase the beauty.  Lastly, I did get a small, thin tea-table – to use with the exercise bike…

I also did buy a little tea table - from this amazing craftsman
I also did buy a little tea table – from this amazing craftsman

Well – another reason I bought some goodies was to support those selling.  To me, when you buy from vendors at markets – you are investing in their livelihood and I find it rewarding – and to me it is not like getting a good deal at Dillard’s. At a retail store – a good deal is different.

The lady we were with (I have known her all my life and she feels like an Aunt) well she was telling me that I could have gotten a better deal on the old cast iron iron, but I explained to her that I did not want a better deal – it was a fair price (he asked 15 and I offered 10) and we both were pleased – pretty win-win.

This is the iron I bought
This is the iron I bought

However, the  most special part of the entire day was the little vase I bought (and yes, I overpaid for it – 11 dollars – 🙂 ) but partly because the sweet man let me interview him) – and so now…. I have a handful of video interviews (from the last year) waiting for me to do something with…  Hopefully I can share some of them in upcoming posts.  In the meantime, they percolate.

This is Mr. Hysner - I interviewed him!
This is Mr. Hysner – I interviewed him! and there is my little vase. 🙂


the flea market here in SC is different from other markets I have visited.

I often feel very grateful for basic things after visiting this one.

I also feel alive – if that makes any sense.

Most of the vendors at this flea market are humble and pretty cool – and would you believe the rudest “flea market” folks I have encountered have been at the one in the Buffalo, NY area – bunch of grumps. Anyhow, there were some fun smiles shared on this day.

And it reminded me of the value of hard work.  How work is so good for us – and how sometimes people with humble means are more contented than we might think. Sometimes people dream of going off to live the island life or retiring 20 years early – but they might be missing out on seeing (feeling) the intrinsic value of work. Work is good for us – it can keep out the funk and it can bring focus.  Sometimes having a booth with some wares is a very good part of life – sometimes the joy of work is not about the dollars – but the flow we are able to experience. The gift of flow is priceless.



Thanks for checking out the flea market photos and for more walks with restless jo – go here.


Here are the pics just in case the slide show does not play:


iron iron-best

wow - funny to see what was for sale
wow – funny to see what was for sale
it was fun picking out sea stars
it was fun picking out sea stars
my goodies
this is for Cee's oddball challenge - ski gear and mason jars - oh SC!
I guess many photos here could qualify, but this photo is my entry for Cee’s oddball challenge – ski gear and mason jars – oh South Carolina!
this photo speaks for itself (Roca wear???)
He had an interesting life story
Mr. Hysner – on right – He had an interesting life story
we brought home organic produce -
we brought home organic produce – the pears were my fav
boiled peanuts take like buttered beans (to me at least)
boiled peanuts taste like buttered beans (to me at least) – and some folks here really love them
laughed at these golf balls for sale....
laughed at these golf balls for sale….
this is the iron I bought in Ladysmith, VA in 2007
iron to scale and my other iron base
iron to scale with my other iron base

iron-best iron

black grapes are really purple
black grapes are really purple
perfect snack - sweet and salty with phytonutrients
perfect snack – sweet and salty with phytonutrients- mmmm – wish I could give you a taste 🙂








26 thoughts on “Walk with Jo: Food and  cast iron iron (SC Flea Market Part 2)

  1. Yes, I completely understand that sometimes getting little stuff makes life fun. Those things that you bought are fun and cool. I really like your idea of using the old iron for a door stop.. So cool.

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    1. Thanks YC – and I already gave away the sea stars ! Lol – and the iron door stop – I sprayed it with WD40 (this lubricant) and think it’s a keeper

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  2. An iron for a door stop – I would have never thought! 🙂 I loved your post and the little flower vase. Look forward to reading Mr Hysner’s story. Sweet of you to encourage them 🙂 My hubby is very fond of boiled peanuts unlike me 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well this is the first time I dared to taste the boiled peanuts – and I had about three – I get a little nervous eating food from different places – nothing personal – but we should care about the kitchen stuff was made in – and I dunno – I am very cautious these years – and so I took my a capsule of “betaine HCL with pepsin” – which aids digestion and can knock out any microbes that might need to be knocked out-
      And with that said
      They tasted soooooo good – I was surprised – I can see why some folks eat a whole bag – but I can also see how you and others do not like them – the texture and all….

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    1. Ha! The basket full sounds fun – and it al aye amazes me as to what might be there – houseplants – art – and actually – the last time I was at this specific market – they had Labrador puppies and I think in the back of my mind I was planning on buying one of they had them this time. They did not – woof

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  3. I’ll be honest, I find the “clutter” of markets like this overwhelming. I use “” because I understand that the idea that it is clutter is mine, it doesn’t appear that way to other people. I just in general find lots of objects overwhelming. I don’t think I could enjoy an outing like this the way that you do.

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    1. Oh I hear you Amy! My spouse and son #2 share similar perspective – my husband said antique is often another word for junk (or he has a few other choice words) and while some antiques are exceptional – some items are called antiques when they need to have their spot at the landfill!
      And the clutter word you use is a great description of much of this stuff – and it amazes me as to how folks pack it up and bring it back – and I am still actually processing my recent visit- hm
      Anyhow – I do know exactly what you mean –

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    1. Ha. And I seem to recall a recent blog post of yours with a “market” item you purchased – the story of the exchange was good – but you are more of haggler than I am! Wink

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      1. you know, I don’t like to haggle, but after so many trips to places that demand you do, or pay through the nose, I guess I have become pretty good at it.

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  4. Kudos for supporting the local market. Looks like we got a haggler here. 🙂 I’m kidding. You just know the way of the flea market. And I’ve sensed that you’re a charmer all along. 😉 Can’t wait to see the vid!

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    1. Hey thanks so much Rommel – and I was just realizing that I have never been to a Colorado or Florida flea market before – hmmm wonder what Japan vendors would be like – someone told me that in parts of England folks sell from their car trunks in parking lots. Sounds efficient
      And PS
      Still thinking about your wonderful 400th post video – it was the kind of thing that sticks with you for a while! Beautiful


  5. Hello darlin 🙂 Sorry it’s taken me so long to get here. Dad died whilst I was in the Algarve and the funeral was just this last Tuesday. I’m still a little wobbly and not blogging yet but there will be a walk on Monday and I’ll include this. I love the iron trivet- is that the word for the stand?- and the way you display both in gallery form and afterwards.

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    1. Than ks. Jo and sending condolences for your dad – and I am not sure – but trivet sounds like the wo D!
      See u soon and may peace be with us oh and sending ❤️🌹

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