Marcus Lemonis Quotes (where do you find your wisdom when you need it?)

Hello Readers. This is a longer post today and so as always, I invite you to skim and go – if time is limited. 🙂

Many folks know that one of our favorite shows is The Profit, which is hosted by Marcus Lemonis on CNBC.

When summer 2016 started – there were two things we were really looking forward to  – the new Jason Bourne movie (released the end of July) and the fourth season of the Profit (started in August). The Jason Bourne movie was a complete disappointment and I still plan on writing a biased review, (I briefly noted it here), but the good news is that season four of The Profit has been really good. Now I know with Reality TV there is always a production side to what is edited and what is left in, but we enjoy this show and still laugh at some of the takeaways – like the “hokey-dokey kaboom” line (here).

Anyhow, the reason for this post is two-fold.

FIRST – I want to share some quotes.

SECOND –  I want to share a tip that we have found to help our family.  This tip is to find wisdom wherever you can!

You see – I know so many people who really do not have anywhere to go for wise help.  I know many folks who do not have very many wise people in their lives – they have awesome people -but not always the kind of folks that can fork over expert advice – do you know what I mean? And then I have seen people wait and finally make it to expensive therapy to come out more displaced. Part of that could be from the quality of care, but other times it is a result of not knowing how to actively gather wisdom for oneself.  It is a learned skill – and it takes practice – but wisdom can come from many sources. Make that – many unexpected sources and it takes keeping an eye open to discover those places.

So let me ask you – WHERE do you go when you need wisdom?

Where do you go when you need advice?

Your answer to that is likely that it depends on the “kind” of advice needed, right?

Years ago, I remember writing about how Bill Hybels shared that as he problem solved life’s challenges, he began taking note of “who was wise in certain areas” – and then he would know where to go when he needed specific advice.

Isn’t this a good idea?

I think it is.

Bill said he knew who to ask for marital advice, finance info, spiritual stuff, car help, parenting tips, etc.

I have borrowed this idea from Bill, but instead of always finding the wise people to fill the expert role (clears throat and cynically laughs), we have had more success finding sources like  books, podcasts, online material, and sometimes TV shows.

We have learned how to look around and hunt for wisdom from wherever it can be found.

I do this wisdom hunting for my own wellness, but also as a parent and educator – I need to find helpful resources to do what I do…..


And with all that said, I now invite you to join me with some of my favorite quotes from The Profit show.

Most are from Lemonis, but a couple are from the employees (Steve and Ana) from last week’s Pacific Hospitality episode here and the final one is from a special celeb guest.


#1 This quote is actually from an earlier season and this line accidentally came up in our life one day while we were talking to a teen about a topic they knew little about.  The hubs asked, “Are you a branding expert?” The puzzled look from the teen was followed with our explanation – as we explained to them that some opinions are just more seasoned.  A branding expert has studied the ways brands work and they know little tips that can make branding more effective – and so while we might prefer a name or we might want a certain logo – it really should be about what is most effective for the success of your business and product.  During some of our convos this quote  has come up many times and I guess the point with “are you a branding expert” is about being humble enough to admit that you might not have seasoning in every single life area. Or to admit that in some areas it is for your benefit to trust an expert opinion – it depends on context and what the overall aims are, but we benefit when we listen up. This does not mean you have to put aside passion, but it does mean you might have to yield. Also – the show highlights that healthy business owners do not have to pursue money in a greedy way; in contrast, in business – people can passionately pursue business success for their livelihood while being mindful of intrinsic things.  And also reminds that when we skillfully tap into the expertise of others it can make us better.
#2 This is maybe one of the most well-known quotes from Lemonis “Know your numbers” and what is sad is that so many business owners do NOT know their company’s numbers. So many business owners have bad habits – especially if they are growing in debt and maybe in denial over what is going on. And mounting debt can feel quite heavy and it can be natural to block it out- but it causes more problems! Now we all know that life can be challenging and we learn so much as we go – all while we manage strengths and weaknesses – well it is this way with small businesses as well: the path can be arduous and challenging and then people need to uncover and manage strengths and weaknesses.  But this “know your numbers” line can apply to everyday stuff too. For example, I recently bought some Zum brand laundry soap in Frankincense and Myrrh (so nice- I do not get a perk for that – I just like the product). Well the teens were just adding a splashes of it to the laundry. I decided to put a measuring spoon out to use so we could know the right amount to add. The number of ounces for a load should be known so we could all use the right amount. Just makes sense. Anyhow, this statement (know your numbers) is even more crucial with business finances and The Profit show offers tips and strategies for viewers to glean from.


