Lingering look at windows- Asian style

It has been way too long since I joined in with Dawn’s lingering look at windows, and so let’s do that right now.

Here is a photo we took last weekend while in The Fan District here in RVA.


The bamboo on the windows caught my eye, but then all the storage boxes added that cluttered vibe. Maybe this is the back room for their business, but seems like they are missing out on using such a pretty window in a better way.  Don’t you agree?

Th next windows – reflected in the Mt Fuji mirror art… are from South Carolina a few weeks ago.


I only had one piece of sushi – it is not really my think – I prefer cooked fish – or other meats. I know, I might be missing out, but…..


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28 thoughts on “Lingering look at windows- Asian style

  1. Certainly an Asian vibe around these windows and streets, Y. You know, in Chinese culture and many Asian cultures being messy is simply part of the culture. Those boxes were probably stacked there because it was the best place to put them 🙂 I love sushi, and my favourite sushi is smoked salmon. Maybe you just haven’t tasted good sushi yet…but I agree, cooked fish is also delicious 🙂


    1. Hi Mabel – thanks for your comment – and you might be spot on with the need to put stuff there… here is the other window near this one:

      and ha! nice point about the “good” sushi – very good… but I worry about things inside that might need to be cooked (if you know what I mean – like possible flukes)
      and I usually do not like smoked anything – but my mom makes “locks” with smoked salmon, capers, and everything bagels and creamed cheese…” and that I do enjoy.

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  2. It gives a magical feel to the home!
    [I’m not a big fan of sushi, but I am having shrimp & bean sprouts for dinner, only these days I need to use the ‘lite’ soy sauce, *sigh*}

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    1. Mmmmm – your dinner sounds super good right now – and I recently tried some light soy that was pretty good / I know it is not the he same – but some alternatives today are a gift – like felling grateful for “stevia” – if I. Red it that is….

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  3. Yes, I have the same impression for the first look at the bamboo glass window. I clustering boxes behind it just do not fit well with the nice window. The Mt. Fuji paint work on the glass window is great.

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    1. Thanks Amy-
      If you are talking about the one with Mt. Fuji – – that was a mirror art and the windows were in back of us – but it does look like two photos merged – -and we know with all this technology we can create stuff like that easily- but that is all natural – 😉

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    1. Hi Author Di – -and I think they make some appliqués for windows and walls – seriously – oreder what you want – apply and done – 😉
      Just in case you wanted to know – but with all your wildlife and. Nature surround I think you have it covered jus fine! Or uncoveeed for the natural view – ha!


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