Thursday Doors- teen with a jeep

I took a quick photo of this fun jeep door (yup, while in South Carolina last month) and the teen was inside watching me grab the photo –  and then gave me the peace sign.  I talked to him after we all had our lunch and what a nice young man. He thought it was cool that I wanted to take a photo of his jeep door.  I ha more of a close up of the pattern images, but a few were a little inappropriate – so the distant view still shows the flair (I hope). 🙂


Anyhow, this is my entry for Norm’s Thursday doors (HERE)

detail for YC


and my thought and prayers are with everyone enduring Hurricane Matthew, which looks like it is staying a bit off the shore now…. but death toll is up with more than 250 lost lives in Haiti.  😦


be safe…..






20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors- teen with a jeep

    1. Thanks dan – thought I replied but it is not here-so I apologize if this is duplicate! But he really enjoyed talking about his keep! The windshield had a sticker that said, “You wouldn’t understand – it’s a Jeep thing.”

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  1. It’s fun to see people personalize their belongings, and for a teen to have a jeep is a big thing! Thank you for your kind comment … am seeing a little bit of the artsy old Yvette come back (kidding! it’s I who is the old one:):) )

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    1. Hi – and this teen said he ordered the plastic patterned piece online – it was Japanes I guess!
      And I like satchel page quieted on age –
      But also – as you know – there is chronological age – psychological age – and then life outlook and staunch age! Ha so many differences to where I like blogging because we can overlap age groups and cross some social lines…


  2. Great door on that jeep, well spotted. My heart goes out to those families and friends who have lost loved ones in that hurricane. I think the death toll has risen even more since you posted. So sad.

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    1. Hi – I added a bit more of a detail shot, but something irritated me about it – very subtle things….which I left out but like body parts and almost swear words- a bit unwholesome….

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