#3 In this quote – “Why are you blaming everyone else – what about you?” – we all can get caught up in this – where we look elsewhere for blame or fault -forgetting to do some important self-awareness work. Seriously – isn’t this easy to do this? I selected this quote because I think it is a good reminder for us all to assess and keep others accountable, but to make sure we look at self with certain matters too.It is also a reminder that sometimes we need to call someone out on their behavior.  This is not hard, but if we passively ignore when someone is only finger-pointing, this robs them of a chance to grow. I know it is not always easy to speak up – and actually – I know from experience that it can backfire to confront and point this out – and that backfire experience taught me that there is a time to speak up and a time to shut up – and I have applied that wisdom to many situations. Sometimes it is not appropriate to speak up or confront, but when it is – I encourage you to have the courage to get messy, to deliver the tough news, and to invest in the growth of the person. The effort used to bring up stuff can pay off later!  It can be exhausting speaking up – it can use up B-vitamins and make the cortisol swirl – but it is often the only way to problem solve and get to root causes.  And again, I know it can be tough to call someone out on behavior or other issues, and there might be times to let things simmer and process – (passive for a season) – but when speaking up is needed- tread carefully and see for yourself that it has long-term fruits.  Truth is often rejected – then mulled over – then accepted – and so dare to speak up when needed.
#4 Team effort – yup. I don’t need to expound on this – we know that most of the time we need to be team minded – but I chose this quote because I actually liked Ana’s approach to dealing with Steve. Ana used “I statements” and really expressed her feelings in ways that led to problem solving. Delivery is so important – and when we use “I” statements rather than accusatory “you” statements we can problem solve more efficiently with others.


#5 I LOVE this quote. Isn’t so much in life dependent on how much we “are willing to pivot and adjust” – ??? Yes – so much is dependent on this. The message here is to lighten up, let go when things need help, release some of the grip, find some lube, learn to pivot, work at adjusting…. we can do it!


#6 This  was not a word Lemonis said, but the “LOVE” on his shirt sent a message. Love always wins. Love covers, love can assuage, love heals, love allows us to forgive, love allows us to love and be loved…. ahhhhh -LOVE.
#7 Isn’t this the aim of effective leadership – get the best from all – or in this case both employees  – affirm, validate, and use talent effectively?
#8 Ok, the reason I featured the above Steve quotes is because of the way he challenged Lemonis in regards to being told that Ana was heading up all of the design. You see, there was this confidence with Steve and flexibility with Lemonis that allowed Steve to challenge. Steve was empowered and spoke up as needed. Steve later acquiesced, especially when the larger picture was explained and after he had a chance to process (which I think he should have been told ahead of time, but I do not know all the details). Anyhow, the reason for sharing this is because it is an example of the fruits of EXCELLENT leadership; Steve’s behavior exhibited an empowered employee/owner who was strong, opinionated, and competent. I once heard that when Alexander the Great died, there were five amazing super power leaders under his leadership. The history writer said something about how this leader’s stately followership signified even more of the leader’s greatness. And when I saw Steve initiate a competition and when he said he was “fired up” – I was impressed because this showed the powerful freedom to challenge under a leader who brings order without oppressing the great and powerful ones he leads. This healthy expression also touched upon the way that “change” in an organization can stir up some needed, helpful activity that is good for people. Sometimes businesses become stagnant and a good change can generate needed activity or just help in small ways. Anyhow, I know there was editing in this show, and there are limits to what has been selected for us to see with Reality TV (they only have so much time for each episode and then they have to cut and edit- so much to consider when it also comes to how the business will come across and then being sensitive to reputations because how they are presented can impact their life), but the impression given here was that Steve adjusted and pivoted as Ana was elevated to executive designer. Oh – and need I mention that Marcus Lemonis was promoting a female Latino to a powerful business role in his growing team of talent?? #lovelemonis
#9 Speaking of women in powerful business roles, Kathy Ireland made an appearance on The Profit during this fourth season as well. And side note, I actually remember hearing something (in 1989) about when Kathy got the phone call that she was selected to be on the cover of SI – (which was 25 years ago and I guess the issue she was on was voted the best cover ever – that is pretty amazing). I think she said she was driving in her car – a convertible? – when the call came in? That is such a random thing to remember – ha! and the funny thing is I was not ever really into the “famous people” world, especially back then when I never even watched TV – but you know, sometimes just living brings snippets of news stories our way – and I was always listening to the radio because I drove so much back then. Well, I had no idea that Kathy Ireland was such a poignant business woman. I have seen her products and had a small Kathy Ireland clutch one year, but then there she was on The Profit – giving some warm and humble feedback to an entrepreneur, which included this:  “drop the facade.”


Thanks for reading or skimming. 

A new episode- “Tea2Go” – of The Profit airs tonight (Tuesday at 10/11/2016 at 10pm ET). 


And I am curious – do you have a favorite quote from the ones shared here? I think #5 is my favorite….

 I also pose that question again – where do you get your wisdom from?

I get mine from different resources as I hunt and scan in order to feed my perspective with wisdom…. 🙂 






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  1. I like #2 and #3. I think #2 is important to as you need to know your strength and the weakness. The #3 keep you grounded for not getting into a habit to blame others.

    For the question about getting wisdom, hmm. I think you mean getting advise.. Google is the place for me 🙂

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    1. yes – I think getting advice is another word for it – but maybe advice can be so “all over the place” – so maybe getting “good advice” – and I think I chose the word “wisdom” because this word maybe din-tunes even the expert – because not all experts have wisdom – and not all seasoned folks are able to share
      “wisdom” even though they may have it. So I think “my thinking” here is where do we get “wise counsel” and so the word wisdom came to mind.
      and I agree with you on your view of the quotes – thanks for sharing the ones you liked. and sometimes for both 2 and 3 we need our own wisdom to address those things (#self-awarness) – 🙂

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