Nostalgia (not so much)

latest hurricane matthew update –


Late September or October 1992 – Space Coast of Florida – city of Titusville

Okay everyone – here is a photo from 1992.

I had to share it for the “nostalgia” challenge (here) because this moment is quite opposite of a time I longed for – whew – and actually – I am sharing this photo because it ties into a short book I am finishing up this month, which is called December 1992.

My December 1992 book is about one of the most pivotal months in my life – the month of December 1992, which was a time that my spiritual life had a paradigm shift.  I know my book will not be everyone’s type of read, but I am writing it more for myself – and maybe for some young singles who want to hear about some key decisions I made that month – some wise things that were choices that I am still reaping the fruits from.

I won’t go into very many details now, but this photo gives a hint at some of it.

Do you see the girl in the photo on the left?

That is Ellen and she is holding a French book.  Can you see it?  That was my French primer because I was dating this guy from France (we met in the summer and he was later coming back – or hoping to – and so I was practicing up on my French, which has always been pretty bad… lol) – anyhow, I broke it off with this guy in December (last I heard – he was happily married in Canada) – but that break up in 12/92 was a tough decision, but it was correct – and so my book mentions this – just a tad – and it mentions the other stuff.

Now getting back to my feature photo.

I am the one taking the photograph –  and get this – I took the photo with a yellow plastic underwater camera that I bought at a pawn shop on the cheap.  (Side note, I have only been to a pawn shop three times in my whole life – thrice, that’s it. ) Now let me remind you that this was before underwater gear was everywhere.  And I used that camera more above ground than underwater – (like in this small bar with all those Bills’ fans) and my camera was always a conversation piece! And you know, if I could go back – (and not asking to, right?) but if I could, I would use that camera to get more underwater photos and I would scuba dive every single weekend.

The girl on the right (with that leftover 1980’s hair style) was a work friend, we lost touch and I cannot even recall her name, but she was cool.

Do you see all those guys?

Six of them are brothers (one worked for the Space Center) and their family grew up one street away from us (in Buffalo, NY)  – and in Buffalo, the back of their enormous four-story house faced the front of our house (we had a huge field between us).  And if you notice – they are huge Buffalo Bills fans.  Almost all of their family (6 of 7 kids) ended up moving down to Florida because their parents divorced and the mother remarried someone who worked for Kennedy Space Center.   That single union brought dozens of Buffalonians to the city of Titusville….  which by the way – is currently enduring Hurricane Matthew. It is also a place in great economic decline (sad) as the entire Space Coast has fizzled out when the Federal Space program closed and changed its mission.

Anyhow, throughout the state of Florida I always met Bills’ fans everywhere I went.

Make that – throughout the country – I have always met Bills’ fans – and whenever I would meet Bills’s fans, we felt a sense of kinship – and I have some examples to maybe share another time.

And even though I have been a Denver Broncos fan all of my adult life (because ever since 1993 it’s all about the orange and blue baby), but you know, our roots stay with us –  and the red and blue of the Buffalo Bills will always be a part of my heritage.  No matter who is coaching and no matter what drama unfolds, there is a connection.

Well –  thanks for reading – and again, my upcoming book might not be your thing – and actually, I have four books being released later this Fall – (yes, I have been busy writing this year…. ) and none of them might be your cup of tea – and that is ok – but for those who are interested, I will share more in upcoming posts.


In closing, my thoughts and prayers are with anyone in the path of the current Hurricane, but especially my friends and family along the east coast of Florida.

oh and this post was inspired by bedlam and daisies recent Hurricane post – where she recently shared about surviving Hurricane Wilma in Naples..

have a great day – and what about you – do you have any memories from 1992 or any Hurricane stories….. or do you like Buffalo Bills fans like I do (kidding)





25 thoughts on “Nostalgia (not so much)

  1. A great photo, a blast from the past. It really does look like a fun photo, and interesting to read a bit about the people in it. It looked like a very fun atmosphere, everyone laughing all round but you know, reading never goes out of fashion 🙂 A camera is a camera, and that underwater camera sounded like a very compact and reliable companion back in the day.

