Friday Food: New Challenge

Hello Blog Readers –
I was going to wait until January to launch this “Friday Food Photo Challenge” – but I decided that the middle of October was “as good as time as any” –  I mean – why not, right?

So my entry for the month of October is a photo of baby ginger we found at our local heath food store:

We bought a small chunk of this to cook up with some veggies and meat. It tasted the same as regular ginger; however, it was a little easier to cut because “baby ginger” has softer skin than the more mature rhizomes.


Would you like to join in this monthly food challenge?

If so, the instructions are below – and at the end of the month I will post a summary of all the photos shared.

Here are the details:

  1. Create a post with your food photograph(s). It can be a single post or a photo within a post.
  2. There will be a monthly theme – and this month (october 2016) is veggies, but you can submit with any topic. 

3. Use the hashtag #Fridayfood

4. Add your blog link with a link in the comment section here, on the Friday Food page, or create a trackback to this blog.


I also made this page (here) with all of the details.

Okay – have a great day and I hope this Friday Food Challenge allows us to enjoy and celebrate some fun food photos during the coming months.





Here are some entries so far:


Deb at Travel with Intent with some spice from Brighton and in colorful packaging HERE

Lady Lee with some GINGER – and oh so much more at a fresh market: HERE


25 thoughts on “Friday Food: New Challenge

      1. Yes, I can. The older you get (Just like mom always told us), the faster the time goes. That means I’m about ready to just leave the Xmas decorations up ALL year !! 🙂

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        1. U Are so funny!

          But it would maybe take away from the special feel of it- maybe….
          And I must confess that last month I bought cookie boxes and holiday bags for treats!
          Getting an early start!

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  1. I’ve had a heap of ginger lately because I’ve had a nasty tummy bug and ginger and garlic tea really helped (although hubby thought it smelled digusting) . The food challenge is a great idea! 😀


    1. Hi Di- your comments keep going to trash. ?
      Why is this so?
      glad I just found them –
      And I also love ginger and garlic tea – and depending on what I am healing from- I sometime add a little boullion and rice and dash of olive oil – it seems to help carry the pungent properties in the garlic.
      But I am trying to remember to buy ginger more often – it goes well with so many dishes. And even if not sick it can be added to tea –
      Thanks again for your nice comment 😉


    1. Yes DawD! Thanks for asking – all food photos welcomed with any theme- and the monthly suggested theme is to help with focus and structure – but thanks for asking! And thanks for your interest – 👌😊🎃
      Even though now I am super curious!

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