ABF- October (AfterBefore Jefferson Hotel Lobby-1)

Hello Everyone – it is the first Friday of the month, which means it is time for After Before (1PF) where participants post-process the same image – the reveal post is HERE.

And guess what?  

Stacy Fischer at Visual Venturing featured one of my photos for this month’s challenge.

 It is a photo from Richmond, Virginia’s Jefferson Hotel atrium – taken with my iPhone 6 in March 2016.  

Here is my entry:



I cropped the image and straightened it. I used the retouch option in iPhoto to remove the exit sign and to sharpen the image. Using Photo Shop, I added a new layer over the door – a black and white door because I wanted it to fade out and maybe have an washed out feel  – I also wanted to get rid of the high gloss on the floor in front of the door.  I thought some Virginia Bricks would add a nice touch to the entry way. Even though now that I think about it, marble might have been better, but those little bricks took a while to settle them into that space. Also, I usually mention the bricks in Virginia and so adding them to this iconic 5-star hotel in Richmond just seemed natural.  I also added in some”stuff” because hey, why not have a little fun with post-processing…. Of course I included some Cody flowers (two vases and some on the table)- and this time I have a photo of Cody on display lower right (and three other photos were added).   I feel like my image evolved into becoming a cozy spot where maybe we could sit with some java and look at blogs (can you see that the laptop is opened to an ABF post). Would you want to sit here and catch up on some social media activity?



The Jefferson Hotel was built in 1895. Following a fire, the interior was redone in 1901. The carpet in the atrium cost $120,000 (years ago).

Scrapped versions:

opf-option-b prior-opf-visual-venturing-october-2016-jefferson-hotel

I took out the easel on the left because at the time, I was comment chatting with Amy Maranto about “clutter” and I thought it was feeling cluttered. ha! ya think? well there are definitely enough places to sit.



And two more photos:


May 2016
Go here for more info about the Jefferson Hotel and Quick note about the stairs at the Jefferson. “For many guests and visitors — the famous, near-famous and just plain folks — the majestically carpeted, 36-step, polished marble staircase has always been a stellar attraction. Since the advent of the movie classic, Gone With the Wind, something almost akin to a mystique has surrounded it. There are those who firmly believe this staircase was the model for the one featured in the Atlanta mansion sequences of that film. True or not, it’s difficult to stand before it without experiencing instant recall of Scarlett O’Hara being carried up those stairs in Rhett Butler’s arms, or tragically tumbling down them on her own.”


Here is a slideshow for those who can play it:

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have a nice day – and I want to invite you to join in on the challenge sometime – it runs once a month and for more info – check out Visual Venturing’s After-Before One Photo Focus.

oh and it is Friday – let’s make it a good one!  :)

Friday 1- thx bytes
credit: Bytes blog 🙂

31 thoughts on “ABF- October (AfterBefore Jefferson Hotel Lobby-1)

        1. thanks Amy – and I wanted to personalize it – things felt so cold and closed down – and yes, I layered in the items. first removed the backgrounds and placed them in.
          hope u have a great day


  1. What fun and “homey” touches you added, Yvette! So creative. And I’ll come sit and join you 🙂 I enjoyed seeing all your scrapped versions too. Seems you, like me, had a few false starts 🙂 Thanks, as always, for supporting 1PF!

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    1. I love the term false starts – and was not sure what that meant when I read it on your post.
      And you know – I started off not wanting to add anything g – just edits without whimsy – but – well- ha!


  2. Definitely! Sign me up for some time in that gorgeous lobby. I could tweet and post all day long. Will someone bring me refreshments? 🙂 Love the editing that you have done and congrats on it being chosen for the challenge.

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    1. Well yes – you and Dave can start with the coffees – and a waiter with a suit and white towel will serve food – but he will be a cool dude and only as formal as the guest wishes him to be – (this is our take of the help here – they adapt to the mood of the customer! 😉
      And lots of protein for you guys too- hah!

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        1. ha! and funny you should mention steak – because this place actually has a good steak (my son had one when we took him on his 12th) but their filet mignon hamburgers are my fav – so tell Dave I insist he try that on his first visit – lol


    1. my pleasure and thanks for joining in and being willing to work with even an “iPhone” image – I know some folks are displaced without the RAW. and see you next month for 1PF

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  3. Great post processing work! I really like the outcome. The picture frame with the dog picture in it just so cute and makes the picture really interesting.


  4. I like the way your final edit really captured a feel of grandeur in the scene. Not sure about the brick — it looks a bit rustic in the setting. Love how you have experimented; your creativity is awesome.

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  5. Thanks for a fun image to work with and I really like your take on it. The crop was a substantial change, very out of the box and quite successful. The inclusion of some ersonal touches completed the transformation. Richmond is not far from here, so I’ll have to get down there and check out the Jefferson. And by the way, thanks also for your comments on my Paris Street Art post.

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    1. Oh hello Robin, I like your work a lot- and thanks for your nice comments on my processing and the photo. 🙂
      let me know when you are coming to richmond – 🙂


  6. What an amazing place! and such a great photo, lovely light. I’m afraid I was stumped though 😦 but I love your fun edit 🙂


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