    So excited for all of your upcoming books. Four of them. That is quite a feat, Y. Good luck. I am cheering you on the sidelines 😉

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    1. wel thans mabel and you know about one of them as a contributor – ha! because that one is 1 of the 4 –
      anyhow thanks for taking the time to read – and I am not sure of the name of the place we were at, but the eatery down the road from this was actually called “Dogs R us” and they now have two locations. hah


        1. yes – you are probably right- and up in western new york they have these hotdogs called “texas hots” or “slime dogs” and they are salen brand hotdogs – with a texas chili sauce added – and they sell them by the dozen – through a drive through (or sit in) and a lot of people eat them after going out partying….
          just FYI – ha!

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    1. thanks Amy – very informal little projects – not like some of the bigger novels or memoirs that some authors do – so very informal….

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    1. Thanks Joanne – and it really seems to the the best forfirma

      And – so ithe book format was the right fit for this (as opposed to a series of long blogs posts – the book idea really unfolded from the data – if that makes sense….
      And is exactly what books are for – to share stories of that length in a unified bundle – even tho this is rather informal – 😉

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        1. well I am sure you know this – but I think that some things need to percolate – and each of the four projects I have have percolated for a long time.
          The December 1992 one is actually the only one that has not been in draft for a while…
          but book #2 (River book – collaboration with other writers) was put on hold last summer and I only revisited it this summer and now it is ripe! – and book #3 is about a girl I met who died back in 1995 – I wanted to have something done with her family back in 2014 – but – well it needed to percolate.
          and then book #4 – this is actually already dispersed in pdfs and in lists – and it has to do with some healing and cleansing stuff – and so this has been in the making for years and I am actually putting this together – out of NEED. In south carolina and I had another similar talk about cleansing and that was my final straw – so – and please don’t laugh, but my other manuscripts (because there are more than just these four – but again, informal and not long novels or complex memoirs) but I am putting those on hold so I can get this resource –
          anyhow, all that to say is even when your book is off to the side – you are evolving and getting more ready for it – and that will impact the way it unfolds when it is the right time.
          the flip side to this is that at some point we will have to hunker down and fight to make it happen. My spouse had to do this with his music – sacrifice and lose a little sleep to finish – but the time was right. and so the last few months for my projects – the timing was here – but it also took that intention to drop other things to “get ’em done”
          ya know?

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        2. my pleasure – and it is actually helpful for me to chat about it because of what i am currently finishing (had to dust off cobwebs on some of fit – ) lol

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  2. 4 books! Impressive! All the best. Interesting photo but would have liked to see you in the pic as well 😉 Dec 92 …let me see what was I doing? Oh yeah juggling a toddler and my doctoral thesis. I guess I am an old oldie 😀

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    1. Ha! Well that was a special time indeed – congrats – and I do have to dig some more for pics of from that time – this one was in a small photo box from a disassembled mini scrapbook?

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  3. You must have been very busy writing to get four books done – excellent! My clearest memory of being in a hurricane (or cyclone as we call them here) was watching the ‘eye’ pass overhead. It was an amazing experience and the sky turned gold. I’ll never forget it 🙂


    1. Hi Diane – first of all – for some reason I checked my trash and there were a bunch of comments from you there – not even in spam! wow – now sure why – so please excuse what might have felt like rude no replies. argh! I never check the trash in comments and will have to do so later just in case.

      well keep in mind that my kind of books are different from the long novel and they are different from a memoir or history book – or even a text – and then also – some of the material has been being drafted on and off for quite some time – so I guess it is like putting together a puzzle that has had smaller sections worked on off on the side – you know where six or seven pieces get worked on – and then 12 to 15 pieces of another are start coming together – and so on….

      and wow – you were in the eye of the storm? I can imagine why you will not forget.
      I loved in Florida on and off SO many times – and the only Hurricane I have had to ride out was actually in Virginia – it was Hurricane Isabelle in 2003 – go figure


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