The weekly photo challenge is H20 this week (HERE) and here is my contribution:

Just enough water and wind….
No water….



Too much wind and water (image credit The Weather Channel)
Too much water….
Last night’s update- in our town we have some water – as noted by the yellow and green (upper right), which means it is still raining with mild wind – not too bad compared to what this storm was…. whew – but many people are still experiencing major flooding – thoughts and prayers are with them. 




hope you have a nice Sunday – and a closing thought for the day:





16 thoughts on “Water

    1. Hi YC – we did not have any problems in our area – nearby some off the tunnels had water, but no wind damage. now just rooting for those who did have damage and loss….
      have a bruce day and xoxo

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    1. Thanks so much – sorry late reply – just got this – and the rain gif was from a fast rain that came down one summer evening – I drove right into it!
      Hope you are having a nice week and be by to see you soon



  1. I have been following the hurricane a bit from up in Canada. So glad that it is not as bad as it could be. But to me wind gusts of 90mph is still very strong. I echo with Sue, the windshield wiper scene is effective and are very hard pressed to keep up with all the water coming down.

    Please take care and stay safe!

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    1. Thanks Carl – and thankfully we did not have it that bad and certain areas were spared, but as you know – Haiti was hit hard and so were parts of the east coast and my thoughts and prayers are with all who are recovering and healing up – ya know?

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