Old soccer photo with short freedom poem

hello everyone – wanted to share this old photo of one of my children playing soccer – it is from 2006 and I recently did a little color select and added some words that came to mind when I look at this action shot (free as the wind baby)….

I have always liked the mood of this particular capture  (even if the quality is so-so- and hey – maybe the grain adds to the vibe).


Have a great week – be back next Friday with my entry for visual venturing’s November OPF and to launch November’s #Fridayfood theme – which is meat (or meat substitute) for November!

hope you have a wonderful rest of October and see you next week.


33 thoughts on “Old soccer photo with short freedom poem

    1. thanks YC….
      that was a fun year of soccer – the older years had larger fields and involved way more passing…. but each year was fun – and they have not played soccer in a few years so I guess this photo post helped assuage my fall soccer needs this year….

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    1. thanks so much – well there are apps for it now – and some online sites let you import a photo and do color select – not sure if the names, but have seen them listed before – have nice day


    1. Thanks D – those young soccer games were fun because the fields were so small. The older brackets usually meant I was walking around (a super large field) to get photos.
      have a nice day


  1. I love the photo and the color select. I tried to do something similar for tomorrow, but the color is vague and not so pinpointed as yours. Very pretty. I’ll have to do a little research on the color select. This is why I love blogging and reading the blogs of others…I learn things I didn’t know existed. Thanks!

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    1. Hi – well I appreciate the compliment and if you look closer – I actually messed up a little- because the color select goes up over his hair and into the back. I decided to leave it because I almost felt like it needed the extra and it added a bit of a halo – and then i also just ran out of time and I have limits to how much time I spend messing with photos (or it could suck time) – and so to me it was “ok” and enough.

      and sounds like you are having fun with color select – the thing I have learned about it is that it takes time – at least for me – I have to zoom in and go super slow around borders. tedious on some photos. and so I guess I am learning too – and I am amazed at how Bill Jones and Red stuff dan do color select with impeccable precision – crazy cool. I will be over later to see yours and hope you have a nice day


      1. I love that saying – and it especially fits my year because I have been adding “pink moons” to some of my “after-before” edits – in honor of my pet who passed away in April – when there was a pink moon.
        so I literally love the saying – but also am glad to know the term figuratively –
        thanks DawD

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  2. Ahh mon amie…I love the beautifully touching simplicity of this post…your photograph is gorgeous. I miss those days too…love your poem…your words my new mantra. And got a huge surprise with your blog banner – I adore the Usual Suspects, one of my all time favourite films. Loving the look here Y. Have a great week yourself…catch up soon! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. This is indeed a very lovely shot, and you´re more than right about the grains and its adding the vibe! I´ve got a similar one from me and one of my cousins when I was a teenager playing also soccer in his mom´s little garden. It´s got the same sense of capturing a moment of time that´s somehow hart to describe but easily to recognize when you see it.

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