34 thoughts on “Thursday Doors:

  1. I admire sheds or garages are looking good with the door opened:) Ours is a mess! With the Christmas lights is a good one:) Luckily we have the ones, where only the faulty one goes out:)

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    1. Hi jesh – we also have the updated ones and so I think the comic is a little old – ha! Oh and we have LED lights too and so it is really nice πŸ‘ having advances


    1. thanks YC – and as cheesy as that comic is – it was my fav of the week – made me laugh too – have a nice day (with your giggles and wiggles – get it ? a bit of wiggle room)

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    1. Thanks Amy – even though I think a lot of holiday light sets are changing to where one can go out and the others stay on.
      but you know – with our friends – we all go out together – bah!

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