Mushrooms at our LOCAL Wegmans store


Last week, we were at our local Wegmans grocery store, which is a brand new store that is actually an enormous shopping complex.

It was nice, but, um, a little over the top.  

However, they had some fun items, for example, check out these mushrooms – more than 20 different types. 

More than 20 types of mushrooms



Linked to P’s Repetition
Linked to N's texture
Linked to N’s texture (I have never tried a Pom Pom Mushroom- maybe next time….)





pretty good sub, but no mushrooms....
This last photo is linked to the wpc for LOCAL – because we now have a second local Wegmans in our town. I grew up going to this store and so I thought it would feel familiar, but it did not. It is way different. I am not sure I even liked this one because it is a complex.  They have a Pub eatery inside the store (a real restaurant) and they have another area with a cafeteria style eatery and tons of extra seating- they have the grocery store aisles and then all these extras. For example, they have an entire row of coolers for just Greek Yogurt.  An entire row. Their wine section is larger than most of the wine stores in town.  And the place we ate our “average” sub felt like a lodge. Not sure how much we will shop here. Guess we will see….The guy at the counter, who said his family moved here for a job at Capital One – well he asked us how I liked the store and I told him that it felt like a steroid version of Whole Foods mixed with a Publix. 

Hope you have a great Sunday –

I will not be posting again until after October 28th – so let me say that I hope you have a great week!

And don’t forget to share a food photo if you want to join the challenge (info here). The Friday Food challenge runs monthly (but you can post every Friday if you want) and the theme for October is VEGGIES.  Just leave a trackback or use the linky on the side menu – and at the end of the month I will do a round-up to share the Friday Food Photos.  Peace 
Now let’s end with some comics – a little “food for thought” – and I shall be back after 10-28




peace and blessings to you. 




85 thoughts on “Mushrooms at our LOCAL Wegmans store

  1. Wow, that is a great selection of mushrooms. I do like them but I am wonder they can be used in any things or they only go with certain dishes.

    We do not have this store yet but I’ve heard that they were coming into area. I will definitely check them out.

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    1. Hi YC – I really don’t know much about recipes for mushrooms, but I do know they taste great sautéed with real butter.

      And heard some supplements use certain mushrooms for immunity and healing from certain ailments.

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  2. Girl, I have just had mushrooms for dinner and this was before seeing your inspiring monochrome rendition of them. Great capture of one of my favourite photographic subjects 😀 Thank you!

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    1. Thanks so much Tina.
      I thought about doing a review of the store, or writing about the 30 pound halibut they had on ice – but the mushrooms were too fun!
      And I read that we only know about ten percent about the 140,000 species of shrooms ! Hm
      I like mushrooms sautéed in butter!


  3. I love your photos even though I hate mushrooms. I resent mushrooms actually. They try to horn in as a veggie, but they are a fungus. I think that is highly pretentious. That being said, your pictures have captured them at their best. How do you even clean the hairy ones? BTW, I will link your food challenge to my photo challenge page. What a great idea. 🙂

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    1. Hi – I smiled with your comment – because I stayed away from mushrooms 🍄s 🍄 when I was cleansing from candidiasis-
      But then discovered that mushrooms are a special fungi – they are jam packed with selenium and potassium – as well as fiber and vitamin D.
      And I think we are still only learning about the medicinal properties of this unique ue food item-
      And I try to eat them more as an enjoyable immune booster!
      The table mountain inn in golden Colorado used to have the most amazing mushroom appetizer- and in the 90s i had no idea about how good butter was for us – and so felt guilty eating those butter laden shrooms – when in hindsight it was likely a gift to my health! Go figure!

      But i can see how you cannot enjoy these mycelium goodies-
      For me – it is “olives” I cannot eat!

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      1. Olives probably are not overly good for you. I have developed a taste for some olives in the past 3-4 months when I tried a salad made with couscous and tuna. It was so yummy, I’ve become a fan of kalamata olives, regular black olives – blick! I’m also weird in that I hate shrimp, lobster, and pears – all a texture thing.

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      2. oh so the textures bother you – I get it.

        And I would say olives are one of those “super foods” – and are really really good for the human body – and some say one of the most potent foods for health – I wish I could eat them – but I have other super foods – like chia seeds ground up – beets – etc.

        and your cous cous salad sounds so good right now.

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  4. Loved the mushrooming mushrooms Y 😀 Always amazed at how easily you link to so many challenges – keeping so many things in mind! Impressive 🙂 Enjoy your break 🙂

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    1. Well thanks DawD…
      And I wish I could do more challenges- but only have so much time to blog- but I would do more of Cee’s challenges if I could! But I get to do some of hers…
      Have s great rest of October and thank you again.

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      1. Yes Cee’s challenges are such fun – even I wish i could do more of them. Happy times to you too. Good for you that you already declared you are off blogging, otherwise I would have surely roped you in to participate in the story club for sure 😉 😀

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    1. Hi – well yes – they are just coming to the area – because many years ago they had an agreement with Ukrops – our high end local grocery store chain – and I guess the agreement was to not cross certain boundaries. The Ukrops chain closed down in 2008 and sold a bunch of their stores to Martins – and most of those stores are now closing – they were not good. We have about ten Publix coming to the area and in Florida I really like those stores.
      anyhow, I agree – wegmans does rock 🙂

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    1. Reminds me of Whole Foods mixed with publix and then quadrupled -!
      And the sandwich was ginormous – ha – and mmmmm
      But think that Publix makes the better subs – just satin’ hah!
      But the service was great and good vibe throughout the complex –

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      1. Same here – not a huge sandwich eater – but some of the best subs of my life have been publix and then this deli in New York State called “Artones” had the very best. And no offense to subway brand – but not my style at all. And the wegmans sub (we shared that one) gets a -7 out of 10 😊
        And you are right – better watch the food talk. Getting hungry.

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  5. What a great choice you have! I adore mushrooms and love cooking and using them! Happy to know you’re surrounded by good foods!

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  6. (EN) Since long time I didn’t read your posts due to lot of work to do.I still think that they are very various,interesting and….thanks for comics!….they are a true “happy (funny) end” of the story 😉

    (IT)Da molto tempo non leggo i tuoi post a causa di molte cose da fare.Penso ancora che sono molto vari, interessanti e….grazie per le vignette!….sono un vero “happy (divertente) end” della storia😉

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    1. thanks you!!

      and here is what i translated:

      mushrooms, passion! a great invitation for a walk in the undergrowth, a happy picture of life!

      and my reply:

      i like the point about the undergrowth -really puts the shroom in its habitat and your comment reminded me of that outdoor home – in contrast to the package and shelf here at wegmans



  7. I love the big mushrooms. I steam them first, then saute them and then add my stuffing with cheese and bake. These upscale grocery story have top quality everything but are expensive We call Whole Foods – Whole Paycheck ! Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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    1. Hi carl! Yes / we used to call Whole Foods the whole paycheck as well.
      It surprisingly – wet and is noted for decent prices.

      And your mushroom preparation sounds really good!

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  8. I was once asked to delete all the photos I had taken in a local Supermarket by a rather obnoxious manager who seemed to think I was ”spying” for the opposition.

    Some people …. *sigh*

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    1. not that weird – not as weird as “orange frosting” – (that is an old family joke because one year – 2001- we made orange frosting and our young son kept saying it was weird – even his preschool teacher was in on it…. and so when saying something is weird, we sometimes say not as weird as orange frosting…)
      and it sounds like you can have that simple kind of wonder and fun to explore… and some of these stores are cool.

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    1. I know – most stores usually carry a few….
      thanks for dropping by Miss G-
      oh and this place had a crazy amount of Greek yogurts for sale. A few of us were just talking about this earlier today – here is a photo:

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  9. oh my just a few mushrooms then 🙂

    Discovered your Friday Food Challenge thanks to ‘Restless Jo’. She mentioned you as I got carried away with fish the other day . . even more fish than your mushrooms!

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    1. Oh now I am curious – and I just captured some fish last night!
      Chilling on ice
      So I look forward to see my your fish!
      And I must thank Jo later for her sharing!
      This challenge is Just for one year and I have learned already!

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  10. check out this info from Dr. Sircus
    Use of Lingzhi mushrooms as a medicine goes as far back as the Han Dynasty’s “Materia Medica” or Ben Cao Gang Mu (the earliest herbal pharmacopoeia text known, written around 1590 AD). No other plant is better at finding, decomposing and flushing out subpar cellular matter throughout the body, which then allows the surrounding organ and blood system to function at a higher level. Lingzhi is loaded with terpenes. It makes sense that one of its innate abilities is to do a similar breaking-down and dissipating action in the body.

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